January 2015 New Additions to the Library

S/No Title Call No. Location
1 Against our will : men, women, and rape / Susan Brownmiller. HV6558 Bro 1993 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
2 The scarith of Scornello : a tale of Renaissance forgery / Ingrid D. Rowland. DG975 Vol.Ro 2004 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
3 Arthur Schopenhauer : the world as will and presentation / translated by Richard E. Aquila in collaboration with David Carus. B3138 Scho 2008 v.1 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
4 Giordano Bruno : philosopher/heretic / Ingrid D. Rowland. B783 Bru.Ro 2009 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
5 Untwisting the serpent : modernism in music, literature, and other arts / Daniel Albright. ML3849 Alb 2000 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
6 Historical linguistics : an introduction / Lyle Campbell. P140 Cam 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
7 Arthur Schopenhauer : the world as will and presentation / translated by Richard E. Aquila in collaboration with David Carus. B3138 Scho 2008 v.2 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
8 About a mountain / John D’Agata. TD898.12 Nev.Da 2011 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
9 Alive in the writing : crafting ethnography in the company of Chekhov / Kirin Narayan. GN307.7 Nar 2012 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
10 Plotinus, or, The simplicity of vision / Pierre Hadot ; translated by Michael Chase ; with an introduction by Arnold I. Davidson. B693 Had 1993 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
11 The classical foundations of modern historiography / Arnaldo Momigliano ; with a foreword by Riccardo Di Donato. D13 Mom 1990 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
12 Looking for a few good males : female choice in evolutionary biology / Erika Lorraine Milam. QL761 Mil 2010 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
13 How to write the history of the New World : histories, epistemologies, and identities in the eighteenth-century Atlantic world / Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra. F1412 Can 2001 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
14 Romanesque architectural sculpture / Meyer Schapiro ; edited with an introduction by Linda Seidel. NB175 Sch 2006 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
15 Vanishing point : not a memoir / Ander Monson. PS3613 M754V 2010 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
16 Introduction to econometrics / James H. Stock, Mark W. Watson. HB139 Sto 2015 Yale-NUS Reading Room
17 Principles of comparative politics / William Robert Clark, Matt Golder, Sona Nadenichek Golder. JF51 Cla 2013 Yale-NUS Reading Room
18 Purity and danger : an analysis of concept of pollution and taboo / Mary Douglas ; with a new preface by the author. GN471.4 Dou 2002 Yale-NUS Reading Room
19 The cartoon introduction to statistics / by Grady Klein and Alan Dabney, Ph. D. QA276 Kle 2013 Yale-NUS Reading Room
20 The cartoon introduction to statistics / by Grady Klein and Alan Dabney, Ph. D. QA276 Kle 2013 Yale-NUS Reading Room
21 The complete shorter fiction of Virginia Woolf / edited by Susan Dick. PR6045 W913Co 1989 Yale-NUS Reading Room
22 Visions of Blake : William Blake in the art world 1830-1930 / Colin Trodd. N6797 Bla.Tr 2012 Yale-NUS Reading Room
23 The diary of Virginia Woolf / introduced by Quentin Bell ; edited by Anne Olivier Bell. PR6045 W913Di v.2 Yale-NUS Reading Room
24 The diary of Virginia Woolf / introduced by Quentin Bell ; edited by Anne Olivier Bell. PR6045 W913Di v.4 Yale-NUS Reading Room
25 The diary of Virginia Woolf / introduced by Quentin Bell ; edited by Anne Olivier Bell. PR6045 W913Di v.5 Yale-NUS Reading Room
26 The diary of Virginia Woolf / introduced by Quentin Bell ; edited by Anne Olivier Bell. PR6045 W913Di v.3 Yale-NUS Reading Room
27 The water margin : outlaws of the marsh : the classic Chinese novel / written by Shi Naian ; translated by J. H. Jackson ; with a new foreword by Edwin Lowe. PL2694 Shz.J 2010 Yale-NUS Reading Room
28 Orlando : a biography / by Virginia Woolf. PR6045 W913Or 1956 Yale-NUS Reading Room
29 Petersburg tales ; Marriage ; The government inspector / Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol ; translated and edited by Christopher English ; with an introduction by Richard Peace. PG3333 P.Eng 2008 Yale-NUS Reading Room
30 The voyage out / Virginia Woolf ; edited with an introduction and notes by Lorna Sage. PR6045 W913V 2009 Yale-NUS Reading Room
31 Nationalist thought and the colonial world : a derivative discourse / Partha Chatterjee. D883 Cha Yale-NUS Reading Room
32 The diary of Virginia Woolf / introduced by Quentin Bell ; edited by Anne Olivier Bell. PR6045 W913Di v.1 Yale-NUS Reading Room
33 Science and human values / by J. Bronowski. Q171 Bro Yale-NUS Reading Room
34 Failed states and fragile societies : a new world disorder? / Ingo Trauschweizer, Steven M. Miner, editors. JC328.7 Fai 2014 Yale-NUS RBR
35 Codex seraphinianus / Luigi Serafini. P120 Ima.Se 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
36 Culture in clay : symbolism & iconography in Chinese ceramics / Ng Seng Leong. NK4565 Ngs 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
37 Tantra song : Tantric painting from Rajasthan / selected and with writings by Franck Andr©♭ Jamme ; translated by Michael Tweed ; with an introduction by Lawrence Rinder, an interview by Bill Berkson and an essay by Andr©♭ Padoux. ND1007 Raj.Ja 2011 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
38 Afterimage of empire : photography in nineteenth-century India / Zahid R. Chaudhary. TR103 Cha 2012 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
39 A dictionary of creation myths / David Adams Leeming with Margaret Adams Leeming. BL325 Cre.L 1995 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
40 The Catholic Rubens : saints and martyrs / Willibald Sauerl©Þnder ; translated by David Dollenmayer. N6973 Rub.Sa 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
41 Likeness and presence : a history of the image before the era of art / Hans Belting ; translated by Edmund Jephcott. N7850 Bel Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
42 Reading the world : encyclopedic writing in the scholastic age / Mary Franklin-Brown. PN671 Fra 2012 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
43 Early masters : Ukiyo-e prints and paintings from 1680-1750 / Gunhild Avitabile. N7353.5 Avi 1991 Yale-NUS Reading Room
44 Evolving techniques in Japanese woodblock prints / Gaston Petit and Amadio Arboleda. NE1310 Pet 1977 Yale-NUS Reading Room
45 Shin hanga : the new print movement of Japan / Barry Till. NE1323.7 Shi.Ti 2007 Yale-NUS Reading Room
46 Lu Xun’s Shaoxing : a photographic journey through China’s riverside town as described in the works of Lu Xun / photographs by Dong Jiancheng ; text compiled by Wang Xirong and Qiao Lihua. PL2754 Lx*Ch 2009 Yale-NUS Reading Room
47 Japanese woodblock prints : artists, publishers and masterworks, 1680-1900 / Andreas Marks ; foreword by Stephen Addiss. NE1321.8 Mar 2010 Yale-NUS Reading Room
48 Reading Greek. Grammar and exercises. PA258 Rea 2007 Yale-NUS Reading Room
49 Macroeconomics / Charles I. Jones, Stanford University, Graduate School of Business. HB172.5 Jon 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
50 Surrealism and the dream / Jos©♭ Jim©♭nez ; texts by Dawn Ades, Georges Sebbag. N6494 Sur.Ji 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
51 Modern Japan : a history in documents / James L. Huffman. DS881.9 Huf 2011 Yale-NUS Reading Room
52 Publishers of Japanese woodblock prints : a compendium / Andreas Marks. Z463.3 Jap.Ma 2011 Yale-NUS Reading Room
53 Principles of conservation biology / Martha J. Groom, Gary K. Meffe, C. Ronald Carroll. QH75 Mef 2006 Yale-NUS Reading Room
54 Mathematical methods in the physical sciences / Mary L. Boas. QA37.2 Boa 2006 Yale-NUS Reading Room
55 Organic chemistry. QD241 Cla 2012 Yale-NUS Reading Room
56 Niccolo Machiavelli : an intellectual biography / Corrado Vivanti ; translated by Simon MacMichael. DG738.14 Mac.Vi 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
57 A cultural history of India / edited by A.L. Basham. DS423 Cut 1997 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
58 Black feminist thought : knowledge, consciousness, and the politics of empowerment / Patricia Hill Collins. HQ1426 Col Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
59 The Cambridge introduction to Milton / Stephen B. Dobranski. PR3588 Dob 2012 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
60 Physics of the interstellar and intergalactic medium / Bruce T. Draine. QB790 Dra 2011 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
61 Galactic astronomy / James Binney and Michael Merrifield. QB857 Bin 1998 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
62 A guide to MATLAB : for beginners and experienced users : updated for MATLAB 8 and Simulink 8 / Brian R. Hunt, Ronald L. Lipsman, Jonathan M. Rosenberg, all of the University of Maryland, College Park. QA297 Hun 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
63 Biological materials science : biological materials, bioinspired materials, and biomaterials / Marc Andre, University of California, San Diego, Meyers, Po-Yu Chen, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan. R857 Mat.Me 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
64 Galactic dynamics / James Binney and Scott Tremaine. QB857 Bin 2008 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
65 Do-gen’s extensive record : a translation of the Eihei ko-roku / translated by Taigen Dan Leighton & Shohaku Okumura ; edited with an introduction by Taigen Dan Leighton ; foreword by Tenshin Reb Anderson ; introductory essays by Steven Heine and John Daid BQ9449 Dog 2010 dcs Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
66 The presence of Siva / Stella Kramrisch ; photography by Praful C. Patel. NB1007 Siv.K Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
67 The wonder that was India : a survey of the history and culture of the Indian sub-continent before the coming of the Muslims / A.L. Bashram; foreword by Thomas R. Trautmann. DS425 Bas 2004 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
68 The classic fairy tales : texts, criticism / edited by Maria Tatar. GR550 Cla 1999 dcs Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
69 The heart of the yoginī : the Yoginīhṛdaya, a Sanskrit tantric treatise / introduction, translation, and commentary by André Padoux with Roger-Orphé Jeanty. BL1142.6 Yog.Pa 2013 dcs Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
70 Surviving to thriving : a planning framework for leaders of private colleges & universities / Joanne Soliday & Rick Mann. LB2805 Sol 2013 dcs Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
71 The Rigveda : the earliest religious poetry of India / translated by Stephanie W. Jamison and Joel P. Brereton. BL1112.52 Eng.Ri 2014 v.2 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
72 The Rigveda : the earliest religious poetry of India / translated by Stephanie W. Jamison and Joel P. Brereton. BL1112.52 Eng.Ri 2014 v.1 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
73 The Rigveda : the earliest religious poetry of India / translated by Stephanie W. Jamison and Joel P. Brereton. BL1112.52 Eng.Ri 2014 v.3 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
74 The books to come / Alan Loney ; foreword by Jenni Quilter. Z116 Lon 2012 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
75 To the lighthouse / Virginia Woolf ; edited with an introduction and notes by David Bradshaw. PR6045 W913To 2006 Yale-NUS Reading Room
76 Red Cavalry / Isaac Babel ; edited by Nathalie Babel ; translated with notes by Peter Constantine ; introduction by Michael Dirda. PG3476 B113R 2003 Yale-NUS Reading Room
77 Envy / Yuri Olesha ; translated from the Russian by Marian Schwartz ; introduction by Ken Kalfus ; illustrations by Natan Altman. PG3476 O45E 2004 Yale-NUS Reading Room
78 & words : poems Singapore and beyond / edited by Edwin Thumboo. PL5147.1 And 2010 Yale-NUS Reading Room
79 The collected tales of Nikolai Gogol / translated and annotated by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky. PG3333 Gog 1998 Yale-NUS Reading Room
80 The trial / Franz Kafka ; translated by Mike Mitchell ; with an introduction and notes by Ritchie Robertson. PT2621 K11T 2009 Yale-NUS Reading Room
81 Philosophical dictionary / Voltaire ; edited and translated by Theodore Besterman. B42 Vol 2004 Yale-NUS Reading Room
82 Kafka / David Zane Mairowitz and Robert Crumb ; edited by Richard Appignanesi. PT2621 K11*Ma 2007 Yale-NUS Reading Room
83 At the drive-in volcano : poems / Aimee Nezhukumatathil. PS3564 N575A 2007 Yale-NUS Reading Room
84 Tales of translation : composing the new woman in China, 1899-1918 / Hu Ying. HQ1767 Hu Yale-NUS Reading Room
85 Voltaire and English literature : a study of English literary influences on Voltaire / Ahmad Gunny. PQ2097 Gun 1979 Yale-NUS Reading Room
86 The age of deception : nuclear diplomacy in treacherous times / Mohamed ElBaradei. JZ5665 Elb 2011 Yale-NUS Reading Room
87 God & human beings / Voltaire ; translated by Michael Shreve ; introduction by S.T. Joshi. BL2776 Vol 2010 Yale-NUS Reading Room
88 Blake’s poetry and designs : illuminated works, other writings, criticism / selected and edited by Mary Lynn Johnson, John E. Grant. PR4141.5 Joh 2008 Yale-NUS Reading Room
89 The heathen school : a story of hope and betrayal in the age of the early republic / John Demos. E97.65 Cor.De 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
90 Letters on England / Voltaire ; translated with an introduction by Leonard Tancock. PQ2086 Let.Vo 1980 Yale-NUS Reading Room
91 Hanz Kuechelgarten, Leaving the theater, & other works : early writings, essays, book reviews & letters / Nikolai Gogol ; edited by Ronald Meyer. PG3333 Gog 2013 Yale-NUS Reading Room
92 Cultivating the empty field : the silent illumination of Zen Master Hongzhi / translated by Taigen Dan Leighton with Yi Wu ; edited with an introduction by Taigen Dan Leighton ; foreword by Tenshin Anderson. BQ9288 Zhe 2000 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
93 Dying every day : Seneca at the court of Nero / James Romm. B618 Rom 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
94 What is college for? : the public purpose of higher education / edited by Ellen Condliffe Lagemann., Harry Lewis. LA227.4 Wha 2012 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
95 Approaches to teaching Milton’s Paradise lost / edited by Peter C. Herman. PR3562 App 2012 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
96 The metamorphosis / Franz Kafka ; a new translation by Susan Bernofsky. PT2621 K11Me 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
97 Over there : poems from Singapore and Australia / editors, John Kinsella, Alvin Pang. PL5147.1 Ove 2008 Yale-NUS Reading Room
98 Northrop Frye’s Fearful symmetry : a study of William Blake / edited by Nicholas Halmi. PR4147 Fry 2004 Yale-NUS Reading Room
99 The book : a global history / edited by Michael F. Suarez, S.J., and H.R. Woudhuysen. Z4 Boo 2013 Yale-NUS Reading Room
100 Self and self-transformation in the history of religions / edited by David Shulman and Guy G. Stroumsa. BL80.2 Sel 2002 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
101 The theory of island biogeography revisited / edited by Jonathan B. Losos and Robert E. Ricklefs. QH85 The 2010 Yale-NUS Reading Room
102 No other city : the Ethos anthology of urban poetry / edited by Alvin Pang and Aaron Lee ; foreword by Dennis Haskell and afterword by Tay Kheng Soon. PL5147.1 No Yale-NUS Reading Room
103 Another way of telling / John Berger, Jean Mohr ; with the help of Nicholas Philibert. TR183 Ber 1995 Yale-NUS Reading Room
104 Reading Greek : text and vocabulary / The Joint Association of Classical Teachers’ Greek course. PA258 Rea 2011 Yale-NUS Reading Room
105 In the penal colony / by Franz Kafka ; translated by Ian Johnston. PT2621 K11In 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
106 Candide and other stories / Voltaire ; translated by Roger Pearson. PQ2075 Vol 2008 Yale-NUS Reading Room
107 Compulsory heterosexuality and lesbian existence / Adrienne Rich. HQ75.5 Ric 1981 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
108 The ubiquitous Śiva : Somānanda’s Śivadr̥ṣṭi and his tantric interlocutors / John Nemec. BL1281.1545 Nem 2011 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
109 State of the world 2012 : moving toward sustainable prosperity : a Worldwatch Institute report on progress toward a sustainable society / Erik Assadourian and Michael Renner, project directors ; Linda Starke, editor. HC59 Sta 2012 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
110 Environmental philosophy : a revaluation of cosmopolitan ethics from an ecocentric standpoint / Hugh P. McDonald. GE42 Mcd 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
111 The rattle bag / edited by Seamus Heaney and Ted Hughes. PN6109.97 Rat 1984 Yale-NUS Reading Room
112 Voice and environmental communication / edited by Jennifer Peeples, Utah State University, USA, Stephen Depoe, University of Cincinnati, USA. GE25 Voi 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
113 Task switching and cognitive control / edited by James A. Grange and George Houghton. BF637 Beh.Ta 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
114 Sibling matters : a psychoanalytic, developmental, and systemic approach / edited by Debbie Hindle & Susan Sherwin-White ; foreword by Margaret Rustin. BF723 Sib.Si 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
115 Mallarmé and the art of being difficult / Malcolm Bowie. PQ2344 *Bow 2008 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
116 What is clinical psychology? RC467 Wha 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
117 Brodie’s report : including the prose fiction from In praise of darkness / Jorge Luis Borges ; translated with an introduction by Andrew Hurley. PQ7797 B732Br 2005 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
118 What does a black hole look like? / Charles D. Bailyn. QB843 Bla.Ba 2014 Yale-NUS Faculty Publications
119 Virginia Woolf / Hermione Lee. PR6045 W913*Lee 1999 Yale-NUS Reading Room
120 Toxic communities : environmental racism, industrial pollution, and residential mobility / Dorceta E. Taylor. GE230 Tay 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
121 Finders keepers : selected prose, 1971-2001 / Seamus Heaney. PR6058 H434Fi 2002 Yale-NUS Reading Room
122 Images : the piano music of Claude Debussy / Paul Roberts. ML410 Deb.R 1996 Yale-NUS Reading Room
123 Forrest Bess : key to the riddle / by Chuck Smith. N6537 Bes.Sm 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
124 The finite-difference modelling of earthquake motions : waves and ruptures / Peter Moczo, Comenius University, Bratislava and Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Jozef Kristek, Comenius University, Bratislava, Martin Gális, King Abdullah Universi QE539.2 Mat.Mo 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
125 Interpreting Gödel : critical essays / edited by Juliette Kennedy, University of Helsinki. QA9.2 Int 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
126 Interpersonal relationships and health : social and clinical psychological mechanisms / edited by Christopher R. Agnew and Susan C. South. RC346.5 Int 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
127 The politics of development : a survey / edited by Heloise Weber. HC59.7 Pol 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
128 Schadenfreude : understanding pleasure at the misfortune of others / edited by Wilco W. van Dijk and Jaap W. Ouwerkerk. BF575 Env.Sc 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
129 Variable renewable energy and the electricity grid / Jay Apt and Paulina Jaramillo ; with Deborah D. Stine, Jonathan R. Dowds, Michael Dworkin, Emily Fertig, Mark Handschy, Paul Hines, Eric Hittinger, Warren Katzenstein, Elizabeth Kirby, Colleen Lueken, Ro TK1541 Apt 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
130 Path integrals and Hamiltonians : principles and methods / Belal E. Baaquie, National University of Singapore. QC174.12 Baa 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
131 The Grapes of Math : how life reflects numbers and numbers reflect life / Alex Bellos ; illustrations by the Surreal McCoy. QA99 Bel 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
132 The faces of intellectual disability : philosophical reflections / Licia Carlson. RC570.2 Car 2010 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
133 Fun and software : exploring pleasure, paradox, and pain in computing / edited by Olga Goriunova. QA76.76 Hum.Fu 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
134 The OMICs : applications in neuroscience / edited by Giovanni Coppola. QP356.22 Omi 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
135 ISD from the ground up : a no-nonsense approach to instructional design / Chuck Hodell. LB1028.38 Hod 2011 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
136 The Cambridge companion to Voltaire / edited by Nicholas Cronk. PQ2122 Cro 2009 Yale-NUS Reading Room
137 Social phobia : an interpersonal approach / Ariel Stravynski. BF575 Anx.St 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
138 SCUM manifesto / Valerie Solanas ; introduction by Avital Ronell. HQ1075 Sol 2004 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
139 The dawn of the floating world, 1650-1765 : early ukiyo-e treasures from the museum of fine arts, Boston / Timothy Clark … [et al.] NE1314 Bos.D Yale-NUS Reading Room
140 Transnational climate change governance / Harriet Bulkeley [and 9 others]. GE170 Bul 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
141 Electromagnetic scattering by particles and particle groups : an introduction / Michael I. Mishchenko, NASA Goddard Institute of Space Studies. QC427.4 Mis 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
142 Empire of extinction : Russians and the North Pacific’s strange beasts of the sea, 1741-1867 / Ryan Tucker Jones. QL88.15 Nor.Jo 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
143 Different faces of attachment : cultural variations on a universal human need / edited by Hiltrud Otto and Heidi Keller. BF575 Att.Di 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
144 Of woman born : motherhood as experience and institution / Adrienne Rich. HQ759 Ric 1995 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
145 Dionysiac poetics and Euripides’ Bacchae / Charles Segal. PA3973 Ba.Se 1997 Yale-NUS Reading Room
146 Atom and archetype : the Pauli/Jung letters, 1932-1958 / edited by C.A. Meier with the assistance of C.P. Enz and M. Fierz ; translated from the German by David Roscoe ; with an introductory essay by Beverley Zabriskie. QC16 Pau.P 2001 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
147 The diffuse interstellar bands : proceedings of the 297th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands, May 20-24, 2013 / edited by Jan Cami, The University of Western Ontario, London, Canada, and Nick L.J. Cox QB870 Iau 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
148 Game theory : an introduction / Steven Tadelis. HB144 Tad 2013 Yale-NUS Reading Room
149 Classical mechanics / Herbert Goldstein, Charles Poole, John Safko. QA805 Gol Yale-NUS Reading Room
150 On the uses and abuses of political apologies / edited by Mihaela Mihai and Mathias Thaler. BF575 Apo.On 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
151 The rattle bag / edited by Seamus Heaney and Ted Hughes. PN6109.97 Rat 1984 Yale-NUS Reading Room
152 Augustus : first emperor of Rome / Adrian Goldsworthy. DG279 Gol 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
153 ReCombinatorics : the algorithmics of ancestral recombination graphs and explicit phylogenetic networks / Dan Gusfield ; with contributions from Charles H. Langley, Yun S. Song and Yufeng Wu. QH443 Gus 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
154 Placing the border in everyday life / edited by Reece Jones and Corey Johnson. JC323 Pla 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
155 Family-making : contemporary ethical challenges / edited by Françoise Baylis and Carolyn McLeod. RG133.5 Fam 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
156 Mudras of India : a comprehensive guide to the hand gestures of yoga and Indian dance / Cain Carroll and Revital Carroll ; Foreword by Dr. David Frawley. BL1226.82 Mud.Ca 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
157 Towards a theory of development / edited by Alessandro Minelli, Thomas Pradeu. QH491 Tow 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
158 Single neuron studies of the human brain : probing cognition / edited by Itzhak Fried, Ueli Rutishauser, Moran Cerf, and Gabriel Kreiman. QP360.5 Sin 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
159 Forrest Bess : seeing things invisible / Clare Elliott ; with a contribution by Robert Gober. N6537 Bes.Fo 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
160 Straightforward statistics : understanding the tools of research / Glenn Geher and Sara Hall. BF39 Geh 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
161 Source mechanisms of earthquakes : theory and practice / Agustín Udías, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Raúl Madariaga, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, Elisa Buforn, Universidad Complutense de Madrid. QE539.2 Sei.Ud 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
162 Kant’s empirical psychology / Patrick Frierson. BF41 Fri 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
163 Printing and book culture in late Imperial China / edited by Cynthia J. Brokaw and Kai-wing Chow. Z462 Pri 2005 Yale-NUS Reading Room
164 Gravity : Newtonian, post-Newtonian, relativistic / Eric Poisson, University of Guelph, Clifford M. Will, University of Florida. QC173.59 Mat.Po 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
165 Destroy the picture : painting the void, 1949-1962 / organized and edited by Paul Schimmel ; contributions by Nicholas Cullinan … [et al.] N6487 Los.De 2012 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
166 Understanding vision : theory, models, and data / Li Zhaoping, University College London, London, UK. QP475 Liz 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
167 Throne of Adulis : Red Sea wars on the eve of Islam / G.W. Bowersock. DS231 Bow 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
168 Pliny the Younger : a life in Roman letters / Rex Winsbury. PA6640 Win 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
169 Students’ basic grammar of Spanish : [English edition] / Rosario Alonso Raya … [et al.]. PC4112 Stu 2013 Yale-NUS Reading Room
170 Sustainability principles and practice / Margaret Robertson. HC79 Env.Rob 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
171 Utamaro and the spectacle of beauty / Julie Nelson Davis. NE1325 Kit.Da 2007 Yale-NUS Reading Room
172 Lectures on theoretical physics. QC20 Som v.5 Yale-NUS Reading Room
173 Lectures on theoretical physics. QC20 Som v.1 Yale-NUS Reading Room
174 Lectures on theoretical physics. QC20 Som v.3 Yale-NUS Reading Room
175 Modernist commitments : ethics, politics, and transnational modernism / Jessica Berman. PN56 Mod.Be 2011 Yale-NUS Reading Room
176 The book as instrument : Stéphane Mallarmé, the artist’s book, and the transformation of print culture / Anna Sigrídur Arnar. N7433.3 Arn 2011 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
177 Game theory for applied economists / Robert Gibbons. HB144 Gib 1992 Yale-NUS Reading Room
178 Museum of words : the poetics of ekphrasis from Homer to Ashbery / James A.W. Heffernan. PN56 Ekp.He 2004 Yale-NUS Reading Room
179 Modern Japan : a history in documents / James L. Huffman. DS881.9 Huf 2004 Yale-NUS Reading Room
180 Research methods and data analysis for psychology / Stuart Wilson and Rory MacLean. BF76.5 Wil 2011 Yale-NUS Reading Room
181 Lectures on theoretical physics. QC20 Som v.2 Yale-NUS Reading Room
182 Accounting for taste : the triumph of French cuisine / Priscilla Parkhurst Ferguson. TX719 Fer 2006 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
183 The Cambridge companion to Virginia Woolf / edited by Susan Sellers. PR6045 W913*Cm 2012 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
184 The Rilke alphabet / Ulrich Baer ; translated by Andrew Hamilton. PT2635 R573R*B Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
185 Bestiary : being an English version of the Bodleian Library, Oxford, MS Bodley 764 with all the original miniatures reproduced in facsimile / translated and introduced by Richard Barber. PA8275 Bes.Be 1992 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
186 Modeling count data / Joseph M. Hilbe. QA278 Hil 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
187 Collected papers of Michael E. SouĺЕ : early years in modern conservation biology / by Michael E. SouĺЕ with Robert L. Peters. QH75 Sou 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
188 Lectures on theoretical physics. QC20 Som v.4 Yale-NUS Reading Room
189 Śakuntalā : texts, readings, histories / Romila Thapar. PK3796 Sak.Th 2011 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
190 Time and the other : how anthropology makes its object / Johannes Fabian. GN345 Fab 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
191 The sultan’s sex potions : Arab aphrodisiacs in the Middle Ages / Naṣīr al-Dīn al-Ṭūsī ; a critical edition, translated and introduced by Daniel L. Newman. RM386 Tus 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
192 Completing college : rethinking institutional action / Vincent Tinto. LC148 Tin 2012 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
193 Liberating economics : feminist perspectives on families, work, and globalization / Drucilla K. Barker and Susan F. Feiner. HQ1381 Bar 2004 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
194 In defense of disciplines : interdisciplinarity and specialization in the research university / Jerry A. Jacobs. Q180.55 Int.Ja 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
195 Music, madness, and the unworking of language / John T. Hamilton. ML3800 Ham 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
196 Instructional design for librarians and information professionals / Lesley S.J. Farmer. ZA3075 Far 2011 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
197 The Columbia anthology of Yuan drama / edited by C. T. Hsia, Wai-yee Li, and George Kao. PL2658 Eng.Co 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
198 Experimental evolution and the nature of biodiversity / Rees Kassen, Department of Biology, University of Ottawa. QH541.15 Bio.Ka 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
199 El Quijote de la Macha I / Miguel de Cervantes ; adaptado por Victoria MũНiz. PC4117 Muh 2005 Yale-NUS Reading Room
200 The waves / Viginia Woolf ; edited with an introduction and notes by David Bradshaw. PR6045 W913W 2015 Yale-NUS Reading Room
201 Best short stories = Die schönsten Erzählungen : a dual-language book / Franz Kafka ; edited and translated by Stanley Appelbaum. PT2621 Kaf.Be 1997 Yale-NUS Reading Room
202 The waves / Viginia Woolf ; edited with an introduction and notes by David Bradshaw. PR6045 W913W 2015 Yale-NUS Reading Room
203 Diferencias de usos gramaticales entre espãНol e ingĺЕs / Isabel Bueso FerńАndez, Pilar CasamíАn Sorrosa. PC4099 Bue 2001 Yale-NUS Reading Room
204 Liberalism and other writings / L.T. Hobhouse ; edited by James Meadowcroft. JC571 Hob 1994 Yale-NUS Reading Room
205 Research confidential : solutions to problems most social scientists pretend they never have / Eszter Hargittai, editor. H62 Res 2009 Yale-NUS Reading Room
206 The rhetoric of Chin p’ing mei / Katherine Carlitz. PL2698 Hhs.J*Ca 1986 Yale-NUS Reading Room
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