November 2014 New Additions to the Library

S/No Title Call No. Location
1 The second sex / Simone de Beauvoir ; translated by Constance Borde and Sheila Malovany-Chevallier ; with an introduction by Judith Thurman. HQ1208 Bea 2011 Yale-NUS Reading Room
2 The Frantic Assembly book of devising theatre / Scott Graham and Steven Hoggett. PN2595.13 Exp.Gr 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
3 Fictional realism in twentieth-century China : Mao Dun, Lao She, Shen Congwen / David Der-wei Wang. PL2442 Wan 1992 Yale-NUS Reading Room
4 The viewpoints book : a practical guide to viewpoints and composition / Anne Bogart and Tina Landau. PN2071 Mov.Bo 2005 Yale-NUS Reading Room
5 The intent to live : achieving your true potential as an actor / Larry Moss. PN2061 Mos 2006 Yale-NUS Reading Room
6 Film directing shot by shot : visualizing from concept to screen / by Steven D. Katz. PN1995.9 Pro.Ka 1991 Yale-NUS Reading Room
7 Feminist theory reader : local and global perspectives / edited by Carole R. McCann and Seung-Kyung Kim. HQ1190 Fem 2013 Yale-NUS Reading Room
8 Tropical rain forest ecology, diversity, and conservation / Jaboury Ghazoul, Douglas Sheil. QH541.5 Rai.Gh 2010 Yale-NUS Reading Room
9 Lucky fish / Aimee Nezhukumatathil. PS3564 N575Lu 2011 Yale-NUS Reading Room
10 The human face of global mobility : international highly skilled migration in Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific / edited by Michael Peter Smith and Adrian Favell. HT110 Hum 2006 Yale-NUS Reading Room
11 The Englishness of English dress / edited by Christopher Breward, Becky Conekin and Caroline Cox. GT733 Eng 2002 Yale-NUS Reading Room
12 Hard choices : challenging the Singapore consensus / Donald Low and Sudhir Thomas Vadaketh ; with contributions from Linda Lim and Thum Ping Tjin. JQ1063 Low 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
13 The millennial sovereign : sacred kingship and sainthood in Islam / A. Azfar Moin. JC375 Moi 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
14 Love, or something like love : short stories / by O Thiam Chin. PL5150 Otc.Lo 2013 Yale-NUS Reading Room
15 Food and feasting in art / Silvia Malaguzzi ; translated by Brian Phillips. N8217 Foo.Ma 2008 Yale-NUS Reading Room
16 Symbols and allegories in art / Matilde Battistini ; translated by Stephen Sartarelli. N7740 Bat 2005 Yale-NUS Reading Room
17 The confusion of happiness / poems by Michelle Tan. PL5150 Tan 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
18 Sonnets from the Singlish : poems / poems by Joshua Ip. PL5150 Ip.S 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
19 The essential feminist reader / edited and with an introduction by Estelle B. Freedman. HQ1154 Ess 2007 Yale-NUS Reading Room
20 Icons and saints of the Eastern Orthodox Church / Alfredo Tradigo ; translated by Stephen Sartarelli. N8187.5 Tra 2006 Yale-NUS Reading Room
21 Artists’ techniques and materials / Antonella Fuga ; translated by Rosanna M. Giammanco Frongia. N7430 Fug 2006 Yale-NUS Reading Room
22 Hyperlinkage / Tse Hao Guang. PL5150 Thg.H 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
23 What gives us our names / by Alvin Pang. PL5149 Pa.Wh 2011 Yale-NUS Reading Room
24 The history of the church in art / Rosa Giorgi ; translated by Brian Phillips. N7830 Gio 2008 Yale-NUS Reading Room
25 Saints in art / Rosa Giori ; edited by Stefano Zuffi ; translated by Thomas Michael Hartmann. ND1430 Gio 2003 Yale-NUS Reading Room
26 Symbols of power in art / Paola Rapelli ; translated by Jay Hyams. N8219 Kin.Ra 2011 Yale-NUS Reading Room
27 Reading Shakespeare through philosophy / Peter Kishore Saval. PR3001 Sav 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
28 Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass, an American slave : with related documents / written by himself ; edited with an introduction by David W. Blight. E449 Dou 2003 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
29 Aristotle as poet : the song for Hermias and its contexts / Andrew Ford. PN1040 Ari.Fo 2011 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
30 Essays on religion / Georg Simmel ; edited and translated by Horst Jurgen Helle in collaboration with Ludwig Nieder ; foreword by Philip E. Hammond. BL60 Sim Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
31 Soul rebels : the Rastafari / William F. Lewis ; with foreword by Serena Nanda ; edited by Joan Young Gregg. BL253.2 Ras.L 1993 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
32 Language, culture, and society : a book of readings / [compiled by] Ben G. Blount. P35 Lag 1995 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
33 Citizen and subject : contemporary Africa and the legacy of late colonialism / Mahmood Mamdani. JV246 Mam 1996 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
34 The fourteenth mental measurements yearbook / Barbara S. Plake and James C. Impara, editors ; Linda L. Murphy. Z5814 Psy.My 2001 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
35 Chinese art and culture / Robert L. Thorp, Richard Ellis Vinograd. NX583 Tho 2001 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
36 One plus one equals one : symbiosis and the evolution of complex life / John Archibald. QH378 Arc 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
37 Energy, governance and security in Thailand and Myanmar (Burma) : a critical approach to environmental politics in the South / Adam Simpson. GE190 Asi.Si 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
38 Mirror of dew : the poetry of Ālam-Tāj Zhāle Qāem-Maqāmi / translated with an introduction by Asghar Seyed-Gohrab. PK6561 Qai.Mi 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
39 The Emancipation Proclamation : a brief history with documents / Michael Vorenberg. E453 Vor 2010 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
40 Mathematics and the body : material entanglements in the classroom / Elizabeth de Freitas, Adelphi University, Nathalie Sinclair, Simon Fraser University. QA9 Def 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
41 The novel according to Cervantes / Stephen Gilman. PQ6353 Gil 1989 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
42 Prolegomena to Homer, 1795 / F.A. Wolf ; translated with introduction and notes by Anthony Grafton, Glenn W. Most, and James E.G. Zetzel. PA4037 Wol 1988 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
43 Women, power and politics in 21st century Iran / edited by Tara Povey, Elaheh Rostami-Povey. HQ1236.5 Ira.Wo 2012 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
44 The rustle of language / Roland Barthes ; translated by Richard Howard. P49 Bar Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
45 Japan : an environmental history / Conrad Totman. GE160 Jap.To 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
46 The structural transformation of the public sphere : an inquiry into a category of bourgeois society / J©ơrgen Habermas ; translated by Thomas Burger, with the assistance of Frederick Lawrence. HM24 Hab 1991 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
47 On the shadows of ideas and The art of memory / Giordano Bruno ; translation and introduction by Scott Gosnell. B783 Umb.Br 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
48 Painting a new world : Mexican art and life, 1521-1821 / Donna Pierce, Rogelio Ruiz Gomar, Clara Bargellini ; with an introduction by Jonathan Brown. ND253 Pie 2004 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
49 Lexikon of the Hispanic Baroque : Transatlantic Exchange and Transformation / edited by Evonne Levy and Kenneth Mills. CB226 Lex 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
50 Asia & Spanish America : trans-Pacific artistic and cultural exchange, 1500-1850 : papers from the 2006 Mayer Center Symposium at the Denver Art Museum / edited by Donna Pierce and Ronald Otsuka. DS33.4 Lat.Ma 2006 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
51 Más conchas que un galápago / Dolores Soler-Espiauba. PC4121 Sol 2002 Yale-NUS Reading Room
52 Más conchas que un galápago / Dolores Soler-Espiauba. PC4121 Sol 2002 Yale-NUS Loan Desk
53 Community ecology / Gary G. Mittelbach. QH541 Mit 2012 Yale-NUS Reading Room
54 ¡Dale al DELE! B1 [Ernesto Puertas, Nitzia Tudela] PC4112 Pue 2013 Yale-NUS Reading Room
55 Mughal India : art, culture and empire : manuscripts and paintings in the British Library / J.P. Losty and Malini Roy. ND3247 Los 2012 Yale-NUS Reading Room
56 The second wave : a reader in feminist theory / Linda Nicholson, editor. HQ1190 Sec 1996 Yale-NUS Reading Room
57 A challenge for the actor / Uta Hagen. PN2061 Hag 1991 Yale-NUS Reading Room
58 The sense of style : the thinking person’s guide to writing in the 21st century / Steven Pinker. PE1421 Pin 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
59 At the drive-in volcano : poems / Aimee Nezhukumatathil. PS3564 N575A 2007 Yale-NUS Reading Room
60 An actor prepares / Constantin Stanislavski ; translated by Elizabeth Reynolds Hapgood. PN2062 Sta 2003 Yale-NUS Reading Room
61 Astrology, magic, and alchemy in art / Matilde Battistini ; translated by Rosanna M. Giammanco Frongia. N7745 Alc.Ba 2007 Yale-NUS Reading Room
62 The art of love : bimillennial essays on Ovid’s Ars amatoria and Remedia amoris / edited by Roy Gibson, Steven Green, and Alison Sharrock. PA6519 Aa.Ar 2006 Yale-NUS Reading Room
63 Devising theatre : a practical and theoretical handbook / Alison Oddey. PN2595.13 Exp.Od Yale-NUS Reading Room
64 The way of acting : the theatre writings of Tadashi Suzuki / translated by J. Thomas Rimer. PN2924 Suz 1986 Yale-NUS Reading Room
65 The Stanislavski system : the professional training of an actor : digested from the teachings of Konstantin S. Stanislavski / by Sonia Moore. PN2062 Moo 1984 Yale-NUS Reading Room
66 Building a character / Constantin Stanislavski ; translated by Elizabeth Reynolds Hapgood. PN2062 Sta 2003 Yale-NUS Reading Room
67 Learning from strangers : the art and method of qualitative interview studies / Robert S. Weiss. HN29 Wei 1995 Yale-NUS Reading Room
68 Il doppio legame : vita di Primo Levi / Carole Angier ; trad. di Valentina Ricci. PQ4872 L664*An 2004 Yale-NUS Reading Room
69 A practical handbook for the actor PN2062 Pra 1986 Yale-NUS Reading Room
70 A strange stirring HQ1426 Fem.Co 2012 Yale-NUS Reading Room
71 Unequal childhoods : class, race, and family life / Annette Lareau. HQ767.9 Lar 2011 Yale-NUS Reading Room
72 Learning how to ask : a sociolinguistic appraisal of the role of the interview in social science research / Charles L. Briggs. H61 Bri Yale-NUS Reading Room
73 Fishbone / poems by Aimee Nezhukumatathil. PS3564 N575F 2000 Yale-NUS Reading Room
74 Between two worlds : the construction of the Ottoman state / Cemal Kafadar. DR486 Kaf 1996 Yale-NUS Reading Room
75 A history of Indian Buddhism : from Sakyamuni to early Mahayana / Hirakawa Akira ; translated and edited by Paul Groner. BL1420 Hir 1993 Yale-NUS Reading Room
76 Clear and simple as the truth : writing classic prose / Francis-Noël Thomas and Mark Turner. PE1408 Tho 2011 Yale-NUS Reading Room
77 The twilight of the American enlightenment : the 1950s and the crisis of liberal belief / George M. Marsden. E169.12 Mar 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
78 Inscription and erasure : literature and written culture from the eleventh to the eighteenth century / Roger Chartier ; translated by Arthur Goldhammer. P211 Cha 2007 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
79 Before the door of God : an anthology of devotional poetry / edited by Jay Hopler & Kimberly Johnson. PN6110 Rel.Be 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
80 Paradise lost / John Milton ; edited by Alastair Fowler. PR3560 Fow 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
81 A place in the country : on Gottfried Keller, Johann Peter Hebel, Robert Walser, and others / W.G. Sebald ; translated from the German and with an introduction and notes by Jo Catling. PT155 Seb 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
82 How to read a paper : the basics of evidence-based medicine / Trisha Greenhalgh. R118.6 Gre 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
83 Love in the Western world / Denis de Rougemont ; translated by Montgomery Belgion. HQ21 Rou 1983 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
84 A naturalist’s guide to the birds of Malaysia / G.W.H. Davison & Yeap Chin Aik. QL691.1 Dav 2012 Yale-NUS Reading Room
85 A naturalist’s guide to the mammals of South-East Asia : Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam / Chris R. Shepherd and Loretta Ann Shepherd, consultant: Will Duckworth. QL729 She 2012 Yale-NUS Reading Room
86 A naturalist’s guide to the birds of Singapore / text, Yong Ding Li and Lim Kim Chuah ; photography, Lee Tiah Khee. QL691.12 Yon 2013 Yale-NUS Reading Room
87 A naturalist’s guide to the butterflies of Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand / Laurence G. Kirton. QL556.1 Kir 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
88 Naturalist’s guide to the snakes of South-East Asia : Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Borneo, Sumatra, Java and Bali / Indraneil Das. QL661 *Sou.Da 2012 Yale-NUS Reading Room
89 Byzantine matters / Averil Cameron. DF521 Cam 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
90 Medicine in art / Giorgio Bordin, Laura Polo D’Ambrosio ; translated by Jay Hyams. N8223 Bor 2010 Yale-NUS Reading Room
91 The art of time in memoir : then, again / Sven Birkerts. CT25 Bir 2008 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
92 The book of Genesis : a biography / Ronald Hendel. BS1235.52 Hen 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
93 The situation and the story : the art of personal narrative / Vivian Gornick. PR756 Ame.Go 2002 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
94 The Dead Sea scrolls : a biography / John J. Collins. BM487 Col 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
95 The Tibetan book of the dead : a biography / Donald S. Lopez, Jr. BQ4490 Kar.Lo 2011 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
96 The enchanted wanderer : and other stories / Nikolai Leskov ; translated by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky. PG3337 Les.En 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
97 Checkpoint / Azmi Bishara ; récit trad. de l’arabe (Palestine) par Rachid Akel. DS119.7 Bis 2004 Yale-NUS Reading Room
98 To show and to tell : the craft of literary nonfiction / Phillip Lopate. PN145 Lop 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
99 Gardens in art / Lucia Impelluso ; translated by Stephen Sartarelli. ND1460 Gar.Im 2007 Yale-NUS Reading Room
100 Sidewalk / Mitchell Duneier ; with photographs by Ovie Carter ; and an afterword by Hakim Hasan. HF5459 Uni.Du 2001 Yale-NUS Reading Room
101 Civil rights : rhetoric or reality? / by Thomas Sowell. JC599 Uni.S 1984 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
102 Death and resurrection in art / Enrico De Pascale ; translated by Anthony Shugaar. N8217 Dea.De 2009 Yale-NUS Reading Room
103 Music in art / Alberto Ausoni ; translated by Stephen Sartarelli. ML85 Aus 2009 Yale-NUS Reading Room
104 Inheriting Abraham : the legacy of the patriarch in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam / Jon D. Levenson. BS580 Abr.Le 2012 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
105 The reckoning : financial accountability and the rise and fall of nations / Jacob Soll. HF5605 Sol 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
106 Global biodiversity finance : the case for international payments for ecosystem services / edited by Joshua Bishop, WWF-Australia, Chloe Hill, independent consultant, UK/Switzerland. QH75 Glo 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
107 Walter Benjamin’s Archive : images, texts, signs / translated by Esther Leslie ; edited by Ursula Marx … [et al.] PT2603.E455 Wal 2007 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
108 The ecstatic journey : Athanasius Kircher in Baroque Rome / by Ingrid D. Rowland ; with an introduction by F. Sherwood Rowland. Q127 Ita.Ro 2000 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
109 The ancient middle classes : urban life and aesthetics in the Roman Empire, 100 BCE – 250 CE / Emanuel Mayer. DG78 May 2014 Yale-NUS Faculty Publications
110 Sources of the self : the making of the modern identity / Charles Taylor. BD450 Tay 1989 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
111 In search of sacred time : Jacobus de Voragine and the Golden legend / Jacques Le Goff ; translated by Lydia G. Cochrane. BX4654 Jac.Le 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
112 Teaching for critical thinking : tools and techniques to help students question their assumptions / Stephen D. Brookfield. BF441 Brk 2012 Yale-NUS Reading Room
113 ReOrient : global economy in the Asian Age / Andre Gunder Frank. HF1359 Fra Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
114 Moral imagination / David Bromwich. PS3552 B8681M 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
115 The elements of academic style : writing for the humanities / Eric Hayot. PE1404 Hao 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
116 Theology of the liturgy : the sacramental foundation of Christian existence / Joseph Ratzinger ; edited by Michael J. Miller ; translated by John Saward, Kenneth Baker, S.J., Henry Taylor, et al. BX1970 Ben 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
117 The mother and narrative politics in modern China / Sally Taylor Lieberman. PL2443 Lie 1998 Yale-NUS Reading Room
118 The sixteenth mental measurements yearbook / editors, Barbara S. Plake and Robert A. Spies ; Linda L. Murphy, managing editor. Z5814 Psy.My 2005 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
119 The seventeenth mental measurements yearbook / Kurt F. Geisinger … [et al.], editors. Z5814 Psy.Se 2007 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
120 Against affective formalism : Matisse, Bergson, modernism / Todd Cronan. N6853 Mat.Cr 2013 Yale-NUS Reading Room
121 Reading Dante : from here to eternity / Prue Shaw. PQ4335 Sha 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
122 Wild Singapore / Geoffrey Davison, Ria Tan, Benjamin Lee. QH77.12 Dav 2012 Yale-NUS Reading Room
123 Paolo Veronese / Alessandra Zamperini ; translated from the Italian by Grace Crerar-Bromelow. ND623 Ver.Za 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
124 The springtime of the Renaissance : sculpture and the arts in Florence 1400-60 / edited by Beatrice Paolozzi Strozzi and Marc Bormand. N6921 Flo.Sp 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
125 The passions of Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux / James David Draper and Edouard Papet ; with Elena Carrara, Nadège Horner, Laure de Margerie, Jean-Claude Poinsignon, Philip Ward-Jackson. NB553 Car.Dr 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
126 The story of the Jews : finding the words. 1000 BCE-1492 CE / Simon Schama. DS118 Sch 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
127 Phasmids of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore / Francis Seow-Choen ; with photographs by Francis Seow-Choen and C. L. Chan. QL509.6512 Seo 2005 Yale-NUS Reading Room
128 Dragonflies of Penninsular Malaysia and Singapore / A.G. Orr. QL520.25 *Mal.Or 2005 Yale-NUS Reading Room
129 Understanding the essay / edited by Patricia Foster & Jeff Porter. PE1417 Und 2012 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
130 The Renaissance in Rome / Loren Partridge. N6920 Par 2012 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
131 The Cambridge handbook of metaphor and thought / edited by Raymond W. Gibbs. P301.5 Met.Ca 2008 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
132 Sustainability : the basics / Peter Jacques. GE195 Jac 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
133 The importance of religion : meaning and action in our strange world / Gavin Flood. BL51 Flo 2012 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
134 Thomas Aquinas : a portrait / Denys Turner. B765 Tho.Tu 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
135 Lying : a metaphorical memoir / Lauren Slater. RC372 Sla 2001 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
136 The experience of God : being, consciousness, bliss / David Bentley Hart. BL473 Har 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
137 Biological diversity : frontiers in measurement and assessment / edited by Anne E. Magurran and Brian J. McGill. QH541.15 Bio.Bi 2011 Reprint 2013 Yale-NUS Reading Room
138 A guide to the pitcher plants of Peninsula Malaysia / Charles Clarke ; with photographs by the author … [et al.]. QK495 Nep.Cl 2002 Yale-NUS Reading Room
139 Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning : synthesis and perspectives / edited by Michel Loreau, Shahid Naeem and Pablo Inchausti. QH541.15 Bio.B 2009 Yale-NUS Reading Room
140 Elements of automata theory / Jacques Sakarovitch ; translated by Reuben Thomas. QA267 Sak 2009 Yale-NUS Reading Room
141 Piero Della Francesca : personal encounters / Keith Christiansen ; with contributions by Roberto Bellucci, Cecilia Frosinini, Anna Pizzati, and Chiara Rossi Scarzanella. ND623 Pie.Ch 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
142 The theatre practice of Tadashi Suzuki : a critical study with DVD examples / Paul Allain. PN2928 Suz.A 2009 Yale-NUS Reading Room
143 The theatre practice of Tadashi Suzuki : a critical study with DVD examples / Paul Allain. PN2928 Suz.A 2009 Yale-NUS Loan Desk