Materials for Faculty Research

As previously communicated earlier this month, the Library has allocated S$2,000 per person for the purpose of purchasing books or other stand-alone items needed for research. All Faculty, Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Associates are eligible for this allocation. Let us know what you need.

To request items for your research, send an email to

Please read the FAQs below. If you have any additional questions about this initiative, get in touch with Ken Panko at or on 6601 2080.


What happens after the $2,000 allocated for my requests has been used? Will I still be able to request materials to support my research?

  • Absolutely. The purpose of this allocation is just to kickstart acquisitions so that the Library better serves the research interests of  Faculty. Subject Librarians will be getting in touch to establish an on-going relationship with you so they can better know how the Library can help support your research as we establish the longer-term Collection Policy and Plan.

Do I have to keep track of how much of the allocation I am using?

  •  No. The Library will do this.

If I’m on a research trip and I see a book that I need, can I buy it and charge it against this allocation?

  • Yes. We prefer, when possible, that the Library order items to try to avoid duplication and to get the best price. But, if you see something you need and you think it would be good to have in the Library, get it and we will reimburse you once the item and the receipt are with the Library.

I know that it takes some time for the Library to get a book on the shelf once it has been requested. What if I need something right away?

  • The average turnaround time to acquire and process a book has been 6 weeks. The Library has been able to process urgent requests in as little as 2 weeks. If you have an urgent request, please get in touch with the Yale-NUS Library to see what we can do before buying a book yourself.