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What are my borrowing privileges?

Your borrowing privileges vary according to your membership type. Please refer to below table for your loan entitlement.

Loan Entitlement of Library Members





Honours & Graduate

Academic and Admin/
Professional Staff


Loan Entitlement

20 books

30 books

80 books

10 books

Online Renewals

3 times

3 times

5 times

2 times

Main Shelves Books

14 days

28 days

28 days

14 days

Compact Disks & Diskettes accompanying   main shelves books

14 days

28 days

28 days

14 days

Short term loan book

7 days

7 days

7 days

7 days

RBR books
(1 book at a time)

2 hours / overnight

2 hours / overnight

2 hours / overnight

no loan

Bound Journals & Special Library   materials

1 day
(Not applicable in CJ Koh Law Library & Medical Library)

1 day
(Not applicable in CJ Koh Law Library & Medical Library)

7 days   + 1 online renewal
(Not applicable in CJ Koh Law Library & Medical Library)

7 days
+ 1 online renewal (Not applicable in CJ Koh Law Library & Medical   Library)

Note: For periodicals in the Closed Stacks, NUS academic staff are allowed one online renewal.


How do I borrow books from Yale-NUS College Library?

Use LINC to search for the book you require, take note of the Location, Call Number and Status. After you have located the book in our Reading Room, you could check out the book using our Self Check Machine. Do note that you will require your student / staff card and library PIN to do so. Approach our friendly staff at Service Desk, and we will gladly show you how to use the SELF Check Machine.


What do the different location codes mean?

The Location code is made up of two components, namely the library and the collection. Please refer to below tables for details.


YNCL Yale-NUS College Library
CL Central Library
CH Chinese Library
LW C J Koh Law Library
HSSML Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library
MD Medical Library
MU Music Library
SC Science Library


Books Books on open shelves
RBR Reserve Books / Readings – request for it at Service Desk
Reference Books on reference shelves – typically pasted with REFERENCE on spine
Closed   Stacks Books in closed stacks – click Request icon in LINC or request for it at Service   Desk
Current   Journals Journals on open shelves – current issues in loose form
Bound   Journals Journals on open shelves – old issues in bound form
Loan   Desk Materials at Loan Desk – request for it at Service Desk
Multimedia   (Loan Desk) Multimedia materials at Loan Desk – request for use at Service Desk


What is a call number?

All the books and materials in the library are shelved by call number. Classified according to the Library of Congress Classification System, they are generally categorized into the below classes. Most items, with similar scope and focus, will be placed in the same or nearby call numbers.

Class Description
A General works
B Philosophy ~ Psychology ~ Religion
C History of civilization
D History
E-F History of America
G Geography ~ Anthropology
H Social sciences ~ Economics ~ Sociology ~ Real Estate
J Political Science
K Law
L Education
M Music
N Architecture ~ Fine Arts
P Languages ~ Linguistics ~ Literature
Q Science
R Medicine
S Agriculture
T Technology ~ Engineering ~ Building
U Military Science
V Naval Science
Z Bibliography ~ Library Science

How do I borrow books from other NUS Libraries?

Students and non-academic staff could visit the respective NUS library to borrow books. Faculty and other academic staff could request for the book to be transferred from NUS libraries to our Reading Room via the intra-library loan service eforms. Do note that this service is only available for circulating books and bound periodicals, and that RBR, reference material, special collections, etc. are excluded.



How do I renew my books?

You can renew your loans via myLINC, and following the steps below.

  1. Log in with your Student number or Staff number, and Library PIN.
  2. Click [Items currently checked out] to see the items you have borrowed.
  3. Click [RENEW ALL] if you wish to renew all the items     OR

Check the items you wish to renew and click [RENEW SELECTED ITEMS].

  1. The new due date will be displayed, if the renewal is successful.


Why is my renewal unsuccessful?

You are unable to renew your book if the

  • Item is on hold for another Member.
  • Item is overdue and carries a fine.
  • Item has exceeded number of renewals allowed.
  • Item is a journal or RBR material.
  • Item has been recalled.


How many times can I renew my book and for how long?

The number of online renewals vary according to your membership type. Each successful renewal will extend the due date or period by your entitled loan period from the day you renewed the item.

For example, as a student, you are entitled to borrow a book for 14 days, and the book you have borrowed is currently due on 1st Oct. When you renew the book successfully online, the new due date will be 15th Oct.


Place a Hold

How do I place a hold on a book?

You can place a hold on an item that is currently on loan, ie item with the status “DUE DD/MM/YY”. Follow the steps below to place reservation or hold on the item.

  1. Search for the item in LINC.
  2. Click [Request].
  3. Enter your student matric or staff number and PIN.
  4. Click [Submit].
  5. Click on the copy you want to request, such as the one with the earliest due date or the library you frequent.
  6. Click [Request Selected Item].
  7. Upon successful request, the below message will be displayed.
  • Your request for [title] was successful.

Note: If there are other holds on an item e.g. DUE DD-MM-YY +1 HOLD, when you request the item you join the queue for the item becoming the second requester.


How do I know when to pick up an item that I have placed on hold?

You will receive an email notification informing you to collect the requested item at the loans desks of the appropriate library when ready. You will have 5 days to collect the item, after which it will be returned to the shelf or go to the next person requesting the item (if there is more than one person requesting the item).


Can I place a hold for all library materials?

Below table list down items in which collection or with the different status which can or cannot be reserved.

Can be reserved

Cannot be reserved

Collection Books
Closed Stacks
Bound Journals
Reference Current Journals
Status On Loan (Due DD-MM-YY)
Request Item
At Binding
On Order
On Holdshelf
Use in Library
View in Library
In Pro-No Hold


How do I cancel a hold?

If you no longer require the item you have reserved, you can cancel your request via myLINC.


Why can’t I place a hold?

If you are not able to place holds or request an item at all, your membership privilege might be suspended due to outstanding fines, items overdue more than a certain number of days, or items that you borrowed have been recalled but are not returned.