March 2015 New Additions to the Library

S/No Title Call No. Location
1 A dictionary of astronomy / [edited by] Ian Ridpath. QB14 Dic 2012 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
2 A guide to game theory / Fiona Carmichael. QA269 Car 2005 Yale-NUS Reading Room
3 A guide to the books of William Blake for innocent and experienced readers : with notes on interpretive criticism, 1910-1984 / Henry Summerfield. PR4147 Sum dms Yale-NUS Reading Room
4 A history of modern India / Ishita Banerjee-Dube. DS463 Ban 2015 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
5 A new biology for the 21st century / National Research Council, Division on Earth and Life Studies, Board on Life Sciences, Committee on a New Biology for the 21st Century: Ensuring the United States Leads the Coming Biology Revolution. QH319 Nat 2009 Yale-NUS Reading Room
6 A visual language / David Cohen & Scott Anderson. NK1510 Coh 2012 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
7 Advances in international environmental politics / edited by Michele M. Betsill, Kathryn Hochstetler, Dimitris Stevis. GE170 Pal 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
8 After memory : the art of Milenko Prvački — 40 years / by Charles Merewether ; with guest essay by Sava Stepanov ; associate editor: Jessica Anne Rahardjo. N7330 Sin.Me 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
9 After memory : the art of Milenko Prvački — 40 years / by Charles Merewether ; with guest essay by Sava Stepanov ; associate editor: Jessica Anne Rahardjo. N7330 Sin.Me 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
10 Agency change : diplomatic action beyond the state / John Robert Kelley. JZ4059 Kel 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
11 Antimicrobial resistance : global report on surveillance, 2014 / World Health Organization. QR177 Wor 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
12 Architecture of territory – Hinterland : Singapore, Johor, Riau / editors, Milica Topalovic, Martin Knüsel, Marcel Jäggi, Stephanie Krautzig. NA1530.12 Arc 2013 Yale-NUS Reading Room
13 Aristotle’s ladder, Darwin’s tree : the evolution of visual metaphors for biological order / J. David Archibald. QH315 Arc 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
14 Art in the time of colony / Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll. N7401 Car 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
15 Aśoka and the decline of the Mauryas / Romila Thapar. DS451.5 Tha 2012 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
16 Autoethnography / Tony E. Adams, Stacy Holman Jones, Carolyn Ellis. GN307.7 Ada 2015 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
17 Behind the curve : science and the politics of global warming / Joshua P. Howe. QC981.8 Glo.Ho 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
18 Between Constantinople and Rome : an illuminated Byzantine Gospel book (Paris gr. 54) and the union of churches / Kathleen Maxwell. ND3359 Bib.Ma 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
19 Biotechnology : a laboratory skills course / J. Kirk Brown. TP248.2 Bro 2011 Yale-NUS Reading Room
20 Blacks and blackness in European art of the long nineteenth century / edited by Adrienne L. Childs and Susan H. Libby. N8232 Bla 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
21 Blake 2.0 : William Blake in twentieth-century art, music and culture / edited by Steve Clark, Tristanne Connolly and Jason Whittaker. PR4148 Inf.Bl 2012 Yale-NUS Reading Room
22 Blake and the Methodists / Michael Farrell. PR4148 Met.Fa 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
23 Blake on language, power, and self-annihilation / John H. Jones. PR4148 Lan.Jo 2010 dms Yale-NUS Reading Room
24 Blake, Deleuzian aesthetics and the digital / Claire Colebrook. PR4148 Aes.Co 2012 Yale-NUS Reading Room
25 Blake. Wordsworth. Religion. / Jonathan Roberts. PR4148 Rel.Ro 2010 Yale-NUS Reading Room
26 Byzantine Art and Renaissance Europe / edited by Angeliki Lymberopoulou and Rembrandt Duits. N6250 Byz 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
27 Challenges of economic growth, inequality and conflict in South Asia : proceedings of the 4th International Conference on South Asia, 24 November 2008, Singapore / edited by Tan Tai Yong. DS331.5 Isa 4 2008 Yale-NUS Faculty Publications
28 China’s coming war with Asia / Jonathan Holslag. DS33.4 Chi.Ho 2015 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
29 College Latin : an intermediate course / Peter L. Corrigan. PA2087.5 Cor 2015 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
30 Conceptions of “Gospel” and legitimacy in early Christianity / James A. Kelhoffer. BS2575.52 Kel 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
31 Confucius : and the world he created / Michael Schuman. B128 Con.Sc 2015 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
32 Constructed land : Singapore 1924-2012. GB400.712 Con 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
33 Constructed land : Singapore 1924-2012. GB400.712 Con 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
34 Creating room to read : a story of hope in the battle for global literacy / John Wood. LC158 Afr.Wo 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
35 Creating room to read : a story of hope in the battle for global literacy / John Wood. LC158 Afr.Wo 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
36 Crowded orbits : conflict and cooperation in space / James Clay Moltz. QB500.25 Mol 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
37 Data flow 2 : visualizing information in graphic design. NC998.4 Dat 2010 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
38 Death, torture and the broken body in European art, 1300-1650 / edited by John R. Decker and Mitzi Kirkland-Ives. N8217 Dea.De 2015 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
39 Delicious decadence : the rediscovery of French eighteenth-century painting in the nineteenth century / edited by Christoph Vogtherr, Monica Preti, and Guillaume Faroult. ND546 Del 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
40 Demographic engineering : population strategies in ethnic conflict / by Paul Morland. JF1061 Mor 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
41 Designing universal knowledge / Gerlinde Schuller. P93.5 Sch 2009 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
42 Die Antiken Sarkophagreliefs / mit Benutzung der Vorarbeiten von Friedrich Matz … [et al.] ; herausgegeben von Guntram Koch, Klaus Fittschen und Walter Trillmich. Bd. 1, Die Sarkophage mit Darstellungen aus dem Menschenleben. Tl. 3, Vita romana / bearbei NB1810 Die 2006 Yale-NUS Reading Room
43 Earth jurisprudence : private property and the environment / Peter D. Burdon. K721.5 Bur 2015 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
44 Economic impact of HIV/AIDS on households / Savio P. Falleiro. RA643.8 Fal 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
45 El Quijote de la Mancha II / Miguel de Cervantes; adaptado por Victoria Muñiz. PQ6332 Cer.El 2005 Yale-NUS Reading Room
46 Elementary linear algebra with supplemental applications / Howard Anton, Chris Rorres. QA184 Ant 2015 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
47 Enjoy writing your science thesis or dissertation! : a step-by-step guide to planning and writing a thesis or dissertation for undergraduate and graduate science students / Elizabeth Fisher, University College London, UK, Richard Thompson, Imperial College T11 Hol 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
48 Essentials of environmental science / Andrew Friedland, Rick Relyea, David Courard-Hauri ; with Ross Jones and Susan Weisberg. GE105 Fri 2012 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
49 Exhibiting outside the academy, salon and biennial, 1775-1999 : alternative venues for display / edited by Andrew Graciano. N4396 Exh 2015 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
50 Exploring integrated science / Belal E. Baaquie, Frederick H. Willeboordse. Q173 Baa 2010 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
51 Fieldwork in South Asia : memories, moments, and experiences / edited by Sarit K. Chaudhuri, Sucheta Sen Chaudhuri. GN635 Soa.Fi 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
52 Food waste : home consumption, material culture and everyday life / David Evans. GN407 Eva 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
53 From molecules to networks : an introduction to cellular and molecular neuroscience / [edited by] John H. Byrne, Ruth Heidelberger, M. Neal Waxham. QP356.2 Fro 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
54 Game theory and economic analysis : a quiet revolution in economics / edited by Christian Schmidt. HB144 Gam 2002 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
55 Game theory and the social contract / Ken Binmore. HB144 Bin 1994 v.1 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
56 Game theory and the social contract / Ken Binmore. HB144 Bin 1998 v.2 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
57 Globalization/anti-globalization : beyond the great divide / David Held and Anthony McGrew. JZ1318 Hel 2007 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
58 Gramática de uso del español : teoría y práctica, con solucionario. Niveles B1-B2 / Luis Aragonés, Ramón Palencia. PC4112.5 Ara 2009 Yale-NUS Reading Room
59 Grounding metabolism / edited by Daniel Ibañez & Nikos Katsikis. NA689 Met.Gr 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
60 How people learn : brain, mind, experience, and school / John D. Bransford … [et al.], editors ; Committee on Developments in the Science of Learning and Committee on Learning Research and Educational Practice, Commission on Behavioral and Social Science LB1060 How 2000 Yale-NUS Reading Room
61 Human extension : an alternative to evolutionism, creationism and intelligent design / Gregory Sandstrom. GN281 San 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
62 Iconoclasm from antiquity to modernity / edited by Kristine Kolrud and Marina Prusac. N8557 Ico 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
63 In retrospect : from the pill to the pen / Carl Djerassi. QD22 Dje.D 2015 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
64 Infographics : the power of visual storytelling / Jason Lankow, Josh Ritchie, Ross Crooks. P93.5 Lan 2012 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
65 Internal game theory / Tassos Patokos. HB144 Pat 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
66 International practice theory : new perspectives / Christian Bueger and Frank Gadinger. JZ1251 Bue 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
67 Japanese prints : ukiyo-e in Edo, 1700-1900 / Ellis Tinios. NE1321.8 Tin 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
68 Japonisme : cultural crossings between Japan and the West / Lionel Lambourne. N7429 Lam 2005 Yale-NUS Reading Room
69 Kafka’s travels : exoticism, colonialism, and the traffic of writing / John Zilcosky. PT2621 K11*Z 2003 Yale-NUS Reading Room
70 Key concepts in romantic literature / Jane Moore and John Strachan. PR457 Moo 2010 Yale-NUS Reading Room
71 La nina de tus ojos [videorecording] / Lola Films ; Cartel ; with the participation of Antena 3 Television, SA and Via Digital ; directed by Fernando Trueba. PN1997.2 Nin 2004 dvd Multimedia (Yale-NUS Loan Desk)
72 Light and shadows : church history amid faith, fact, and legend / Walter Brandmüller ; translated by Michael J. Miller. BX949 Bra 2009 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
73 Linear algebra : a modern introduction / David Poole. QA184.2 Poo 2015 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
74 Literary criticism and theory : from Plato to postcolonialism / Pelagia Goulimari. PN86 Gou 2015 Yale-NUS Reading Room
75 Longitudinal data analysis using structural equation models / John J. McArdle and John R. Nesselroade. BF76.6 Lon.Mc 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
76 Manet, Wagner, and the musical culture of their time / Therese Dolan. N6853 Man.Do 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
77 Manolito Gafotas / by Elvira Lindo ; illustrated by Emilio Urberuaga. PZ73 Lin 2010 Yale-NUS Reading Room
78 More OCaml : algorithms, methods & diversions / John Whitington. QA76.73 Oca.Wh 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
79 Mussolini’s Rome : rebuilding the Eternal City / Borden W. Painter, Jr. DG813 Pai 2005 Yale-NUS Reading Room
80 Natural language generation in interactive systems / edited by Amanda Stent and Srinivas Bangalore, AT&T Research, Florham Park, New Jersey, USA. QA76.9 Nat.Na 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
81 Neuroscience and multilingualism / Edna Andrews. QP399 And 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
82 New geographies. 3, Urbanisms of color / Gareth Doherty, editorial. NA2795 New 2010 Yale-NUS Reading Room
83 New geographies. 4, Scales of the Earth / edited by El Hadi Jazairy. G70.4 New 2011 Yale-NUS Reading Room
84 New geographies. 5, The Mediterranean / editor-in-chief, Antonio Petrov ; with contributions by Karim Basbous [and 26 others] D973 New 2013 Yale-NUS Reading Room
85 One economics, many recipes : globalization, institutions, and economic growth / Dani Rodrik. HF1359 Rod 2007 Yale-NUS Reading Room
86 Osaka elegy [videorecording] = Naniwa hika / a film by Kenji Mizoguchi ; Sh邋́Оchiku. PN1997 Osa.O dvd Multimedia (Yale-NUS Loan Desk)
87 Painting, politics, and the New Front of Cold War Italy / Adrian R. Duran. N6918.5 Fro.Du 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
88 Philosophy of microbiology / Maureen O’Malley, University of Sydney. QR41.2 Oma 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
89 Physical chemistry : a problem solving approach / Ramprasad Misra. QD453.3 Mis 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
90 Power, order, and change in world politics / edited by G. John Ikenberry. JZ1310 Pow 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
91 Practices of looking : an introduction to visual culture / Marita Sturken and Lisa Cartwright. HM500 Stu 2009 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
92 Reading and writing scripture in new religious movements : new bibles and new revelations / Eugene V. Gallagher. BP603 Gal 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
93 Redesigning psychology : in search of the DNA of behavior / Theo Poiesz. BF76.5 Poi 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
94 Religion and ecology : developing a planetary ethic / Whitney A. Bauman. BL65 Eco.Ba 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
95 Severed : a history of heads lost and heads found / Frances Larson. GN72 Lar 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
96 Sharaku [videorecording] / seisaku, Seiyū [and others] ; kikaku sōshiki, Furankī Sakai ; purodyūsā, Hara Masato ; gensaku, kyakuhon, Minagawa Hiroko ; kantoku Shinoda Masahiro. PN1997 Srk dvd Multimedia (Yale-NUS Loan Desk)
97 Sisterhood is powerful : an anthology of writings from the women’s liberation movement / edited by Robin Morgan. HQ1426 Sis 1970 dcs Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
98 Sisters of the Gion [videorecording] = Gion no shimai / a film by Kenji Mizoguchi ; Shochiku. PN1997 Sis dvd Multimedia (Yale-NUS Loan Desk)
99 Songs of innocence and of experience, William Blake / notes by David Punter. PR4144 S*Pun 2003 Yale-NUS Reading Room
100 Strategy : an introduction to game theory / Joel Watson, University of California, San Diego. HB144 Wat 2013 Yale-NUS Reading Room
101 The accidental superpower : the next generation of American preeminence and the coming global disorder / by Peter Zeihan. JZ1480 Zei 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
102 The aftermath of partition in South Asia / Tai Yong Tan and Gyanesh Kudaisya. DS480.842 Tan Yale-NUS Faculty Publications
103 The ancient Mediterranean world : from the Stone Age to A.D. 600 / Robin W. Winks, Susan P. Mattern-Parkes. DE71 Win 2004 Yale-NUS Reading Room
104 The art of the restaurateur / Nicholas Lander ; [illustrations by Nigel Peake]. TX910.3 Lan 2012 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
105 The birth of the pill : how four crusaders reinvented sex and launched a revolution / Jonathan Eig. RG137.5 Eig 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
106 The challenge of local feminisms : women’s movements in global perspective / edited by Amrita Basu, with the assistance of C. Elizabeth McGrory. HQ1101 Cha Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
107 The ethics of creativity / edited by Seana Moran, David Cropley, James C. Kaufman. BJ1458.3 Eth 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
108 The European Union : what it is and how it works / Ingeborg Tömmel. JN30 Toe 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
109 The expressionist turn in art history : a critical anthology / edited by Kimberly A. Smith. N7443 Exp 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
110 The Five Scrolls / preface by Alicia Suskin Ostriker. BS1309 Fiv 2000 Yale-NUS Reading Room
111 The grounding of modern feminism / Nancy F. Cott. HQ1420 Cot 1987 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
112 The history of medicine : a beginner’s guide / Mark Jackson. R131 Jac 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
113 The meaning of history / Ronald H. Nash. D16.8 Nas 1998 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
114 The myth of mirror neurons : the real neuroscience of communication and cognition / Gregory Hickok, PhD. QP376 Hic 2014 dcs Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
115 The night Malcolm X spoke at the Oxford Union : a transatlantic story of antiracist protest / Stephen Tuck ; with a foreword by Henry Louis Gates Jr. DA125 Neg.Tu 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
116 The organic globalizer : hip hop, political development, and movement culture / edited by Christopher Malone and George Martinez. JA75.7 Org 2015 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
117 The Oxford companion to Christian thought / edited by Adrian Hastings, Alistair Mason, and Hugh Pyper ; with Ingrid Lawrie and Cecily Bennett. BR95 Oxf 2000 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
118 The Oxford companion to cosmology / Andrew Liddle and Jon Loveday. QB981 Lid 2014 Reprint Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
119 The Oxford companion to the Bible / edited by Bruce M. Metzger, Michael D. Coogan. BS440 Oxf dcs Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
120 The Oxford handbook of political theory / edited by John S. Dryzek, Bonnie Honig and Anne Phillips. JA71 Oxf 2006 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
121 The political resurgence of the military in Southeast Asia : conflict and leadership / edited by Marcus Mietzner. JQ750 Civ.Po 2011 Yale-NUS Faculty Publications
122 The power of infographics : using pictures to communicate and connect with your audiences / Mark Smiciklas. P93.5 Smi 2012 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
123 The power of market fundamentalism : Karl Polanyi’s critique / Fred Block and Margaret R. Somers. HB102 Pol.Bl 2014 Yale-NUS Reading Room
124 The printer’s eye : ukiyo-e from the Grabhorn Collection / edited by Laura W. Allen and Melissa M. Rinne ; essays by Kobayashi Tadashi … [and three others] ; entries by Laura W. Allen and Melissa M. Rinne. NE1321.8 Pri 2013 Yale-NUS Reading Room
125 The Roman world : sources and interpretation / D. Brendan Nagle. DG209 Nag 2005 Yale-NUS Reading Room
126 The story of the last chrysanthemums [videorecording] = Zangiku monogatari / Shochiku Company Ltd., Kyoto Studios. PN1997 Sto dvd Multimedia (Yale-NUS Loan Desk)
127 The tyranny of silence : how one cartoon ignited a global debate on the future of free speech / Flemming Rose. JC591 Ros 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
128 The Western lit survival kit : how to read the classics without fear / Sandra Newman. PN524 New 2012 Yale-NUS Reading Room
129 Theorizing feminism : parallel trends in the humanities and social sciences / edited by Anne C. Herrmann and Abigail J. Stewart. HQ1190 The Yale-NUS Reading Room
130 Travel, collecting, and museums of Asian art in nineteenth-century Paris / Ting Chang. N7337 Cha 2013 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
131 Trees : their natural history / Peter A. Thomas. QK475 Tho 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
132 Ukiyo-e / Gian Carlo Calza. N7353.6 Uki.Ca 2010 Yale-NUS Reading Room
133 Ukiyo-e : the art of the Japanese print / Frederick Harris. NE1310 Har 2010 Yale-NUS Reading Room
134 Urban social geography : an introduction / Paul Knox and Steven Pinch. GF125 Kno 2013 Yale-NUS Reading Room
135 Using research to improve instruction / Karen Karp, volume editor ; Amy Roth McDuffie, series editor. QA1 Usi 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
136 Utamaro and his five women [videorecording]= Utamaro o meguru gonin no onna / directed by Kenji Mizoguchi. PN1995.9 Uta dvd Multimedia (Yale-NUS Loan Desk)
137 Virginia Woolf : dramatic novelist / Jane Wheare. PR6045 W913*Wh 1989 Yale-NUS Reading Room
138 Visible empire : botanical expeditions & visual culture in the Hispanic Enlightenment / Daniela Bleichmar. QK21 Spa.Bl 2012 Yale-NUS Reading Room
139 Visual complexity : mapping patterns of information / Manuel Lima. Q223 Lim 2011 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
140 Vladimir Markov and Russian primitivism : a charter for the avant-garde / Jeremy Howard, Irena Bužinska and Z.S. Strother. N6988.5 Pri.Va 2015 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
141 Volver [videorecording] / El Deseo presenta ; un film de Almodóvar ; guión y dirección, Pedro Almodóvar ; productor ejecutivo, Agustín Almodóvar ; producida por Esther García. PN1997.2 Vol dvd Multimedia (Yale-NUS Loan Desk)
142 Whose cosmopolitanism? : critical perspectives, relationalities and discontents / edited by Nina Glick Schiller and Andrew Irving. JZ1308 Who 2015 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
143 William Blake : Songs of innocence and of experience / Sarah Haggarty and Jon Mee. Consultant editor: Nicolas Tredell. PR4144 S*Hag 2013 Yale-NUS Reading Room
144 Wind power politics and policy / Scott Victor Valentine. HD9502.5 Win.Va 2015 Yale-NUS Reading Room
145 Women and the vote : a world history / Jad Adams. JF851 Ada 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
146 Women, femininity, and public space in European visual culture, 1789-1914 / edited by Temma Balducci and Heather Belnap Jensen. N7630 Wom 2014 Yale-NUS Closed Stacks
147 ねこと国芳 = Cats in Ukiyo-e : Japanese woodblock prints of Utagawa Kuniyoshi / 金子信久著 ; パメラ三木, カーステン。マッカイ{u30D0 N7668 Cat.Ka 2012 Yale-NUS Reading Room
148 棋王, 樹王, 孩子王 / 鍾阿城著. PL2832.3 ZAC.Q Yale-NUS Reading Room
149 紅高粱家族 / 莫言著 PL2886 Mya.H 2013 Yale-NUS Reading Room