September 2014 New Additions to the Library

S/No Title Call No. Location
1 How Úrvashi was won / by Kālidāsa ; translated by Velcheru Narayana Rao & David Shulman. PK3796 Vik.Ka 2009 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
2 The lady of the jewel necklace ; and, “The lady who shows her love” / by Harsạ ; translated by Wendy Doniger. PK3794 Cslh 2006 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
3 The future of the image / Jacques Rancière ; translated by Gregory Elliott. B105 Ima.Ra 2009 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
4 The government of nature / Afaa Michael Weaver. PS3573 W361G 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
5 Field ethnography : a manual for doing cultural anthropology / Paul Kutsche. GN346 Kut 1998 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
6 The Goffman reader / edited with introductory essays by Charles Lemert and Ann Branaman. HM22 Uni.Go 1997 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
7 Language & communicative practices / William F. Hanks. P106 Han Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
8 Empires of the word : a language history of the world / Nicholas Ostler. P107 Ost 2006 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
9 On paper : the everything of its two-thousand-year history / Nicholas A. Basbanes. Z247 Bas 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
10 Language and symbolic power / Pierre Bourdieu ; edited and introduced by John B. Thompson ; translated by Gino Raymond and Matthew Adamson. P306 Bou 2007 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
11 Poetics, plays, and performances : the politics of modern Indian theatre / Vasudha Dalmia. PN2884 Dal 2006 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
12 Python cookbook / David Beazley, Brian K. Jones. QA76.73 Pyt.P 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
13 Dynamics of galaxies / Giuseppe Bertin, Universita Degli Studi di Milano. QB857 Ber 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
14 Shady characters : the secret life of punctuation, symbols, & other typographical marks / Keith Houston. P301.5 Pun.Ho 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
15 The monkey’s voyage : how improbable journeys shaped the history of life / Alan de Queiroz. QH543.3 De 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
16 King, governance, and law in ancient India : Kautilya’s Arthasastra : a new annotated translation / by Patrick Olivelle. JA84 Ind.Ka 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
17 Hind swaraj : and other writings / Mohandas Gandhi ; edited by Anthony Parel. JA71 Gan 2009 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
18 Program logics for certified compilers / Andrew W. Appel, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey … [and seven others] QA76.76 Ver.Ap 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
19 Euripides : Medea / William Allan. PA3973 Med.Al 2002 Yale-NUS RBR
20 The Qur’an : a new translation / by M.A.S. Abdel Haleem. BP109 Hal 2010 Yale-NUS RBR
21 All our kin : strategies for survival in a Black community / [by] Carol B. Stack. E185.86 Stc 1974 Yale-NUS RBR
22 Africa since 1940 : the past of the present / Frederick Cooper. DT30 Coo 2002 Yale-NUS Reading Room
23 Culture, politics and climate change : how information shapes our common future / edited by Deserai A. Crow and Maxwell T. Boykoff. QC903 Cul 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
24 The quark and the jaguar : adventures in the simple and the complex / Murray Gell-Mann. QC774 Gel Yale-NUS Reading Room
25 The Bernard Cohn omnibus / Bernard S. Cohn, with a foreword by Dipesh Chakrabarty. DS468 Coh 2004 Yale-NUS Reading Room
26 SPSS for psychologists / Nicola Brace, Richard Kemp, Rosemary Snelgar. BF39 Bra 2013 Yale-NUS Reading Room
27 The social history of Roman art / Peter Stewart. N5760 Ste 2008 Yale-NUS Reading Room
28 Introduction to computation and programming using Python / John V. Guttag. QA76.73 Pyt.Gu 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
29 Farewell to an idea : episodes from a history of modernism / T.J. Clark. N6490 Cla Yale-NUS Reading Room
30 Drawing projects : an exploration of the language of drawing / [Mick Maslen and Jack Southern]. NC715 Mas 2011 Yale-NUS Reading Room
31 Dada : Zurich, Berlin, Hannover, Cologne, New York, Paris / Leah Dickerman ; with essays by Brigid Doherty … [et al.]. NX456.5 Dad.Di 2005 Yale-NUS Reading Room
32 Toward an anthropological theory of value : the false coin of our own dreams / David Graeber. GN469 Gra 2001 Yale-NUS Reading Room
33 Homer, Hesiod and the Hymns : diachronic development in epic diction / Richard Janko. PA3105 Jan 2007 Yale-NUS Reading Room
34 余华作品集 / 余华著. PL2928 Yh 2004 Yale-NUS Reading Room
35 The paper road : archive and experience in the botanical exploration of West China and Tibet / Erik Mueggler. QK355 Mue 2011 Yale-NUS Reading Room
36 Cultural sociology of mental illness : an A-to-Z guide / Andrew Scull, editor, University of California, San Diego. RC455.4 Eth.Cu 2014 v.2 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
37 The birth of a new social science discipline : achievements of the first generation of American economic and business historians, 1893-1974 / by Arthur H. Cole. HC28 Col 1974 Yale-NUS Reading Room
38 The western construction of religion : myths, knowledge, and ideology / Daniel Dubuisson ; translated by William Sayers. BL41 Dub 2007 Yale-NUS Reading Room
39 The Korean approach to Zen : the collected works of Chinul / translated with an introduction by Robert E. Buswell Jr. BL1436 Zen.C Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
40 The Indian Ocean in world history / Edward A. Alpers. DS340 Alp 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
41 The uneasy narrator : Chinese fiction from the traditional to the modern / Henry Y.H. Zhao. PL2415 Zha Yale-NUS Reading Room
42 The city in modern Chinese literature & film : configurations of space, time, and gender / Yingjin Zhang. PL2303 Zy Yale-NUS Reading Room
43 The festive state : race, ethnicity, and nationalism as cultural performance / David M. Guss. HN363.5 Gus 2000 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
44 An epidemic of rumors : how stories shape our perception of disease / Jon D. Lee. RA649 Lee 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
45 A companion to linguistic anthropology / edited by Alessandro Duranti. P35 Com 2003 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
46 The recognition of Shakuntala / by Kalidasa ; edited and translated by Somadeva Vasudeva. PK3796 Sak.V 2006 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
47 My futurist years / compiled and edited by Bengt Jangfeldt and Stephen Rudy ; translated and with an introduction by Stephen Rudy. P85 Jak.Ja 1997 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
48 The sound shape of language / Roman Jakobson, Linda R. Waugh ; assisted by Martha Taylor. P217 Jak 2002 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
49 Language, culture, and communication : the meaning of messages / Nancy Bonvillain. P35 Bon 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
50 The political ecology of the metropolis / edited by Jefferey M. Sellers … [et al.]. JA75.8 Pom 2013 Yale-NUS Reading Room
51 Orientalism and religion : post-colonial theory, India and the mystic East / Richard King. BL2203 Kin 1999 dms Yale-NUS Reading Room
52 Roman provincial coinage / Andrew M. Burnett, Michel Amandry, Pere Pau Ripollès. CJ814 Bur 1998 v.1 pt.1 Yale-NUS Reading Room
53 Roman provincial coinage / Andrew M. Burnett, Michel Amandry, Pere Pau Ripollès. CJ814 Bur 1998 v.1 pt.2 Yale-NUS Reading Room
54 Roman provincial coinage / Andrew M. Burnett, Michel Amandry, Pere Pau Ripollès. CJ814 Bur 1998 Supplement 1 Yale-NUS Reading Room
55 Probability and statistics / Morris DeGroot, Mark Schervish. QA273 Deg 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
56 Prostitution, race, and politics : policing venereal disease in the British Empire / Philippa Levine. HQ185 Lev 2003 Yale-NUS Reading Room
57 The limits of realism : Chinese fiction in the revolutionary period / Marston Anderson. PL2442 And Yale-NUS Reading Room
58 The Northern Renaissance / Jeffrey Chipps Smith. N6370 Smi 2004 Yale-NUS Reading Room
59 From beauty fear to beauty fever : a critical study of contemporary Chinese female writers / Xin Yang. PL2278 Yan 2011 Yale-NUS Reading Room
60 Relational aesthetics / Nicolas Bourriaud ; translated by Simon Pleasance & Fronza Woods with the participation of Mathieu Copeland. N6490 Bou 2002 Yale-NUS Reading Room
61 The framework of language / Roman Jakobson. P27 Jak Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
62 The road to Emmaus / Spencer Reece. PS3618 R322R 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
63 Methods & theories of art history / Anne D’Alleva. N380 Dal 2012 Yale-NUS Reading Room
64 The Arabs and Arabia on the eve of Islam / [edited by F.E. Peters]. DS38 Ara 1999 Yale-NUS Reading Room
65 Nostromo : a tale of the seaboard / Joseph Conrad ; edited with an introduction and notes by Véronique Pauly. PR6005 Con.No 2007 Yale-NUS Reading Room
66 Capitalism & slavery / Eric Williams ; with a new introduction by Colin A. Palmer. HC254.5 Wil 1994 Yale-NUS Reading Room
67 Heart of darkness / Joseph Conrad ; edited with an introduction and notes by Owen Knowles. The Congo diary / edited with notes by Robert Hampson. PR6005 C754H*He 2007 Yale-NUS Reading Room
68 Situating sexualities : queer representation in Taiwanese fiction, film and public culture / Fran Martin. HQ76.2 Tai.Ma 2003 Yale-NUS Reading Room
69 Orfeo : a novel / Richard Powers. PS3566 P8882O 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
70 S/Z / Roland Barthes ; translated by Richard Miller ; pref. by Richard Howard. P99 Bar 1974 dcs Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
71 Intertexts : writings on language, utterance, and context / William F. Hanks. P35.5 Mex.H 2000 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
72 Reassembling the social : an introduction to actor-network-theory / Bruno Latour. HM706 Lat 2007 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
73 The secret agent : a simple tale / Joseph Conrad ; edited with an introduction and notes by Michael Newton ; general editor, J.H. Stape. PR6005 C754Sea Yale-NUS Reading Room
74 Six lectures on sound and meaning / Roman Jakobson ; with a preface by Claude Lévi-Strauss ; translated from the French by John Mepham. P217 Jak 1978 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
75 In an antique land / Amitav Ghosh. DT56.2 Gho 1994 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
76 The name of war : King Philip’s War and the origins of American identity / Jill Lepore. E87.876 Lep 1999 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
77 Reflections on fieldwork in Morocco / Paul Rabinow ; with a foreword by Robert N. Bellah and an afterword by Pierre Bourdieu. GN346 Rab 2007 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
78 Diagnosis and the DSM : a critical review / Stijn Vanheule. RC455.2 Cla.Va 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
79 Sound of the ax : aphorisms and poems / by William Stafford ; edited by Vincent Wixon and Paul Merchant. PS3537 S7791So 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
80 Hope on Earth : a conversation / Paul R. Ehrlich & Michael Charles Tobias ; with additional comments by John Harte. QH541.145 Hop 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
81 Society of the dead : Quita Manaquita and Palo praise in Cuba / Todd Ramón Ochoa. BL2532 Pal.Oc 2010 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
82 Patterns of culture / Ruth Benedict ; [with a new foreword by Louise Lamphere]. GN506 Ben 2005 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
83 Readings in Russian poetics : formalist and structuralist views / edited and prefaced by Ladislav Matejka and Krystyna Pomorska ; introduction by Gerald L. Bruns. PN98 For.Re 2002 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
84 Paris : biography of a city / Colin Jones. DC707 Jon 2006 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
85 The art of art history : a critical anthology / edited by Donald Preziosi. N7480 Art 2009 Yale-NUS Reading Room
86 The anthropology of climate change : an integrated critical perspective / Hans A. Baer and Merrill Singer. GF71 Bae 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
87 Making enemies : war and state building in Burma / Mary P. Callahan. JQ26 Cal 2004 Yale-NUS Reading Room
88 Floating on a Malayan breeze : travels in Malaysia and Singapore / Sudhir Thomas Vadaketh. DS596 Vad 2012 Yale-NUS Reading Room
89 The eye of the beholder : the life of Muḥammad as viewed by the early Muslims : a textual analysis / Uri Rubin. BP75.3 Rub 1995 Yale-NUS Reading Room
90 The life of Muhammad : a translation of Isḥāq’s Sīrat rasūl Allāh / with introduction and notes by A. Guillaume. BP75 Ibn 1967 Yale-NUS Reading Room
91 Whale-watching : sustainable tourism and ecological management / edited by James Higham, University of Otago, New Zealand, Lars Bejder Murdoch Unieersity, Western Australia, Rob Williams, University of St Andrews, Scotland, UK. QL737 Cet.Wh 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
92 In touch with the future : the sense of touch from cognitive neuroscience to virtual reality / Alberto Gallace and Charles Spence. QP451 Gal 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
93 The Oxford handbook of refugee and forced migration studies / edited by Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Gil Loescher, Katy Long, Nando Sigona. HV640 Oxf 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
94 Course in general linguistics / Ferdinand de Saussure ; edited by Charles Bally and Albert Sechehaye with the collaboration of Albert Riedlinger ; translated and annotated by Roy Harris. P121 Sau 1986 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
95 Secrets of the Blue Cliff Record : Zen comments by Hakuin and Tenkei / translated by Thomas Cleary. BQ9289 Sec 2002 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
96 Under Western eyes / Joseph Conrad ; edited by Stephen Donovan ; with an introduction by Allan H. Simmons. PR6005 C754U 2007 Yale-NUS Reading Room
97 The secret sharer and other stories / Joseph Conrad ; edited by J.H. Stape and Allan H. Simmons with an introduction by Gail Fraser. PR6005 C754Se 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
98 Culture & truth : the remaking of social analysis : with a new introduction / Renato Rosaldo. GN345 Ros 1993 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
99 Muslim politics / Dale F. Eickelman and James Piscatori. DS35.69 Eic 2004 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
100 How to write art history / Anne d’Alleva. N380 Dal 2010 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
101 Looking at seventeenth-century Dutch art : realism reconsidered / Wayne Franits. ND646 Fra Yale-NUS RBR
102 Art theory : a very short introduction / Cynthia Freeland. N71 Fre 2003 Yale-NUS Reading Room
103 Myth and meaning / Claude Lévi-Strauss ; foreword by Wendy Doniger. GN362 Lev 1979 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
104 Robert Smithson, the collected writings / edited by Jack Flam. N7445.2 Smi 1996 Yale-NUS Reading Room
105 Leadership in academic libraries today : connecting theory to practice / edited by Bradford Lee Eden and Jody Condit Fagan. Z675 Uni.Le 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
106 In the realm of the diamond queen : marginality in an out-of-the-way place / Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing. DS646.32 Dya.Ts 1993 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
107 Readings in contemporary Chinese cinema = 当代中国电影选读 : 中国侧影 : a textbook of advanced modern Chinese = 现代汉语高级读本 / Chih-p’ing Chou, Wei Wang PL1117 Ccp.R 2007 Yale-NUS Reading Room
108 Cultures of the Jews : a new history / edited by David Biale. DS102.95 Cul 2002 Yale-NUS Reading Room
109 Northern Renaissance art / Susie Nash. N6370 Nas 2008 Yale-NUS Reading Room
110 The fires of Vesuvius : Pompeii lost and found / Mary Beard. DG70 Pom.Be 2008 Yale-NUS Reading Room
111 New approaches in reasoning research / edited by Wim De Neys & Magda Osman. BF442 New 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
112 Roman provincial coinage / Andrew M. Burnett, Michel Amandry, Pere Pau Ripollès. CJ814 Bur 2006 v.7 pt.1 Yale-NUS Reading Room
113 Roman provincial coinage / Andrew M. Burnett, Michel Amandry, Pere Pau Ripollès. CJ814 Bur 1999 v.2 pt.1 Yale-NUS Reading Room
114 Roman provincial coinage / Andrew M. Burnett, Michel Amandry, Pere Pau Ripollès. CJ814 Bur 1999 v.2 pt.2 Yale-NUS Reading Room
115 The skillful teacher : on technique, trust, and responsiveness in the classroom / Stephen D. Brookfield. LB2331 Bro 2006 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
116 How to do things with words / J.L. Austin. B1618 Aus.H 1975 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
117 People on the move : an atlas of migration / Russell King … [et al.]. JV6019 Peo 2010 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
118 Natural environments and human health / Alan W. Ewert, Denise S. Mitten, Jillisa R. Overholt. RA566.27 Ewe 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
119 Planetary rings : a post-equinox view / Larry W. Esposito. QB603 Rin.Es 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
120 The making of the English working class / by E.P. Thompson. HD8388 Tho 1966 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
121 The raw and the cooked / Claude Lévi-Strauss ; translated from the French by John and Doreen Weightman. F2519.3 Rel.Le 1983 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
122 The dialogic imagination : four essays / by M. M. Bakhtin ; edited by Michael Holquist ; translated by Caryl Emerson and Michael Holquist. PN3331 Bak 1981 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
123 The dragons of Eden : speculations on the evolution of human intelligence / Carl Sagan. BF431 Sag 1978 Yale-NUS Reading Room
124 The Little Ice Age : how climate made history, 1300-1850 / Brian Fagan. QC989 Fag dms Yale-NUS Reading Room
125 The control of nature / John McPhee. TD170 Mcp 1990 Yale-NUS Reading Room
126 The serpent and the rainbow / Wade Davis. BL2530 Hat.Da 1997 Yale-NUS Reading Room
127 Physics for future presidents : the science behind the headlines / Richard A. Muller. QC28 Mul 2008 Yale-NUS Reading Room
128 Troubadours, trumpeters, troubled makers : lyricism, nationalism, and hybridity in China and its others / Gregory B. Lee. DS779.23 Lee 1996 Yale-NUS Reading Room
129 Supernova environmental impacts : proceedings of the 296th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union held at Raichak on Ganges near Calcutta, India, January 7-11, 2013 / edited by Alak K. Ray, Tata Institute of Fundamental research, Mumbai, and Ric QB843 Sup.Su 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
130 Poetry and personality : reading, exegesis, and hermeneutics in traditional China / Steven van Zoeren. PL2466 *Van Yale-NUS Reading Room
131 Philosophy of mathematics in the twentieth century : selected essays / Charles Parsons. QA9.2 Par 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
132 Disclosure and discretion in Roman astrology : Manilius and his Augustan contemporaries / Steven J. Green. PA6500 Man.Gr 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
133 Aishah, the beloved of Mohammed / Nabia Abbott. BP80 Ais.A 1998 Yale-NUS Reading Room
134 Madness and memory : the discovery of prions–a new biological principle of disease / Stanley B. Prusiner. R690 Pru 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
135 Creative drawing / Howard J. Smagula. NC703 Sma 2002 Yale-NUS Reading Room
136 The culture of curating and the curating of culture(s) / Paul O’Neill. N4396 One 2012 Yale-NUS Reading Room
137 Space, site, intervention : situating installation art / Erika Suderburg, editor. N6868.5 Ins.Sp 2000 Yale-NUS Reading Room
138 Origins : fourteen billion years of cosmic evolution / Neil deGrasse Tyson and Donald Goldsmith. QB981 Tys 2004 Yale-NUS Reading Room
139 Energy for future presidents : the science behind the headlines / Richard A. Muller. TJ163.2 Mul 2012 Yale-NUS Reading Room
140 Wonderful life : the Burgess Shale and the nature of history / Stephen Jay Gould. QE770 Gou Yale-NUS Reading Room
141 Aisthesis : scenes from the aesthetic regime of art / Jacques Rancière ; Translated by Zakir Paul. BH151 Ran 2013 Yale-NUS Reading Room
142 Inside the white cube : the ideology of the gallery space / Brian O’Doherty ; introduction by Thomas McEvilley. N7430.7 Odo 1999 Yale-NUS Reading Room
143 The natural way to draw : a working plan for art study / by Kimon Nicolaïdes. NC650 Nic 1969 Yale-NUS Reading Room
144 Flexible citizenship : the cultural logics of transnationality / Aihwa Ong. DS732 Ong 1999 Yale-NUS Reading Room
145 Negara : the theatre state in nineteenth-century Bali / Clifford Geertz. DS647 Bal.Ge Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
146 Mental biology : the new science of how the brain and mind relate / W.R. Klemm. QP376 Kle 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
147 The savage mind. GN451 Lev 1966 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
148 The coming of the book : the impact of printing, 1450-1800 / Lucien Febvre, Henri-Jean Martin ; translated [from the French] by David Gerard ; edited by Geoffrey Nowell-Smith and David Wootton. Z4 Feb 2010 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
149 Childhood obesity : ethical and policy issues / Kristin Voigt, Stuart G. Nicholls, and Garrath Williams. RJ399 Chi.Vo 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
150 Modern social imaginaries / Charles Taylor. H61.15 Tay 2004 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
151 Murderous minds : exploring the criminal psychopathic brain : neurological imaging and the manifestation of evil / Dean A. Haycock, Ph.D. RC555 Hay 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
152 The conquest of America : the question of the other / Tzvetan Todorov ; translated from the French by Richard Howard. E123 Tod 1992 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
153 Principles of discrete time mechanics / George Jaroszkiewicz (University of Nottingham) QC174.13 Jar 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
154 Of grammatology / by Jacques Derrida ; translated by Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak. P105 Der 1997 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
155 Selected writings / edited, translated, and with an introduction by Anthony Giddens. HM55 Dur 2010 33rd printing Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
156 On Hinduism / Wendy Doniger. BL1210 Don 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
157 Critical terms for art history / edited by Robert S. Nelson and Richard Shiff. N34 Cri 2003 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
158 Spring, heat, rains : a South Indian diary / David Shulman. DS485 And.S 2009 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
159 The division of labor in society / by Emile Durkheim ; with an introduction by Lewis A. Coser ; translated by W.D. Halls. HD51 Dur 1997 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
160 Race, language, and culture / Franz Boas. GN6 Boa 2012 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
161 Creating significant learning experiences : an integrated approach to designing college courses / L. Dee Fink. LB2331 Fin 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
162 Avian urban ecology : behavioural and physiological adaptations / edited by Diego Gil and Henrik Brumm. QL698.95 Avi 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
163 Fluid dynamics / Anatoly I. Ruban, Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London ; Jitesh S.B. Gajjar, School of Mathematics, University of Manchester. QA911 Rub 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
164 My cocaine museum / Michael Taussig. F2269.1 San.Ta 2004 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
165 Semiotics : the basics / Daniel Chandler. P99 Cha 2007 Yale-NUS Reading Room
166 The lost second book of Aristotle’s Poetics / Walter Watson. PN1040 Ari.Wa 2012 Yale-NUS Reading Room
167 Consequences of contact : language ideologies and sociocultural transformations in Pacific societies / edited by Miki Makihara, Bambi B. Schieffelin. P40.5 Lan.Co 2007 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
168 Shorelines : space and rights in South India / Ajantha Subramanian. DS432 Muk.Su 2009 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
169 Indigenous Australians and health : the wombat in the room / edited by Ron Hampton and Maree Toombs. RA553 Ham 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
170 Bringing the world home : appropriating the West in late Qing and early Republican China / Theodore Huters. PL2302 Hut 2005 Yale-NUS Reading Room
171 The beak of the finch : a story of evolution in our time / Jonathan Weiner. QL696 Fri.W 1995 Yale-NUS Reading Room
172 A coincidence of desires : anthropology, queer studies, Indonesia / Tom Boellstorff. GN635 Ind.Bo 2007 Yale-NUS Reading Room
173 The rise of the network society / Manuel Castells. HC79 Inf.Ca 1996 Yale-NUS Reading Room
174 Muslim society / Ernest Gellner. HN768 Gel Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
175 Student engagement techniques : a handbook for college faculty / Elizabeth F. Barkley. LB2342.92 Bak 2010 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
176 Leaf defence / Edward E. Farmer. QK649 Far 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
177 An introduction to qualitative research / Uwe Flick. BF76.5 Fli 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
178 Structural anthropology / Claude Lévi-Strauss ; translated from the French by Monique Layton. GN362 Lev 1983 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
179 Global outlaws : crime, money, and power in the contemporary world / Carolyn Nordstrom. HV6252 Nor 2007 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
180 The practice of everyday life / Michel de Certeau ; translated by Steven Rendall. HN8 Cer 1988 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
181 Provincializing Europe : postcolonial thought and historical difference / Dipesh Chakrabarty. D13.5 Eur.Ch 2000 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
182 The promise of the foreign : nationalism and the technics of translation in the Spanish Philippines / Vicente L. Rafael. DS675 Raf 2005 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
183 White love : and other events in Filipino history / Vicente L. Rafael. DS685 Raf 2000 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
184 Sweetness and power : the place of sugar in modern history / Sidney W. Mintz. GT2869 Min 1986 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
185 Venceremos? : the erotics of black self-making in Cuba / Jafari S. Allen. F1789 Neg.Al 2011 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
186 Homology, genes, and evolutionary innovation / Günter P. Wagner. QH430 Wag 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
187 Invasion biology and ecological theory : insights from a continent in transformation / edited by Herbert H.T. Prins, Wageningen University, The Netherlands, and Iain J. Gordon, James Hutton Institute, UK. QH353 Inv 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
188 I can hear you whisper : an intimate journey through the science of sound and language / Lydia Denworth. RF305 Den 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
189 Global morality and life science practices in Asia : assemblages of life / Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner. QH332 Sle 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
190 The anti-politics machine : “development,” depoliticization, and bureaucratic power in Lesotho / James Ferguson. HD2132 Fer 1994 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
191 Discrete or continuous? : the quest for fundamental length in modern physics / Amit Hagar, Indiana University. QC173.59 Spa.Ha 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
192 The cheese and the worms : the cosmos of a sixteenth-century miller / Carlo Ginzburg ; translated by John and Anne Tedeschi. BR875 Gin 1992 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
193 Ha! : the science of when we laugh and why / Scott Weems. R705 Wee 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
194 Obsessive-compulsive disorder and its spectrum : a life-span approach / edited by Eric A. Storch and Dean McKay. RC533 Obs 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
195 In the shadows of the state : indigenous politics, environmentalism, and insurgency in Jharkhand, India / Alpa Shah. DS485 Jha.Sh 2010 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
196 Animal, vegetable, miracle : a year of food life / Barbara Kingsolver, with Steven L. Hopp and Camille Kingsolver ; original drawings by Richard A. Houser. S521.5 App.Ki 2007 Yale-NUS RBR
197 Confessions / Saint Augustine ; translated with an introduction and notes by Henry Chadwick. BR65 Aug.Au 2008 Yale-NUS RBR
198 Totemism . Translated from the French by Rodney Needham. GN491 Lev 1963 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
199 The apotheosis of Captain Cook : European mythmaking in the Pacific / Gananath Obeyesekere. DU626 Obe 1992 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
200 Inequalities in health : concepts, measures, and ethics / edited by Nir Eyal … [et al.] RA418 Ine 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
201 The colonial crucible : empire in the making of the modern American state / edited by Alfred W. McCoy and Francisco A. Scarano. E713 Col 2009 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
202 Medicine and empire, 1600-1960 / Pratik Chakrabarti. R487 Cha 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
203 Capitalism and modern social theory : an analysis of the writings of Marx, Durkheim and Max Weber / Anthony Giddens. HM461 Gid 2013 18th printing Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
204 Cultures of servitude : modernity, domesticity, and class in India / Raka Ray [and] Seemin Qayum. HD8039 Dom.Ra 2009 Yale-NUS Reading Room
205 Artificial hells : participatory art and the politics of spectatorship / Claire Bishop. N6494 Int.Bi 2012 Yale-NUS Reading Room
206 A brief history of curating / Hans Ulrich Obrist ; [edited by Lionel Bovier]. N408 Obr 2008 Yale-NUS Reading Room
207 The Nuer : a description of the modes of livelihood and political institutions of a Nilotic people / by E. E. Evans-Pritchard. GN652 Nue.E Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
208 In search of respect : selling crack in El Barrio / Philippe Bourgois. HV5810 Bou 2003 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
209 Pain : dynamics and complexities / Daniel M. Doleys, PhD, Director, The Doleys Clinic and Pain and Rehabilitation Institute, Birmingham, Alabama. RB127 Dol 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
210 Chronic disease in the twentieth century : a history / George Weisz. RA644.5 Wei 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
211 Elementary aspects of peasant insurgency in colonial India / Ranajit Guha ; foreword by James Scott. DS463 Guh 1999 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
212 Inscriptiones graecae ad res romanas pertinentes / [auctoritate et impensis] Academiae inscriptionum et litterarum humaniorum (Lutetiae Parisiorum) collectae et editae ; edendum curavit R. Cagnat, auxiliantibus J. Toutain, P. Jouguet et G. Lafaye. DG13 Ins 1975 v.3 Yale-NUS Reading Room
213 Inscriptiones graecae ad res romanas pertinentes / [auctoritate et impensis] Academiae inscriptionum et litterarum humaniorum (Lutetiae Parisiorum) collectae et editae ; edendum curavit R. Cagnat, auxiliantibus J. Toutain, P. Jouguet et G. Lafaye. DG13 Ins 1975 v.2 Yale-NUS Reading Room
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