Course Reserves

In order to make course texts readily available to students, faculty can place items in print or E-Reserve for modules they are teaching. Yale-NUS Library staff will work with instructors to provide access for physical or digital media they require, including materials not currently owned by the Libraries. If an item must be ordered, please note that a lead time of 3 months is needed to ensure shipping and processing.

RBR (Reserved Books/Readings) collection

RBR materials are texts that are used in courses. They are kept behind the Service Desk in the Library. Orders for RBR items are carried out before the start of each semester through the textbook ordering form. The library orders all required and supplementary texts for courses.

For ad hoc requests, please email the library. Please see our borrowing policy for RBR materials.

E-reserves Materials

E-Reserves are book chapters and/or journal articles in electronic form that are used as teaching materials for specific course modules. They are posted via IVLE or Canvas in the specific module pages. E-Reserves are only made available for those students currently enrolled in each module. For more information about setting up a module page, please get in touch with the Educational Technology group.

What readings can I put in E-Reserves?

  1. You can put one chapter or up to 10% of a book on electronic reserve, whichever is more.
  2. You can put 2 or more articles related to the same subject matter from the same journal issue on electronic reserve.

Materials owned by the Instructor, Faculty Member or Department

Materials owned by the instructor, faculty member or department, but not owned by the Library, such as books, lecture notes, kits, specimens, etc., can be placed on reserve by completing the Course Reserve Submission Form.  Personal materials are put on reserve at the instructor or department’s own risk. To put your personal copies on reserve, please email the library.