May 2015 New Additions to the Library

S/N Title Call Number Location
1 The meters of Greek and Latin poetry / by James W. Halporn, Martin Ostwald, and Thomas G. Rosenmeyer. PA186 Hal 1994  Yale-NUS Library
2 The sacred foundations of justice in Islam : the teachings of ʻAlī ibn Abī Ṭālib / by M. Ali Lakhani, Reza Shah-Kazemi and Leonard Lewisohn ; edited by M. Ali Lakhani ; introduction by Seyyed Hossein Nasr. BP193.1 Ali.La 2006  Yale-NUS Library
3 The life of Moses / Gregory of Nyssa ; translation, introd. and notes by Abraham J. Malherbe and Everett Ferguson ; pref. by John Meyendorff. BS580 Mos.Gr 1978  Yale-NUS Library
4 The Prophets / Abraham J. Heschel. BS1505.2 Hes 2001  Yale-NUS Library
5 Latin letters : reading Roman correspondence / Cecilia A.E. Luschnig ; illustrated by Dona Black. PA6139 Epi.Lu 2006  Yale-NUS Library
6 Uncontrollable beauty : toward a new aesthetics / edited by Bill Beckley with David Shapiro. BH39 Unc 1998  Yale-NUS Library
7 Candide and related texts / Voltaire ; translated, with an introduction, by David Wootton. PQ2082 C.Woo 2000  Yale-NUS Library
8 The life of Antony and the letter to Marcellinus / Athanasius ; translation and introd. by Robert C. Gregg ; pref. by William A. Clebsch. BR1720 Ant.At 1980  Yale-NUS Library
9 Ignatius of Loyola : the Spiritual exercises and selected works / edited by George E. Ganss ; with the collaboration of Parmananda R. Divarkar, Edward J. Malatesta, and Martin E. Palmer ; preface by John W. Padberg. BX4700 Loy.Ig 1991  Yale-NUS Library
10 The making of a sonnet : a Norton anthology / edited by Edward Hirsch and Eavan Boland. PN6110 Son.Ma 2008  Yale-NUS Library
11 The sayings of the Desert Fathers : the alphabetical collection / translated with a foreword by Benedicta Ward ; preface by Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh. BR60 Say 1984  Yale-NUS Library
12 The ladder of divine ascent / John Climacus ; translation by Colm Luibheid and Norman Russell ; notes on translation by Norman Russell ; introduction by Kallistos Ware ; preface by Colm Luibheid. BX382 Joh 1982  Yale-NUS Library
13 The cloud of unknowing / edited, with an introduction, by James Walsh ; preface by Simon Tugwell. BV5080 Clo 1981  Yale-NUS Library
14 1599 Geneva Bible : the Holy Scriptures contained in the Old and New Testaments. BS170 One 2006  Yale-NUS Library
15 Conferences / John Cassian ; translation and preface by Colm Luibheid ; introduction by Owen Chadwick. BX2435 Cas 1985  Yale-NUS Library
16 Financial engineering of climate investment in developing countries : Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action and how to finance it / Søren E. Lütken. TD885.5 Gre.Lu 2014  Yale-NUS Library
17 The new Oxford annotated Bible : New Revised Standard Version : with the Apocrypha : an ecumenical study Bible / Michael D. Coogan, editor ; Marc Z. Brettler, Carol A. Newsom, and Pheme Perkins, associate editors. BS191.5 Bib 2010  Yale-NUS Library
18 Documents of the Christian Church / original editions selected and edited by Henry Bettenson ; third and fourth editions edited by Chris Maunder. BR141 Doc 2011  Yale-NUS Library
19 Frankenstein, or, The modern Prometheus : the 1818 text / Mary Shelley ; edited with introduction and notes by Marilyn Butler. PR5397 Fra 2008  Yale-NUS Library
20 The attraction of religion : a new evolutionary psychology of religion / edited by D. Jason Slone & James A. Van Slyke. BL53 Att 2015  Yale-NUS Library
21 Pedagogical poem : the archive of the future museum of history / Ilya Budraitskis, Arseniy Zhilyaev. AM7 Bud 2014  Yale-NUS Library
22 Muslim, trader, nomad, spy : China’s Cold War and the people of the Tibetan borderlands / Sulmaan Wasif Khan. DS740.5 Tib.Kh 2015  Yale-NUS Library
23 Interactions of nanomaterials with emerging environmental contaminants / Ruey-an Doong, editor, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan, Virender K. Sharma, editor, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida, United States, Hyunook Kim, editor, University of Seoul, Seoul, Republic of Korea ; sponsored by the ACS Division of Environmental Chemistry. TD192.3 Int 2013  Yale-NUS Library
24 Unreliable narration and trustworthiness : intermedial and interdisciplinary perspectives / edited by Vera Nünning. PN212 Unr 2015  Yale-NUS Library
25 Religion and public policy : human rights, conflict, and ethics : a festschrift in honor of David Little / edited by Sumner B. Twiss, Marian Gh. Simion and Rodney L. Petersen. BL65 Pol.Rl 2015  Yale-NUS Library
26 Homesickness : culture, contagion, and national transformation in modern China / Carlos Rojas. DS775.2 Roj 2015  Yale-NUS Library
27 A guide to Latin meter and verse composition / David J. Califf. PA2331 Cal 2002  Yale-NUS Library
28 Latin sentence and idiom : a composition course / by R. Colebourn. PA2311 Col 1987  Yale-NUS Library
29 A critical introduction to the study of religion / Craig Martin. BL41 Mar 2014  Yale-NUS Library
30 Essential concepts of global environmental governance / edited by Jean-Frédéric Morin and Amandine Orsini. GE170 Ess 2015  Yale-NUS Library
31 The complete Dead Sea scrolls in English / [translated with an introduction by] Geza Vermes. BM487 Ver 2011  Yale-NUS Library
32 On the crown / Demosthenes ; edited by Harvey Yunis. PA3950 Dem 2001  Yale-NUS Library
33 Heroides, XVI-XXI / Ovid ; edited by E.J. Kenney. PA6519 H.Ov 1996  Yale-NUS Library
34 Genesis / Bill T. Arnold. BS1235.53 Arn 2013  Yale-NUS Library
35 Art & language uncompleted : the Philippe Méaille collection / [curator: Carles Guerra ; editors: Ester Capdevila, Bettina Moll, Clara Plasencia] N6797 Mea.Ar 2014  Yale-NUS Library
36 Extreme natural hazards, disaster risks and societal implications / edited by Alik Ismail-Zadeh and others. GB5014 Ext 2014  Yale-NUS Library
37 The Dante encyclopedia / edited by Richard Lansing. PQ4333 Dan 2010  drf  Yale-NUS Library
38 Jaguars and electric eels / Alexander von Humboldt ; translated by Jason Wilson. F1409.3 Hum 2007  Yale-NUS Library
39 The tantric body : the secret tradition of Hindu religion / Gavin Flood. BL1283.847 Flo 2006  Yale-NUS Library
40 Backgrounds of early Christianity / Everett Ferguson. BR129 Fer 2003  Yale-NUS Library
41 Reading Genesis 1-2 : an evangelical conversation / Richard Averbeck, Todd Beall, C. John Collins, Jud Davis, Victor P. Hamilton, Tremper Longman III, Kenneth J. Turner, John Walton ; editor J. Daryl Charles. BS1235.52 Ave 2013  Yale-NUS Library
42 The book of Genesis : Chapters 18-50 / Victor P. Hamilton. BS1235.3 Ham 1995  Yale-NUS Library
43 A primer of Biblical Greek / N. Clayton Croy. PA817 Cro 1999  Yale-NUS Library
44 The Old Testament : a literary history / Konrad Schmid ; translated by Linda M. Maloney. BS1174.3 Sch 2012  Yale-NUS Library
45 A companion to biblical interpretation in early Judaism / edited by Matthias Henze. BS1186 Com 2012  Yale-NUS Library
46 Myth and reality / Mircea Eliade ; translated from the French by Willard R. Trask. BL304 Eli 1998  Yale-NUS Library
47 Education, religion, and the common good : advancing a distinctly American conversation about religion’s role in our shared life / Martin E. Marty with Jonathan Moore. LC111 Mar 2000  Yale-NUS Library
48 Keeping cool in Southeast Asia : energy consumption and urban air-conditioning / Marlyne Sahakian. TH7688 Hom.Sa 2014  Yale-NUS Library
49 The forty-nine steps / Roberto Calasso ; translated by John Shepley. BH39 Cal 2001  Yale-NUS Library
50 Situating the self : gender, community, and postmodernism in contemporary ethics / Seyla Benhabib. BJ1012 Ben 1992  Yale-NUS Library
51 Diaspora engagement and development in South Asia / edited by Tan Tai Yong and Md Mizanur Rahman. DS339.4 Dia 2013 Yale-NUS Faculty Publications
52 Climate, science, and colonization : histories from Australia and New Zealand / edited by James Beattie, Emily O’Gorman, and Matthew Henry. QC992 Cli 2014  Yale-NUS Library
53 New religions : a guide : new religious movements, sects, and alternative spiritualities / edited by Chrisopher Partridge. BP603 New 2004  Yale-NUS Library
54 Paul the convert : the apostolate and apostasy of Saul the Pharisee / Alan F. Segal. BS2655 Jew.Se 1990  Yale-NUS Library
55 The Bhagavad Gita / introduced & translated by Eknath Easwaran. BL1138.62 Eng.B 2007  Yale-NUS Library
56 Wabi sabi : the Japanese art of impermanence / Andrew Juniper. N7350 Jun 2003  Yale-NUS Library
57 In the valley of the shadow : on the foundations of religious belief (and their connection to a certain, fleeting state of mind) / James L. Kugel. BL625.9 Sic.Ku 2011  Yale-NUS Library
58 How to read the Bible : a guide to Scripture, then and now / James L. Kugel. BS1171.3 Kug 2008  Yale-NUS Library
59 The alphabet versus the goddess : the conflict between word and image / Leonard Shlain. P211.7 Shl 1999  Yale-NUS Library
60 London’s calling / [text, Syarini Asa’ari, Qomarul Arifin; illustrations, The Student Agency]. N7330.12 Sya 2013  Yale-NUS Library
61 Matthew’s Bible : a facsimile of the 1537 edition / combining the translations of William Tyndale & Myles Coverdale ; edited by John Rogers ; with an introduction by Joseph W. Johnson. BS2050 Mat 2009  Yale-NUS Library
62 Engaging Buddhism : why it matters to philosophy / Jay L. Garfield. B162 Gar 2015 Yale-NUS Faculty Publications
63 The student leadership challenge. Facilitation and activity guide / James Kouzes and Barry Posner ; with Beth High and Gary M. Morgan. HD57.7 Kouf 2013  Yale-NUS Library
64 The student leadership challenge. Student workbook and personal leadership journal / James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner with Beth High and Gary M. Morgan. HD57.7 Kous 2013  Yale-NUS Library
65 Contesting citizenship in urban China : peasant migrants, the state, and the logic of the market / Dorothy J. Solinger. HB2114 Soli 1999  Yale-NUS Library
66 Moving library collections : a management handbook / Elizabeth Chamberlain Habich. Z703.5 Hab 2010  Yale-NUS Library
67 Introduction to the middle way : Chandrakirti’s Madhyamakavatara / with commentary by Jamgön Mipham ; translated by The Padmakara Translation Group. BQ2910 Mad.Ca 2004  Yale-NUS Library
68 Vinyl : the analogue record in the digital age / Dominik Bartmanski and Ian Woodward. ML1055 Bar 2015  Yale-NUS Library
69 Economic and social rights after the global financial crises / edited by Aoife Nolan. KG3820 Eco 2014  dcs  Yale-NUS Library
70 Mosquito trails : ecology, health, and the politics of entanglement / Alex M. Nading. RA644 Den.Na 2014  dcs  Yale-NUS Library
71 The librarian stereotype : deconstructing perceptions and presentations of information work / edited by Nicole Pagowsky and Miriam E. Rigby. Z682 Lib 2014  dcs  Yale-NUS Library
72 Climate ethics : environmental justice and climate change / Joerg Tremmel and K. Robinson. GE42 Tre 2014  dcs  Yale-NUS Library
73 Asset-building policies and innovations in Asia / edited by Michael Sherraden [and 4 others]. HC412 Ass 2015 Yale-NUS Faculty Publications
74 Implosions/explosions : towards a study of planetary urbanization / edited by Neil Brenner. HT361 Imp 2014  Yale-NUS Library
75 Quantum effects in biology / edited by M. Mohseni (Google), Y. Omar (Instituo de Telecommunicaçõesd and ISEG, University of Lesbon), G. Engel (University of Chicago), M. B. Plenio (Ulm University) QP517 Qua.Qu 2014  Yale-NUS Library
76 Freud on religion / Marsha Aileen Hewitt. BF175.4 Rel.He 2014  Yale-NUS Library
77 Thinking in childhood and adolescence / Paris S. Strom, Auburn University, Robert D. Strom, Arizona State University. BF723 Cog.St 2013  Yale-NUS Library
78 Hidden Markov processes : theory and applications to biology / M. Vidyasagar. QH324.2 Vid 2014  Yale-NUS Library
79 Initiative to stop the violence : Mubādarat waqf al-ʻunf : Sadat’s assassins and the renunciation of political violence / al-Gamā’ah al-Islāmīyah ; translated by Sherman A. Jackson. BP190.5 Pea.Ha 2015  Yale-NUS Library
80 Curriculum-based library instruction : from cultivating faculty relationships to assessment / edited by Amy E. Blevins, Megan B. Inman. Z711 Cur 2014  Yale-NUS Library
81 Social-spatial segregation : concepts, processes and outcomes / edited by Christopher D. Lloyd, Ian G. Shuttleworth, David W.S. Wong. GF41 Soc 2014  Yale-NUS Library
82 The R student companion / Brian Dennis. QA276.45 R.De 2013  Yale-NUS Library
83 The R student companion / Brian Dennis. QA276.45 R.De 2013  Yale-NUS Library
84 The transformation of politicised religion : from zealots into leaders / edited by Hartmut Elsenhans, Rachid Ouaissa, Sebastian Schwecke and Mary Ann Tétreault. BL65 Pol.Tr 2015  Yale-NUS Library
85 Apps for librarians : using the best mobile technology to educate, create, and engage / Nicole Hennig. Z680.5 Hen 2014  Yale-NUS Library
86 More library mashups : exploring new ways to deliver library data / edited by Nicole C. Engard. Z674.75 Www.Mo 2015  Yale-NUS Library
87 Do zombies dream of undead sheep? : a neuroscientific view of the zombie brain / Timothy Verstynen & Bradley Voytek. QP355.2 Ver 2014  Yale-NUS Library
88 Reporting research : a biologist’s guide to articles, talks, and posters / R.S. Clymo. QH304 Cly 2014  Yale-NUS Library
89 International organizations : the politics and processes of global governance / Margaret P. Karns, Karen A. Mingst. JZ4850 Kar 2010  Yale-NUS Library
90 Interactive democracy : the social roots of global justice / Carol C. Gould. JC423 Gou 2014  Yale-NUS Library
91 Blue mind : the surprising science that shows how being near, in, on, or under water can make you happier, healthier, more connected and better at what you do / Wallace J. Nichols ; foreword by Céline Cousteau. BF789 Wat.Ni 2014  Yale-NUS Library
92 Singapore perspectives 2014 : differences / edited by Mathew Mathews, Christopher Gee and Chiang Wai Fong. DS599.64 Csp 2015  Yale-NUS Library
93 Practising Spanish grammar / Christopher Pountain, Teresa de Carlos, Angela Howkins. PC4112.5 Pou 2013  Yale-NUS Library
94 Scaling up multiple use water services : accountability in the water sector / Barbara van Koppen, Stef Smits, Cristina Rumbaitis del Rio, John Thomas. TD345 Kop 2014  Yale-NUS Library
95 Medieval romance and material culture / edited by Nicholas Perkins. PN671 Med 2015  Yale-NUS Library
96 Sentience and animal welfare / Donald M. Broom. QL785.27 Bro 2014  Yale-NUS Library
97 Health and wellness in colonial America / Rebecca Tannenbaum. R702 Tan 2012 Yale-NUS Faculty Publications
98 Usability testing : a practical guide for librarians / Rebecca Blakiston. Z674.75 Web.Bl 2015  Yale-NUS Library
99 Political handbook of the world 2014 / edited by Tom Lansford. JF37 Pol 2014  Yale-NUS Library
100 Art of the Middle East : modern and contemporary art of the Arab world and Iran / Saeb Eigner ; foreword by Zaha Hadid ; with the assistance of Isabelle Caussé and Christopher Masters. N7265 Eig 2015  Yale-NUS Library
101 Web design for libraries / Charles P. Rubenstein. Z674.75 Web.Ru 2014  Yale-NUS Library
102 The Oxford handbook of early Christian studies / edited by Susan Ashbrook Harvey and David G. Hunter. BR121.3 Oxf 2010  Yale-NUS Library
103 Space exploration and humanity : a historical encyclopedia / History Committee of the American Astronautical Society ; Stephen B. Johnson, general editor ; Timothy M. Chamberlin … [et al.], section editors ; David Leverington, technical consultant. TL788.5 Spa 2010 v.1  Yale-NUS Library
104 How to build a habitable planet : the story of earth from the big bang to humankind / Charles H. Langmuir, Wally Broecker. QB632 Bro 2012  Yale-NUS Library
105 God and Mrs Thatcher : the battle for Britain’s soul / Eliza Filby. DA591 Tha.Fi 2015  Yale-NUS Library
106 Reading Lolita in Tehran : a memoir in books / Azar Nafisi. PE64 Naf 2008  Yale-NUS Library
107 The Dhammapada : a new translation of the Buddhist classic with annotations / Gil Fronsdal ; foreword by Jack Kornfield. BQ1372 Eng.Ti 2006  Yale-NUS Library
108 The Hindi public sphere 1920-1940 : language and literature in the age of nationalism / Francesca Orsini. PK1931 Ors 2015  Yale-NUS Library
109 Vermeer’s hat : the 17th century and the dawn of the global world / Timothy Brook. CB401 Bro 2008  Yale-NUS Library
110 Infinite fictions : essays on literature and theory / David Winters. PN3505 Win 2015  Yale-NUS Library
111 Climate change and global equity / Frank Ackerman and Elizabeth A. Stanton. QC903 Ack 2014  Yale-NUS Library
112 A new reference grammar of modern Spanish / John Butt, Carmen Benjamin. PC4112 But 2013  Yale-NUS Library
113 Moving your library : getting the collection from here to there / Steven Carl Fortriede. Z703.5 For 2010  Yale-NUS Library
114 Information graphics : a comprehensive illustrated reference / Robert L. Harris. QA90 Har 1999  dcs  Yale-NUS Library
115 A history of life in 100 fossils / Paul D. Taylor & Aaron O’Dea. QE711.3 Tay 2014  dcs  Yale-NUS Library
116 Internet technologies and information services / Joseph B. Miller. Z674.75 Int.Mi 2014  dcs  Yale-NUS Library
117 Space exploration and humanity : a historical encyclopedia / History Committee of the American Astronautical Society ; Stephen B. Johnson, general editor ; Timothy M. Chamberlin … [et al.], section editors ; David Leverington, technical consultant. TL788.5 Spa 2010 v.2  Yale-NUS Library
118 A history of the book in 100 books / Roderick Cave & Sara Ayad. Z4 Cav 2014  Yale-NUS Library
119 The embedded librarian’s cookbook / edited by Kaijsa Calkins and Cassandra Kvenild. Z675 Uni.Em 2014  Yale-NUS Library
120 Transgenerational epigenetics : evidence and debate / edited by Trygve Tollefsbol. QH450 Tra 2014  Yale-NUS Library
121 Bad faith : when religious belief undermines modern medicine / Paul A. Offit, M.D. BL65 Med.Of 2015  Yale-NUS Library
122 Genesis: a commentary / [Original translation from the German by John H. Marks]. BS1235.3 Rad 1972  Yale-NUS Library
123 ¡Exacto! : a practical guide to Spanish grammar / [Ane Ortega]… [et al.]. PC4112 Exa 2009  Yale-NUS Library
124 Anatomy of the New Testament : a guide to its structure and meaning / Robert A. Spivey, D. Moody Smith, C. Clifton Black. BS2330.3 Spi 2013  Yale-NUS Library
125 The last generation of the Roman Republic / Erich S. Gruen. DG261 Gru 1995  Yale-NUS Library
126 The riddle of resurrection : “dying and rising gods” in the ancient Near East / Tryggve N.D. Mettinger. BL505 Met 2013  Yale-NUS Library
127 Paris, Paris : journey into the City of Light / David Downie ; photographs by Alison Harris. DC707 Dow 2011  Yale-NUS Library
128 The varieties of religious experience : a study in human nature / James, William. BR110 Jam 2015  Yale-NUS Library
129 Anthropology and global counterinsurgency / edited by John D. Kelly … [et al.] GN560 Uni.An 2010 Yale-NUS Faculty Publications
130 The unbearable lightness of being / Milan Kundera ; translated from the Czech by Michael Henry Heim. PG5038 K96Un 2009  Yale-NUS Library
131 Profane culture / Paul E. Willis ; with a new preface by the author. HQ799 Gre.Wi 2014  Yale-NUS Library
132 The Pluto files : the rise and fall of America’s favorite planet / Neil deGrasse Tyson. QB701 Tys 2014  Yale-NUS Library
133 The police power, public policy and constitutional rights / Ernst Freund. KF4695 Fre 2011  Yale-NUS Library
134 The Oxford handbook of depression and comorbidity / edited by C. Steven Richards and Michael W. O’Hara. RC537 Oxf 2014  Yale-NUS Library
135 Islandology : geography, rhetoric, politics / Marc Shell. GB471 She 2014  Yale-NUS Library
136 The Oxford companion to American politics / David Coates, editor in chief. JK275 Oxt 2012 v.2  Yale-NUS Library
137 Climate change, water and agriculture : towards resilient systems. QC903 Cli 2014  Yale-NUS Library
138 The Oxford companion to American politics / David Coates, editor in chief. JK275 Oxt 2012 v.1  Yale-NUS Library
139 Beginning the Mahābhārata : a reader’s guide to the frame stories / James W. Earl. BL1138.26 Ear 2011  Yale-NUS Library
140 Old Testament parallels : laws and stories from the ancient Near East / Victor H. Matthews and Don C. Benjamin. BS1180 Mat 2006  Yale-NUS Library
141 Trajectories of chemistry education innovation and reform / Thomas Holme, editor, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, Melanie M. Cooper, editor, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, Pratibha Varma-Nelson, editor, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Indianapolis, Indiana ; sponsored by the ACS Division of Chemical Education. QD40 Tra 2013  Yale-NUS Library
142 Represented communities : Fiji and world decolonization / John D. Kelly and Martha Kaplan. JV51 Kel 2001 Yale-NUS Faculty Publications
143 Foundations of macroecology / editors Felisa A. Smith, John L. Gittleman, and James H. Brown. QH541.15 Mac.Fo 2014  Yale-NUS Library
144 Planet of the bugs : evolution and the rise of insects / Scott Richard Shaw. QL468.7 Sha 2014  Yale-NUS Library
145 How Jesus became God : the exaltation of a Jewish preacher from Galilee / Bart D. Ehrman. BT304.9 Ehr 2014  Yale-NUS Library
146 A grammar for Biblical Hebrew / C.L. Seow. PJ4567 Seo 1995  Yale-NUS Library
147 How the earth turned green : a brief 3.8-billion-year history of plants / Joseph E. Armstrong. QK45.2 Arm 2014  Yale-NUS Library
148 Madhyamaka and Yogacara : allies or rivals? / edited by Jay L. Garfield, Jan Westerhoff. B162 Mad 2015 Yale-NUS Faculty Publications
149 The female eunuch / Germaine Greer. HQ1206 Gre 2008  Yale-NUS Library
150 Among the gentiles : Greco-Roman religion and Christianity / Luke Timothy Johnson. BR127 Joh 2008  Yale-NUS Library
151 Cancer ward / Alexander Solzhenitsyn ; translated from the Russian by Nicholas Bethell and David Burg. PG3488 S692C 1991  Yale-NUS Library
152 Epigenetics / editors, C. David Allis, Marie-Laure Caparros, Thomas Jenuwein, Danny Reinberg ; associate editor, Monica Lachner. QH450 Epi 2015  Yale-NUS Library
153 Das Boot [videorecording] / Film von Wolfgang Peterson ; nach dem Roman von Lothar-Günther Buchheim ; Buch und Regie, Wolfgang Peterson. PN1997 Boo 2004 2 dvds Multimedia (Yale-NUS Loan Desk)
154 Ocho apellidos vascos / TeleCinco Cinema presenta ; una produccíОn de Lazona, Kowalski Films, Snow ; en asociacíОn con Etb, MeidasetespãНa ; con la participacíОn de Canal+ ; un peĺИcula de Emilio Mart́Иnez-ĹАzaro ; productores Ghislain Barrois, Alvaro Augustin, Gonzalo Salazar-Simpson ; guíОn, Borja Cobeaga, Diego San JośЕ ; dirigida por Emilio Mart́Иnez-ĹАzaro. PN1997.2 Oav dvd Multimedia (Yale-NUS Loan Desk)
155 Beholden : religion, global health, and human rights / Susan R. Holman. BL65 Med.Ho 2015  Yale-NUS Library
156 The Norton anthology of world religions / Jack Miles, General Editor, Distinguished Professor of English and Religious Studies, University of California, Irvine. BL74 Nor 2015 v.1  Yale-NUS Library
157 Public produce : cultivating our parks, plazas, and streets for healthier cities / Darrin Nordahl. S441 Nor 2014  Yale-NUS Library
158 The years / Virginia Woolf. R6045 W913Ye 1965  Yale-NUS Library
159 Parisians : an adventure history of Paris / Graham Robb. DC723 Rob 2010  Yale-NUS Library
160 Understanding genesis / Nahum M. Sarna. BS1235.3 Sar 1970  Yale-NUS Library
161 The second common reader / Virginia Woolf ; edited and introducted by Andrew McNeillie. PR99 Woo 1986  Yale-NUS Library
162 The Bible, violence, and the sacred : liberation from the myth of sanctioned violence / James G. Williams. BS680 Vio.Wi 2007  Yale-NUS Library
163 The common reader. First series / Virginia Woolf ; edited and introduced by Andrew McNeillie. PN511 Woo 1984  Yale-NUS Library
164 The HarperCollins Bible dictionary. BS440 Har 2011  Yale-NUS Library
165 Final frontier : the pioneering science and technology of exploring the universe / Brian Clegg. TL793 Cle 2014  Yale-NUS Library
166 The HarperCollins study Bible : New Revised Standard Version, including the Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical books / general editor, revised edition, Harold W. Attridge ; general editor, original edition, Wayne A. Meeks ; associate editors, Jouette M. Bassler . BS191.5 Bib 2006  Yale-NUS Library
167 The Norton anthology of world religions / Jack Miles, General Editor, Distinguished Professor of English and Religious Studies, University of California, Irvine. BL74 Nor 2015 v.2  Yale-NUS Library
168 Information graphics / Sandra Rendgen ; ed., Julius Wiedemann ; [with essays by Paolo Ciuccarelli, Richard Saul Wurman, Simon Rogers ; including a poster by Nigel Holmes]. P93.5 Ren 2012  Yale-NUS Library
169 Greek grammar beyond the basics : an exegetical syntax of the New Testament with scripture, subject, and Greek word indexes / Daniel B. Wallace. PA851 Wal 1996  Yale-NUS Library
170 Ritual : perspectives and dimensions / Catherine Bell. BL600 Bel  Yale-NUS Library
171 Genesis : a commentary / Bruce K. Waltke with Cathi J. Fredricks. BS1235.3 Wal 2001  Yale-NUS Library
172 Anna Karenina : a novel in eight parts / Leo Tolstoy ; translated by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky. PG3366 A.Pev 2002  Yale-NUS Library
173 Religion in Roman Egypt : assimilation and resistance / David Frankfurter. BL2455 Fra 1998  Yale-NUS Library
174 A writer’s diary : being extracts from the diary of Virginia Woolf / Virginia Woolf ; edited by Leonard Woolf. PR6045 W913Wr 1982  Yale-NUS Library
175 Habit©Аt / all photography, illustrations and text, Atelier HOKO. SB472.7 Hab 2014  Yale-NUS Library
176 A textual commentary on the Greek New Testament : a companion volume to the United Bible Societies’ Greek New Testament (fourth revised edition) / by Bruce M. Metzger. BS2325 Met 1994  Yale-NUS Library
177 Phenomenon no. II : an anlysis by x / [Ng Su-Jin] PL5150 Nsj.Ph 2013  Yale-NUS Library
178 The unsavoury alphabet : the notebooks of Mike Blood P.I. / Gene Whitlock. NC1320 Whi 2014  Yale-NUS Library
179 The subtle revolution : poets of the “old schools” during late Qing and early Republican China / Jon Eugene von Kowallis. PL2327 Kow 2006  Yale-NUS Library
180 Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy / edited by Joseph T. Lienhard ; in collaboration with Ronnie J. Rombs ; general editor, Thomas C. Oden. BS1225.3 Exo 2001  Yale-NUS Library
181 The Cambridge star atlas / Wil Tirion. QB65 Tir 2014  Yale-NUS Library
182 Hong Kong / Tsen-Waye Tay. DS796 Hon.Ta 2013  Yale-NUS Library
183 Sicily : art and invention between Greece and Rome / edited by Claire L. Lyons, Michael Bennett, Clemente Marconi ; with Alexandra Sofroniew. DG55 Sic.Si 2013  Yale-NUS Library
184 Basics of biblical Greek grammar / William D. Mounce. PA817 Mou 2009  Yale-NUS Library
185 Creative cultures : the Singapore showcase / editor-in-chief : Justin Long. N7330.12 Cre 2012  Yale-NUS Library
186 As quietly as rhythms go / Geraldine Kang. N7330.12 Kan 2014  Yale-NUS Library
187 Can! / Jonas Ericsson. HD62.5 Eri 2012  Yale-NUS Library
188 Women’s work in New England, 1620-1920 / editor, Peter Benes ; associate editor, Jane Montague Benes. HQ1438 Newe.Du 2001  Yale-NUS Faculty Publications
189 How God became Jesus : the real origins of belief in Jesus’ divine nature–a response to Bart Ehrman / Michael F. Bird, Craig A. Evans, Simon J. Gathercole, Charles E. Hill, Chris Tilling. BT216.3 How 2014  Yale-NUS Library
190 My kampong sketches / Ishak bin Ahamad. NC1720.12 Ish 2013  Yale-NUS Library
191 Educating for hope in troubled times : climate change and the transition to a post-carbon future / David Hicks. GE70 Hic 2014  Yale-NUS Library
192 Situated utterances : texts, bodies, and cultural representations / Harry Berger, Jr. ; introduction by Judith H. Anderson. PN511 Ber 2005  Yale-NUS Library
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