January 2014 New Additions to the Library

New arrivals shelfBooks

January saw 450 new books added to the Yale-NUS College Library (YNCL) collection. Visit the New Arrivals page for the full list of books.

Journals and Newspapers

The following electronic journals and newspapers are now accessible:

1.    Ancient Philosophy (http://linc.nus.edu.sg/record=b1201179)

2.    L’Année philologique (http://linc.nus.edu.sg/record=b3335561)

3.    Arion (http://linc.nus.edu.sg/record=b2707040)

4.    Classical Philology (http://linc.nus.edu.sg/record=b2301133)

5.    PMLA (http://linc.nus.edu.sg/record=b1198901)

6.    Polis (http://linc.nus.edu.sg/record=b3335557)

7.    Renaissance Quarterly (http://linc.nus.edu.sg/record=b2096464)

8.    International New York Times (http://linc.nus.edu.sg/record=b3336337)

9.    The Wall Street Journal Asia  (http://linc.nus.edu.sg/record=b1207872)


YNCL and NUS Libraries have also added 5 new Alexander Street Press databases:

1.    Early Encounters in North America: Peoples, Cultures, and the Environment (http://linc.nus.edu.sg/record=b3348027). Contains 1,482 authors and over 100,000 pages of letters, diaries, memoirs and accounts of events that took place in North America between 1534 and 1860.

2.    North American Women’s Letters and Diaries (http://linc.nus.edu.sg/record=b3348031). Includes 150,000 pages of letters and diaries from 1,325 women writing from Colonial times to 1950.

3.    British and Irish Women’s Letters and Diaries (http://linc.nus.edu.sg/record=b3348017). Contains approximately 90,000 pages of letters and diaries from nearly 500 women from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales writing from 1500 to 1900.

4.    Asian Film Online (http://linc.nus.edu.sg/record=b3358418). An online streaming video collection of about 600 feature films, documentaries, and shorts exploring issues of Asian culture.

5.    Meet The Press (http://linc.nus.edu.sg/record=b3358441). Over 1,500 hours of streaming video footage from the iconic television program which premiered in 1947.

New content has been added to two other databases:

6.    Classical Scores Library (Volume III added) (http://linc.nus.edu.sg/record=b2984787). Provides online access to more than 25,000 scores and more than 430,000 pages , including full scores, study scores, piano scores and vocal scores. All major genres and time periods are covered, from medieval to contemporary, from choral works to symphonies, operas, and the avant garde.

7.    Filmakers Library Online (Volume II added) (http://linc.nus.edu.sg/record=b2984643). A multidisciplinary streaming video collection of more than 1,000 documentaries and independent films from around the world.