FAQs on E-Reserve

1) What is E-Reserve?

E-Reserve are book chapters and/or journal articles in electronic form recommended by teaching staff. These digital resources or links to .pdf files are subscribed to and owned by NUS libraries.

2) How soon should I submit my E-Reserve list?

As soon as you can!  In general, lists are processed in the order received.

3) How soon will it take before my list is ready?

Preparation of reading materials will take 8 to 10 weeks.

If there are insufficient details or hard to obtain materials, it will take a longer time. Processing time can vary depending on availability of item, whether we need to recall or order them etc.

4) How do I place my recommended readings in Canvas?

Step 1

You will first need to set up your module site in Canvas, please get in touch with the Educational Technology team.

Step 2

Please use the E-Reserve template to submit your list to library@yale-nus.edu.sg
It is important to have full citations so that your materials can be acquired quickly and accurately.



5) What is the maximum number of pages/sections from each book/journal that I can place in Canvas?

The Library adheres to Section 45 of the Singapore Copyright Act (Chapter 63) and takes guidance from NUS Policy on E-Reserve.

You may place,

  • One article of a journal issue
  • One chapter, or up to 10% of a book on electronic reserve, whichever is more

What you are unable to place:

  • More than one article from a journal issue
  • Works exceeding 10% of the number of pages or one chapter of a book
  • Works that have less than 10 pages in total
  • Documents requested and received via ILLIAD (Inter library loan)

If you need to recommend more than one chapter of a book, arrange for the book to be placed in RBR.

Please note that the Library will submit copyright declarations to NUS through an S52 form on your behalf but we ask that your submissions adhere to the policy stated here.

6) Why must a Copyright Declaration (S52) form be filled to publish scanned readings in Canvas?

To make the materials accessible to multiple users in a secured environment while still complying with the Copyright Act, you need to declare your readings.

The legislative guidance is as follows:

1) Record keeping must be done immediately and maintained for 4 years.

2) Records must describe the work copied, extent of copying e.g. number of copies made, the number of people to whom communication was made.

3) Copyright owners or their agents can make written requests to inspect records there is a need to pay equitable remuneration to copyright owners upon their requests.


NUS uses this for their record keeping: https://aces.nus.edu.sg/scr/

*Information distilled from IPOS and for general information only. 

* You can also refer to NUS’s response: http://libfaq.nus.edu.sg/a.php?gid=71&qid=71367

*Latest legislation updates available here https://www.ipos.gov.sg/AboutIP/IPLegislation.aspx

7) Why can’t I make digital copies of copyrighted materials available in Canvas myself?

You may not make digital copies on your own as you may breach Copyright Laws. The copying must be done by or on behalf of the administration of the educational institution.

* You can also refer to NUS’s FAQ: http://libfaq.nus.edu.sg/a.php?gid=71&qid=71367

8) How do I know if I am complying with Copyright Law?

Step 1- Restricted access

Electronic materials placed online must have access restricted to authorized users. Our learning management system, Canvas, is able to limit access specifically to students enrolled in particular modules.

Step 2- Declare your readings

Record keeping requirements are imposed on educational institutions and need to be adhered to (see question 6 above)

Step 3- Post Copyright Notice

For all .pdf documents reproduced from print, a digital stamp will be placed on the title page. This stamp is an acknowledgement that the material complies with the Copyright Act. The Library will append the stamp when all copyright conditions are met.


*Information distilled from IPOS and for general information only. 

9) Who has access to the E-Reserve?

Only students and members of Faculty enrolled into the specific module have access to the readings.

10) Can I put materials obtained from the internet on the E-Reserve?

E-Reserve readings must be from published works that can be found in NUS Library’s collections (print and subscribed databases).

11) What materials will not be placed in the E-Reserve?

Materials from the following publishers are prohibited unless directly licensed from them:

  • Harvard Business Cases (HBR)
  • Richard Ivey cases,
  • Stanford cases

Materials obtained from the internet.

Materials obtained from ILLIAD (Inter-Library Loan).

12) How do I access my E-Reserve?

Your NUSNET ID and password will give you access to Canvas for the modules that you are enrolled in. The E-Reserve page will be found in your Canvas module site.

13) I can’t open an electronic file. What can I do?

Please check the following:

  • If the reading is there but isn’t hyperlinked. Your instructor might have requested for it to be placed as a physical copy (RBR) in the library
  • It takes 5 to 7 working days to process readings for your E-reserve. Try checking the course listings a little later or contact us for the status.
  • You may need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your laptop to view .pdf files.
  • If you continue to have problems, please approach Yale-NUS College IT yncit@yale-nus.edu.sg for assistance.

14) How can I view the status of my E-Reserve list?

Go into Canvas, search by course code or course name and click the E-Reserve page to view.

15) How can I expedite processing of my list?

Please provide full citations for each title request and clear information about which course and the period that the reading is for. The more information you provide, the less follow-up we need to do. You may also expedite by bringing in the requested library material and/or personal copies directly to the library staff at service desk.

16) Will you contact me when my list is ready?

We endeavor to proactively update you on your E-Reserve status. You may also directly check by logging into Canvas to view your E-Reserve page.

17) If I want to change readings on my course, what should I do?

Please provide a complete citation of the item and if possible a good quality photocopy or .pdf of the materials. You may email changes to library@yale-nus.edu.sg or approach us at the service desk.

18) Can I place articles from our library database and electronic journals on E-Reserve?

Yes. As best practice, the library will provide a link to the article rather than a scanned copy.

19) Who is responsible for ensuring that the Copyright Act is followed?

Each member of Faculty is responsible for ensuring that their course materials comply with copyright law.

21) Can I submit just the first six weeks of readings and submit the rest at a later period?

Yes, you may. However, please submit the rest of your readings as soon as it is ready.