April 2015 New Additions to the Library

S/N Title Call. No. Location
1 Hormones : a very short introduction / Martin Luck. QP571 Luc 2014 Yale-NUS Library
2 Genes : a very short introduction / Jonathan Slack. QH447 Sla 2014 Yale-NUS Library
3 El cartero de Neruda (Ardiente paciencia) / Antonio Skármeta. PQ8098.29 Ska.El 2008 Yale-NUS Library
4 Port cities in Asia and Europe / edited by Arndt Graf and Chua Beng Huat. HE559 Asi.Po 2009 Yale-NUS Faculty Publications
5 100 ideas that changed the web / Jim Boulton. TK5105.888 Bou 2014 Yale-NUS Library
6 Don’t even think about it : why our brains are wired to ignore climate change / George Marshall. QC903 Mar 2014 Yale-NUS Library
7 Life’s blueprint : the science and art of embryo creation / Benny Shilo. QM601 Shi 2014  c.9507 Yale-NUS Library
8 A resurgent China : South Asian perspectives / editors, S.D. Muni, Tan Tai Yong. HF1604 Res 2012 Yale-NUS Faculty Publications
9 Researching and representing mobilities : transdisciplinary encounters / edited by Lesley Murray, School of Applied Social Science, University of Brighton, UK, Sara Upstone, School of Humanities, Kingston University, UK. GF95 Res 2014 Yale-NUS Library
10 The data revolution : big data, open data, data infrastructures & their consequences / Rob Kitchin. QA76.9 Big.Ki 2014 Yale-NUS Library
11 España contemporánea / Cristina López Moreno. HN583.5 Lop 2014 Yale-NUS Library
12 The lagoon : how Aristotle invented science / Armand Marie Leroi ; with translations from the Greek by Simon MacPherson and original illustrations by David Koutsogiannopoulos. QH331 Ler 2014 Yale-NUS Library
13 Philosophy and the precautionary principle : science, evidence, and environmental policy / Daniel Steel, Michigan State University. Q175 Ste 2015 Yale-NUS Library
14 The lost elements : the Periodic Table’s shadow side / Marco Fontani, Mariagrazia Costa, and Mary Virginia Orna. QD467 Fon 2015 Yale-NUS Library
15 Love objects : emotion, design, and material culture / edited by Anna Moran and Sorcha O’Brien. BF575 Att.Lo 2014 Yale-NUS Library
16 Library as safe haven : disaster planning, response, and recovery : a how-to-do-it manual for librarians / Deborah D. Halsted, Shari Clifton, Daniel T. Wilson. Z679.7 Hal 2014 Yale-NUS Library
17 World art and the legacies of colonial violence / edited by Daniel J. Rycroft.  NX640 Wor 2013 Yale-NUS Library
18 Architecture, art and identity in Venice and its territories, 1450-1750 : [essays in honour of Deborah Howard] / edited by Nebahat Avcioğlu, Hunter College, CUNY, USA and Emma Jones, Cambridge University, UK. NA2543 Soc.Ac 2013 Yale-NUS Library
19  Modernism on stage : the Ballets Russes and the Parisian avant-garde / Juliet Bellow. NX180 Art.Be 2013 Yale-NUS Library
20 Eros and sexuality in Islamic art / edited by Francesca Leoni and Mika Natif. NX180 Art.Be 2013 Yale-NUS Library
21 Malevich : painting the absolute / Andréi Nakov. N6999 Mal.Na 2010 v.2 Yale-NUS Library
22 Malevich : painting the absolute / Andréi Nakov. N6999 Mal.Na 2010 v.4 Yale-NUS Library
23 Malevich : painting the absolute / Andréi Nakov. N6999 Mal.Na 2010 v.3 Yale-NUS Library
24 Malevich : painting the absolute / Andréi Nakov. N6999 Mal.Na 2010 v.1 Yale-NUS Library
25 Flores de otro mundo [videorecording] = Flowers from another world / con la participación de Televisión Espagñola ; Produccións La Iguana y Alta Films presentan. PN1997 Flo dvd Yale-NUS Library
26 The beauty of physics : patterns, principles, and perspectives / A.R.P. Rau. QC21.3 Rau 2014 Yale-NUS Library
27 Games of strategy / Avinash Dixit, Susan Skeath, David Reiley. HB144 Dix 2015 Yale-NUS Library
28 Religion and politics in the European Union : the secular canopy / François Foret, Université Libre de Bruxelles. BL65 Pol.Fo 2015 Yale-NUS Library
29 Religion and sexuality : diversity and the limits of tolerance / edited by Pamela Dickey Young, Heather Shipley, and Tracy J. Trothen. BL65 Sex.Se 2015 Yale-NUS Library
30 Earth’s deep history : how it was discovered and why it matters / Martin J. S. Rudwick. QE11 Rud 2014 Yale-NUS Library
31 Risky rhetoric : AIDS and the cultural practices of HIV testing / J. Blake Scott. RA643.83 Sco 2014 Yale-NUS Library
32 Ocean worlds : the story of seas on Earth and other planets / Jan Zalasiewicz and Mark Williams. GC29 Zal 2014 Yale-NUS Library
33 Guide to reference : essential general reference and library science sources / Jo Bell Whitlatch and Susan E. Searing, Editors. Z1035.1 Gui 2014 Yale-NUS Library
34 Environmental challenges and governance : diverse perspectives from Asia / edited by Sacchidananda Mukherjee and Debashis Chakraborty. HC415 Eco.En 2015 Yale-NUS Library
35 The evolution of sex determination / Leo W. Beukeboom, Nicolas Perrin. QP278.5 Beu 2014 Yale-NUS Library
36 Climate change : a very short introduction / by Mark Maslin, Professor of Climateology, University College London. QC903 Mas 2014 Yale-NUS Library
37 Minerals : a very short introduction / David J. Vaughan. QE372.2 Vau 2014 Yale-NUS Library
38 Coral reefs : a very short introduction / Charles Sheppard. QH541.5 Cor.Sh 2014 Yale-NUS Library
39 Global catastrophes : a very short introduction / Bill McGuire. GB5018 Mcg 2014 Yale-NUS Library
40 Safe science : promoting a culture of safety in academic chemical research / Committee on Establishing and Promoting a Culture of Safety in Academic Laboratory Research; Board on Chemical Sciences and Technology; Division on Earth and Life Studies; Board on Human-Systems Integration; Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education; National Research Council. QD63.5 Saf 2014 Yale-NUS Library
41 Darwin’s dice : the idea of chance in the thought of Charles Darwin / Curtis Johnson. QH365 Dar.Jo 2015 Yale-NUS Library
42 Modernism, memory, and desire : T.S. Eliot and Virginia Woolf / Gabrielle McIntire. PS3509 E42*Mci 2008 Yale-NUS Library
43 If we dream too long / Goh Poh Seng. PL5149 Gps.I 2010 Yale-NUS Library
44 Resource sharing today : a practical guide to interlibrary loan, consortial circulation, and global cooperation / Corinne Nyquist. Z672 Nyq 2014 Yale-NUS Library
45 Literature of Luther : receptions of the reformer / edited by A. Edward Wesley & J. Christopher Edwards. BR323.7 Con 2014 Yale-NUS Library
46 After the book : information services for the twenty-first century / George Stachokas. Z675 Uni.Sc 2014 Yale-NUS Library
47 Customer-based collection development : an overview / edited by Karl Bridges. Z689 Cus 2014 Yale-NUS Library
48 Literature and human rights : the law, the language and the limitations of human rights discourse / edited by Ian Ward. PN56 Hum.Li 2015 Yale-NUS Library
49 Molecular evolution : a statistical approach / Ziheng Yang. QH371.3 Mat.Ya 2014 Yale-NUS Library
50 Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics of macromolecular systems / Michael Bachmann. QP801 Pol.Ba 2014 Yale-NUS Library
51 The acoustic city / Matthew Gandy, BJ Nilsen (eds.). TD892 Aco 2014 Yale-NUS Library
52 The acoustic city / Matthew Gandy, BJ Nilsen (eds.). TD892 Aco 2014 sound disc Yale-NUS Loan Desk
53 La comunidad [videorecording] / una peĺИcula de Alex de la Iglesia. PN1997.2 Com 2011 dvd Multimedia (Yale-NUS Loan Desk)
54 Beautiful evidence / Edward R. Tufte. P93.5 Tuf 2006 Yale-NUS Library
55 Data flow : visualising information in graphic design / [edited by Robert Klanten … [et al.]]. NC998.4 Dat 2008 Yale-NUS Library
56 Designing infographics / Eric K. Meyer. P93.5 Mey Yale-NUS Library
57 Designing effective instruction / Gary R. Morrison, Old Dominion University, Steven M. Ross, Johns Hopkins University, Howard K. KIalman, Ithaca College, Jerrold E. Kemp, Professor Emeritus, San Jose State University. LB1028.38 Des 2013 Yale-NUS Library
58 Creating “Greater Malaysia” : decolonisation and the politics of merger / Tan Tai Yong. DS596.5 Tan 2008 Yale-NUS Faculty Publications
59 Partition and post-colonial South Asia : a reader / edited by Tai Yong Tan and Gyanesh Kudaisya. DS480.842 Par 2008 v.1 Yale-NUS Faculty Publications
60 Partition and post-colonial South Asia : a reader / edited by Tai Yong Tan and Gyanesh Kudaisya. DS480.842 Par 2008 v.2 Yale-NUS Faculty Publications
61 Partition and post-colonial South Asia : a reader / edited by Tai Yong Tan and Gyanesh Kudaisya. DS480.842 Par 2008 v.3 Yale-NUS Faculty Publications
62 Beyond the bifurcation of nature : a common world for animals and the environment / edited by Brianne Donaldson. GE42 Bey 2014 Yale-NUS Library
63 Creative writing in the digital age : theory, practice, and pedagogy / edited by Michael Dean Clark, Trent Hergenrader, and Joseph Rein. PE1404 Cre 2015 Yale-NUS Library
64 Rituals and power : the Roman imperial cult in Asia Minor / S.R.F. Price. DG124 Pri Yale-NUS Library
65 The transformation of Southeast Asia : international perspectives on decolonization / edited by Marc Frey, Ronald Pruessen, and Tan Tai Yong. DS526.7 Trn 2003 Yale-NUS Faculty Publications
66 Herbert Scarf’s contributions to economics, game theory and operations research / edited by Zaifu Yang. HB171 Sca 2013 v.4 Yale-NUS Library
67 Herbert Scarf’s contributions to economics, game theory and operations research / edited by Zaifu Yang. HB171 Sca 2013 v.1 Yale-NUS Library
68 Implementing sustainability in higher education : learning in an age of transformation / Matthias Barth. GE70 Bar 2015 Yale-NUS Library
69 Water security in India : hope, despair, and the challenges of human development / by Vandana Asthana and A.C. Shukla. TD303 Ast 2014 Yale-NUS Library
70 Michelangelo and the finger of God / Paul Barolsky. N6923 Buo.Ba 2003 Yale-NUS Library
71 Uncertainty and the philosophy of climate change / Martin Bunzl. QC903 Bun 2015 Yale-NUS Library
72 Developing quality technical information : a handbook for writers and editors / Michelle Carey, Moira McFadden Lanyi, Deirdre Longo, Eric Radzinski, Shannon Rouiller, Elizabeth Wilde. T11 Dev 2014 Yale-NUS Library
73 The human tradition in American labor history / edited by Eric Arnesen. HD8073 Hum 2004 Yale-NUS Faculty Publications
74 Neighborhood as refuge : community reconstruction, place remaking, and environmental justice in the city / Isabelle Anguelovski. HN49 Com.An 2014 Yale-NUS Library
75 Trust : analytic and applied perspectives / edited by Pekka Mäkelä and Cynthia Townley. BF575 Tru.Tr 2013 Yale-NUS Faculty Publications
76 Rejoicing : or the torments of religious speech / Bruno Latour ; translated by Julie Rose. BL51 Lat 2013 Yale-NUS Library
77 The transit of Venus enterprise in Victorian Britain / by Jessica Ratcliff. Q127 Gre.Ra 2008 Yale-NUS Faculty Publications
78 Environmental and climate change in South and Southeast Asia : how are local cultures coping? / edited by Barbara Schuler. GF71 Env 2014 Yale-NUS Library
79 Motivation and its regulation : the control within / edited by Joseph P. Forgas and Eddie Harmon-Jones. BF503 Mot 2014 Yale-NUS Library
80 Herbert Scarf’s contributions to economics, game theory and operations research / edited by Zaifu Yang. HB171 Sca 2013 v.3 Yale-NUS Library
81 Earthquake hazard, risk, and disasters / volume editor, Max Wyss. QE539.2 Saf.Ea 2014 Yale-NUS Library
82 A history of environmentalism : local struggles, global histories / [edited by] Marco Armiero and Lise Sedrez. GE195 His 2014 Yale-NUS Library
83 Avant-garde and criticism / edited by Klaus Beekman and Jan de Vries. N7475 Ava 2007 Yale-NUS Library
84 Reimagining reference in the 21st century / edited by David A. Tyckoson and John G. Dove. Z711 Rem 2015 Yale-NUS Library
85 Herbert Scarf’s contributions to economics, game theory and operations research / edited by Zaifu Yang. HB171 Sca 2013 v.2 Yale-NUS Library
86 Project management for libraries : a practical approach / Robin A. Buser, Bruce E. Massis, Miriam Pollack. Z678 Bus 2014 Yale-NUS Library
87 Essays in migratory aesthetics : cultural practices between migration and art-making / editors, Sam Durrant, Catherine M. Lord. N66 Ess 2007 Yale-NUS Library
88 Evolving animals : the story of our kingdom / Wallace Arthur, Emeritus Professor of Zoology, National University of Ireland, Galway ; illustrations by Stephen Arthur. QH366.2 Art 2014 Yale-NUS Library
89 Censorship moments : reading texts in the history of censorship and freedom of expression / edited by Geoff Kemp. Z657 Cen 2015 Yale-NUS Library
90 Environmental communication and the extinction vortex : technology as denial of death / Eric M. Kramer, University of Oklahoma; Gabriel Adkins, Arkansas Tech University; Sang Ho Kim, Kyoungpook National University, Korea; Greg Miller, University of California, Berkeley. GF75 Kra 2014 Yale-NUS Library
91 Incomplete democracies in the Asia-Pacific : evidence from Indonesia, Korea, the Philippines, and Thailand / edited by Giovanna Maria Dora Dore, Jae H. Ku, Karl D. Jackson. JQ36 Inc 2014 Yale-NUS Library
92 A short history of Britain / Jeremy Black. DA30 Bla 2015 Yale-NUS Library
93 Eros and sexuality in Islamic art / edited by Francesca Leoni and Mika Natif. N8217 Ero.Er 2013 Yale-NUS Library