Book delivery from NUS Libraries to the Yale-NUS Reading Room

Do you need books or bound journals from other NUS Libraries? Are you faculty or academic staff? The Yale-NUS Reading Room can help! Please send an email to listing the books you want, and our librarians will arrange for “intralibrary” delivery to the Reading Room. Note: deliveries from other NUS Libraries are only made once per day, Monday-Friday at 10am; items may take a day or two to arrive depending on when the request is received.  Search for books and other materials using the LINC tab on the main NUS Library Portal (, and start requesting books today!

Books and bound journals received through Intralibrary Loan can be returned to any NUS Library throughout campus.

F.A.Q. about ‘Intralibrary Loan’

1. What is Intralibrary Loan?

Intralibrary Loan is a service for NUS and Yale-NUS academic staff that facilitates borrowing and delivery of books and bound journals around the entire NUS campus.  Learn more here:

2. Why isn’t Yale-NUS already listed as a choice for delivery?

There are technical issues with the design of the Library Portal that must be adapted to include Yale-NUS as a delivery location.  We are currently working with programmers at the NUS Central Library to automate the Intralibrary Loan process. The Library will send an announcement when this is in place.

3. When can faculty and other academic staff expect to have the Intralibrary Loan process automated?

We hope by the end of 2013.  Until then, please send all your intralibrary loan requests to