June 2015 New Additions to the Library

S/N Title Call Number Location
1 The law of second marriages / by Christine Chia. PL5150 Cch.La 2011  Yale-NUS Library
2 Tales from a tiny room : short stories / Wayne Ree. PL5150 Ree.Ta 2014  Yale-NUS Library
3 Fish eats lion : new Singaporean speculative fiction / edited by Jason Erik Lundberg. PL5147.3 Fis 2012  Yale-NUS Library
4 Occupational hazards / poems by Mayo Martin. PR9900 Phi.Ma 2014  Yale-NUS Library
5 Onkalo / poems by Bernice Chauly. PL5147.1 Cha.On 2013  Yale-NUS Library
6 Making love with scrabble tiles / poems by Joshua Ip. PL5150 Ip.Ma 2013  Yale-NUS Library
7 The monsters between us : poems / by Jason Wee. PL5147.1 Wee 2013  Yale-NUS Library
8 Love is an empty barstool / poems by Pooja Nansi. PL5149 Np.Lo 2014  Yale-NUS Library
9 Payday loans : poems / by Jee Leong Koh. PL5150 Kje.Pa 2014  Yale-NUS Library
10 Hello, baby : poems / by Jocelyn Lau. PL5147.1 Lau 2013  Yale-NUS Library
11 Derivative faith / poems by Jollin Tan. PL5150 Tj.De 2013  Yale-NUS Library
12 Transparent strangers : poems / by Loh Guan Liang. PL5150 Lgl.Tr 2012  Yale-NUS Library
13 The invisible manuscript / poems by Alfian Sa’at. PL5149 As.In 2014  Yale-NUS Library
14 Straw, sticks, brick : poems / by Cyril Wong. PL5147.1 Won 2012  Yale-NUS Library
15 Bursting seams / poems by Jollin Tan. PL5150 Tj.B 2013  Yale-NUS Library
16 Tilting our plates to catch the light / Cyril Wong. PL5149 Wc.T 2007  Yale-NUS Library
17 Tender delirium / poems by Tanie De Rozario. PL5150 Rtd.T 2013  Yale-NUS Library
18 Scattered vertebrae / poems by Jerrold Yam. PL5150 Yj.S 2013  Yale-NUS Library
19 Chasing curtained suns : poems / by Jerrold Yam. PL5150 Yam.C 2012  Yale-NUS Library
20 We were always eating expired things / poems by Cheryl Julia Lee. PL5150 Lee 2014  Yale-NUS Library
21 Unmarked treasure : poems / by Cyril Wong. PL5149 Wc.U 2004  Yale-NUS Library
22 A luxury we cannot afford : an anthology of Singapore poetry / edited by Christine Chia and Joshua Ip. PL5147.1 Lux 2014  Yale-NUS Library
23 SingPoWriMo : the anthology / edited by Ann Ang, Joshua Ip and Pooja Nansi. PL5147.1 Sin 2014  Yale-NUS Library
24 The work of literature / Derek Attridge. PN45 Att 2015  Yale-NUS Library
25 Literature in the Roman world / edited by Oliver Taplin. PA6019 Lit 2007  Yale-NUS Library
26 Fragments of Roman poetry, c.60 BC-AD 20 / edited with an introduction, translation, and commentary by Adrian S. Hollis. PA6121 Fra 2009  Yale-NUS Library
27 Earth system governance : world politics in the anthropocene / Frank Biermann. GE149 Bie 2014  Yale-NUS Library
28 Miniature metropolis : literature in an age of photography and film / Andreas Huyssen. PN56 Cit.Hu 2015  Yale-NUS Library
29 The art of the sonnet / Stephen Burt and David Mikics. PR1195 Son.B 2011  Yale-NUS Library
30 South Asia : societies in political and economic transition / edited by Tan Tai Yong. DS341 Sou 2010 Yale-NUS Faculty Publications
31 The Oxford handbook of the Atlantic world, 1450-1850 / edited by Nicholas Canny and Philip Morgan. D210 Oxf 2013  Yale-NUS Library
32 Late antiquity : a guide to the postclassical world / G.W. Bowersock, Peter Brown, Oleg Grabar, editors. DE5 Lat 1999  Yale-NUS Library
33 Kaironomia : on the will-to-invent / Eric Charles White. PN221 Whi 1987  Yale-NUS Library
34 On immunity : an inoculation / Eula Biss. RJ240 Biss 2014  Yale-NUS Library
35 Place : an introduction / Tim Cresswell. GF50 Cre 2015  Yale-NUS Library
36 The healer’s calling : women and medicine in early New England / Rebecca J. Tannenbaum. R692 Tan 2009 Yale-NUS Faculty Publications
37 The essence of chaos / Edward Lorenz. Q172.5 Cha.L 1995 Yale-NUS Loan Desk
38 The essence of chaos / Edward Lorenz. Q172.5 Cha.L 1995 Yale-NUS Loan Desk
39 Literature and politics today : the political nature of modern fiction, poetry, and drama / M. Keith Booker, editor. PN51 Lit 2015  Yale-NUS Library
40 The good, the bad, and the ugly : three banned plays / by Elangovan. PL5149 Ela.G 2014  Yale-NUS Library
41 Art studio / by Yeng Pway Ngon ; translated by Goh Beng Choo and Loh Guan Liang. PL5149 Ypn.Ar 2014  Yale-NUS Library
42 I ate Tiong Bahru / Stephen Black. DS599.2 Bla 2013  Yale-NUS Library
43 Speaker : a novel of Jin / Joyce Chng. PL5147.3 Chn.Sp 2013  Yale-NUS Library
44 Unrest / Yeng Pway Ngon ; translated  by Jeremy Tiang. PL5149 Ypn.Un 2012  Yale-NUS Library
45 Spectre : stories from dark to light / Verena Tay. PL5149 Tv.S 2012  Yale-NUS Library
46 Bedok reservoir / by Wesley Leon Aroozoo. PL5150 Aro.Be 2012  Yale-NUS Library
47 Parvathi dreams about his sex / Vinita Ramani Mohan. PL5150 Moh.Pa 2012  Yale-NUS Library
48 Circle line / Theophilus Kwek. PL5150 Kt.C 2014  Yale-NUS Library
49 Embracing the strange : the transformative impact of speculative fiction / by Jason Erik Lundberg. PL5147.3 Lun 2014  Yale-NUS Library
50 I’m still here / Belinda Wan. PL5150 Wb.Im 2011  Yale-NUS Library
51 Careless / Jacqueline Ong. PL5150 Oj.Ca 2011  Yale-NUS Library
52 Changing forms and cultural identity : religious and secular iconographies. N7300 Cha 2014  Yale-NUS Library
53 Adventures of the black square : abstract art and society 1915-2015 / edited by Iwona Blazwick with Sophie McKinlay, Magnus af Petersens and Candy Stobbs. N6494 Abs.Ad 2015  Yale-NUS Library
54 Art in Vienna 1898-1918 : Klimt, Kokoschka, Schiele and their contemporaries / Peter Vergo. NX600 Wie.Ve 2015  Yale-NUS Library
55 The letters of Gelasius I (492-496) : pastor and micro-manager of the Church of Rome / introduction, translation and notes by Bronwen Neil and Pauline Allen. BX1051 Gel 2014  Yale-NUS Library
56 Muses, mistresses and mates : creative collaborations in literature, art and life / edited by Izabella Penier and Anna Suwalska-KołЕcka. PN56 Cre.Mu 2015  Yale-NUS Library
57 Psychogeography / Merlin Coverley. G70 Cov 2010  Yale-NUS Library
58 Rhythmanalysis : space, time, and everyday life / Henri Lefebvre ; translated by Stuart Elden and Gerald Moore ; with an introduction by Stuart Elden. BH301 Rhy.Le 2013  Yale-NUS Library
59 The best is not too good for you : new approaches to public collections in England / edited by the Contemporary Art Society and Whitechapel Gallery. N8846 Gre.Be 2014  Yale-NUS Library
60 Richard Diebenkorn / exhibition curators, Sarah C. Bancroft with Edith Devaney. N6537 Die 2015  Yale-NUS Library
61 Marcus Agrippa : right-hand man of Caesar Augustus / by Lindsay Powell. DG291.7 Afr.Po 2015  Yale-NUS Library
62 Essays on religion and human rights : ground to stand on / David Little. BL65 Hum.Li 2014  Yale-NUS Library
63 The logic of life : uncovering the new economics of everything / Tim Harford. HB74 Psy.Hr 2008  Yale-NUS Library
64 Churchill and the Islamic world : Orientalism, empire and diplomacy in the Middle East / Warren Dockter. DA566.9 Chu.Do 2015  Yale-NUS Library
65 Freakonomics : a rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything / Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. HB74 Psy.Le 2006  Yale-NUS Library
66 Catiline / Barbara Levick. DG259 Lev 2015  Yale-NUS Library
67 Pollution and Crisis in Greek Tragedy / Fabian Meinel ; Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l’Homme in Aix-en-Provence. PA3131 Mei 2015  Yale-NUS Library
68 Dear undercover economist : the very best letters from the ‘Dear Economist’ column / by Tim Harford. HB74 Psy.Ha 2010  Yale-NUS Library
69 Authority figures : rhetoric and experience in John Locke’s political thought / Torrey Shanks. JC153 Loc.Sh 2014  Yale-NUS Library
70 The Rise of Islamic state : ISIS and the new Sunni Revolution / Patrick Cockburn. HV6433 Irq.Co 2015  Yale-NUS Library
71 The bourgeois : between history and literature / Franco Moretti. PN56 Mid.Mo 2014  Yale-NUS Library
72 The spirit of Mediterranean places / Michel Butor ; translated by Lydia Davis. PQ2603 B987G 1997  Yale-NUS Library
73 Escape from the Antarctic / Ernest Shackleton. G850 Sha.Es 2007  Yale-NUS Library
74 Synopsis of the four Gospels : completely revised on the basis of the Greek text of the Nestle-Aland 26th edition and Greek New Testament 3rd edition ; the text is the second edition of the Revised Standard Version / edited by Kurt Aland. BS2560 Ala 2010  Yale-NUS Library
75 The Jewish annotated New Testament : New Revised Standard Version Bible translation / Amy-Jill Levine and Marc Zvi Brettler, editors. BS2091.5 Jew 2011  Yale-NUS Library
76 The Holy Bible : quatercentenary edition : an exact reprint in Roman type page for page, line for line, and letter for letter of the King James Version, otherwise known as the Authorized Version, published in the year 1611, with an anniversary essay by Gor BS186 Hol 2010  Yale-NUS Library
77 The path of purity : being a translation of Buddhaghosa’s Visuddhimagga / by Pe Maung Tin. BQ1138 Bud.Pa 2003  Yale-NUS Library
78 Points of controversy, or, Subjects of discourse : being a translation of the Kathāvatthu from the Abhidhamma-Pịtaka / by Shwe Zan Aung and Mrs. Rhys Davids. BQ2542 Tip 2010  Yale-NUS Library
79 Encyclopedia of the history of astronomy and astrophysics / David Leverington. QB15 Lev 2013  Yale-NUS Library
80 Climate change in deserts : past, present and future / Martin Williams. QC884.5 Ari.Wi 2014  Yale-NUS Library
81 Parallel views : Italian and Japanese art from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s / edited by Allan Schwartzman ; essay by Joshua Mack ; panel response to Parallel views with Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Nicholas Cullinan, and Ming Tiampo ; catalogue design by Takaaki N6487 Dal.Pa 2014  Yale-NUS Library
82 Commentary on Isaiah : including St. Jerome’s translation of Origen’s Homilies 1-9 on Isaiah / St. Jerome ; translated and with an introduction by Thomas P. Scheck. BR65 Jer.Is 2014  Yale-NUS Library
83 Against interpretation : and other essays / Susan Sontag. PN771 Son 1990  Yale-NUS Library
84 Literature’s sensuous geographies : postcolonial matters of place / Sten Pultz Moslund. PN56 Geo.Mo 2015  Yale-NUS Library
85 States of war : enlightenment origins of the political / David William Bates. JC171 Bat 2012  Yale-NUS Library
86 The living line : modern art and the economy of energy / Robin Veder. N6512.5 Mod.Ve 2015  Yale-NUS Library
87 The demon’s daughter : a love story from South India / Piṅgaḷi Sūrana ; translated with an afterword by Velcheru Narayana Rao and David Shulman. PL4780.9 Pin.Pr 2006  Yale-NUS Library
88 Objects of affection : poems / by Krishna Udayasankar. PR9499.4 Uda.Ob 2013  Yale-NUS Library
89 Keeping skeletons / poems by Tan Lixin. PL5150 Tlx 2013  Yale-NUS Library
90 After you : poems / by Cyril Wong. PL5149 Wc.Af 2013  Yale-NUS Library
91 I didn’t know Mani was a conceptualist : poems / by Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé. PL5150 Kd.Id 2014  Yale-NUS Library
92 Echolocation : poems / by Mani Rao. PR9797 R2152E 2014  Yale-NUS Library
93 English breakfast : poems / by Jay Bernard. PR6102 B519 2014  Yale-NUS Library
94 Life along the Silk Road / Susan Whitfield. DS33.1 Whi 2015  Yale-NUS Library
95 The Lord who is half woman : Ardhanārīśvara in Indian and feminist perspective / Ellen Goldberg. BL1218 Gol 2002  Yale-NUS Library
96 Performance art : from futurism to the present / by RoseLee Goldberg. NX456.5 Per.Go 2011  Yale-NUS Library
97 Ways of making and knowing : the material culture of empirical knowledge / edited by Pamela H. Smith, Amy R. W. Meyers, and Harold J. Cook. AZ101 Way 2014  Yale-NUS Library
98 From ancient to modern : archaeology and aesthetics / edited by Jennifer Y. Chi and Pedro Azara ; including contributions by Jennifer Y. Chi, Pedro Azara, Marc Marín, William B. Hafford, Richard L. Zettler, Holly Pittman, Naomi F. Miller, Kim Benzel, N5370 Fro 2015  Yale-NUS Library
99 Cell biology / Thomas D. Pollard, William C. Earnshaw ; illustrated by Graham T. Johnson. QH581.2 Pol 2008  Yale-NUS Library
100 POP : Pop art myths / Paloma Alarcó ; texts by Francisco Calvo Serraller, Thomas Crow ; [curator, Paloma Alarcó ; essays, Paloma Alarcó, Francisco Calvo Serraller, Thomas Crow] N6494 Pop.Pe 2014  Yale-NUS Library
101 Fra Angelico to Leonardo : Italian Renaissance drawings / Hugo Chapman and Marzia Faietti. NC255 Cha 2010  Yale-NUS Library
102 Human molecular genetics / Tom Strachan and Andrew Read. QH442 Str 2011  Yale-NUS Library
103 Walk the line : the art of drawing / Marc Valli & Ana Ibarra. NC730 Val 2013  Yale-NUS Library
104 The fabliaux : a new verse translation / translated by Nathaniel E. Dubin ; introduction by R. Howard Bloch. PQ1319 Fab 2013  Yale-NUS Library
105 Arthurian romances / Chrétien de Troyes ; translated with an introduction and notes by William W. Kibler (Erec and Enide translated by Carleton W. Carroll) PQ1447 Chr 1991  Yale-NUS Library
106 Word by word we build ourselves : 55 commonly used words in the design office of H55 / by Hanson Ho. NK1165 Hoh 2015  Yale-NUS Library
107 They say / I say : the moves that matter in academic writing / Gerald Graff, Cathy Birkenstein, both of the University of Illinois at Chicago. PE1431 Gra 2014  Yale-NUS Library
108 P. Ovidi Nasonis Tristium libri quinque ;  Ibis ; Ex Ponto libri quattuor ; Halieutica ; Fragmenta / recognovit brevique adnotatione critica instruxit S.G. Owen. PA6519 Ovi 1991  Yale-NUS Library
109 Poetry in the making : a handbook for writing and teaching / Ted Hughes. PR6058 H894Po 2008  Yale-NUS Library
110 The resident tourist / by Troy Chin ; [edited by Joyce Sim]. PL5150 Ct.Re 2008 pt.2  Yale-NUS Library
111 The resident tourist / by Troy Chin ; [edited by Joyce Sim]. PL5150 Ct.Re 2009 pt.3  Yale-NUS Library
112 The resident tourist / by Troy Chin ; [edited by Joyce Sim]. PL5150 Ct.Re 2010 pt.4  Yale-NUS Library
113 The resident tourist / by Troy Chin ; [edited by Joyce Sim]. PL5150 Ct.Re 2007 pt.1  Yale-NUS Library
114 The resident tourist / by Troy Chin ; [edited by Joyce Sim]. PL5150 Ct.Re 2014 pt.6  Yale-NUS Library
115 The resident tourist / by Troy Chin ; [edited by Joyce Sim]. PL5150 Ct.Re 2011 pt.5  Yale-NUS Library
116 Old Testament figures in art / Chiara de Capoa ; edited by Stefano Zuffi ; translated by Thomas Michael Hartmann. N8020 Dec 2003  Yale-NUS Library
117 The yogin & the madman : reading the biographical corpus of Tibet’s great saint Milarepa / Andrew Quintman. BQ7950 Mil.Qu 2014  Yale-NUS Library
118 I served the King of England / Bohumil Hrabal ; translated from the Czech by Paul Wilson. PG5039.18 H873O 2007  Yale-NUS Library
119 Against love : a polemic / Laura Kipnis. HQ806 Kip 2004  Yale-NUS Library
120 The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali : a biography / David Gordon White. B132 Yog.Wh 2014  Yale-NUS Library
121 Still lives : death, desire, and the portrait of the old master / Maria H. Loh. N6922 Loh 2015  Yale-NUS Library
122 Law and economics / Robert B. Cooter Jr., Thomas Ulen. K487 Inf.C 2014  Yale-NUS Library
123 Molecular mechanisms of photosynthesis / by Robert E. Blankenship. QK882 Bla 2014  Yale-NUS Library
124 Art of Renaissance Venice 1400-1600 / Loren Partridge. N6921 Ven.Pa 2015  Yale-NUS Library
125 Unexpected art : serendipitous installations, site-specific works, and surprising interventions / edited by Jenny Moussa Spring ; preface by Florentijn Hofman ; introduction by Christian L. Frock. N6494 Ins.Un 2015  Yale-NUS Library
126 Integrated Chinese = Zhong wen ting shuo du xie. Level 2, part 1 / by Yuehua Liu … [et al.]. PL1129 Eng.In 2010 Character workbook  Yale-NUS Library
127 Integrated Chinese = Zhong wen ting shuo du xie. Level 2, part 1 / by Yuehua Liu … [et al.]. PL1129 Eng.In 2010 Workbook  Yale-NUS Library
128 What every economics student needs to know and doesn’t get in the usual principles text / John Komlos, University of Munich, Professor Emeritus. HB171 Kom 2015  Yale-NUS Library
129 Multiculturalism rethought : interpretations, diemmas and new directions : essays in honour of Bhikhu Parekh / edited by Varun Uberoi and Tariq Modood. HM1271 Mul 2015  Yale-NUS Library
130 The bastard of Istanbul / Elif Shafak. PR9900 Tur.Sh 2008  Yale-NUS Library
131 Woes of the true policeman / Roberto Bolaño ; translated from the Spanish by Natasha Wimmer. PQ8098.12 B687W 2012  Yale-NUS Library
132 The Third Reich / Roberto Bolaño ; translated from the Spanish by Natasha Wimmer. PQ8098.12 B687Th 2011  Yale-NUS Library
133 Notable American women : a novel / Ben Marcus. PS3563 M322N 2002  Yale-NUS Library
134 Remainder / by Tom McCarthy. PR6113 M123R 2005  Yale-NUS Library
135 Little failure : a memoir / Gary Shteyngart. PS3619 S562L 2014  Yale-NUS Library
136 The luminaries : a novel / Eleanor Catton. PR9696 C369L 2013  Yale-NUS Library
137 The bear : history of a fallen king / Michel Pastoureau ; translated by George Holoch. GR730 Bea.Pa 2011  Yale-NUS Library
138 The devil’s cloth : a history of stripes / Michel Pastoureau ; translated by Jody Gladding. GT520 Pas 2003  Yale-NUS Library
139 Absurdistan / Gary Shteyngart. PS3619 S562A 2007  Yale-NUS Library
140 Istanbul passage : a novel / Joseph Kanon. PS3561 K163I 2012  Yale-NUS Library
141 The Silk Road : Central Asia, Afghanistan and Iran : a travel companion / Jonathan Tucker ; introduction by Paul Theroux. DS329.4 Tuc 2015  Yale-NUS Library
142 A Latin grammar / James Morwood. PA2087 Mor 1999  Yale-NUS Library
143 Shocking Paris : Soutine, Chagall and the outsiders of Montparnasse / Stanley Meisler. ND553 Sou.Me 2015  Yale-NUS Library
144 Dept. of speculation / Jenny Offill. PS3565 O31D 2014  Yale-NUS Library
145 Blueprints of the afterlife / Ryan Boudinot. PS3602 B756B 2012  Yale-NUS Library
146 The hall of uselessness : collected essays / Simon Leys. AC25 Ley 2013  Yale-NUS Library
147 Leaving the sea : stories / Ben Marcus. PS3563 M322L 2014  Yale-NUS Library
148 The Russian debutante’s handbook / Gary Shteyngart. PS3619 S562R 2003  Yale-NUS Library
149 The love affairs of Nathaniel P. : a novel / Adelle Waldman. PS3623 W162L 2013  Yale-NUS Library
150 The utopia experiment / Dylan Evans. BF109 Eva 2015  Yale-NUS Library
151 Vicky Swanky is a beauty / Diane Williams. PS3573 W721V 2012  Yale-NUS Library
152 So you’ve been publicly shamed / Jon Ronson. BF575 Sha.Ro 2015  Yale-NUS Library
153 The people of paper / by Salvador Plascencia. PS3616 P715P 2006  Yale-NUS Library
154 Robert Rauschenberg : breaking boundaries / Robert S. Mattison. N6537 Rau.M 2003  Yale-NUS Library
155 Classic human anatomy : the artist’s guide to form, function, and movement / Valerie L. Winslow. NC760 Win 2009  Yale-NUS Library
156 Walking and mapping : artists as cartographers / Karen O’Rourke. NX175 Oro 2013  Yale-NUS Library
157 Noise, water, meat : a history of sound in the arts / Douglas Kahn. NX650 Sou.K 2001  Yale-NUS Library
158 Political economics : explaining economic policy / Torsten Persson and Guido Tabellini. HD87 Per  Yale-NUS Library
159 Dancing around the Bride : Cage, Cunningham, Johns, Rauschenberg, and Duchamp / edited by Carlos Basualdo and Erica F. Battle ; with essay by Calvin Tomkins ; text selection by Reinaldo Laddaga ; and chronology by Paul B. Franklin. N6853 Duc.Da 2012  Yale-NUS Library
160 Darwin’s dangerous idea : evolution and the meanings of life / Daniel C. Dennett. H375 Den 1995  Yale-NUS Library
161 No such thing as silence : John Cage’s 4’33 / Kyle Gann. ML410 Cag.Ga 2010  Yale-NUS Library
162 Draw it with your eyes closed : the art of the art assignment / edited by Paper Monument ; [editors, Dushko Petrovich, Roger White] N90 Dra 2012  Yale-NUS Library
163 Wanderlust : a history of walking / Rebecca Solnit. GV199.5 Sol 2001  Yale-NUS Library
164 Stranger and friend : the way of an anthropologist. HM73 Pow 1966  Yale-NUS Library
165 The devil in the shape of a woman : witchcraft in colonial New England / Carol F. Karlsen. BF1576 Kar 1998  Yale-NUS Library
166 Darwin’s dangerous idea : evolution and the meanings of life / Daniel C. Dennett. QH375 Den 1995  Yale-NUS Library
167 The poetics of space / Gaston Bachelard ; translated from the French by Maria Jolas ; with a new foreword by John R. Stilgoe. B2430 Bac.P 1994  Yale-NUS Library
168 Social choice and individual values / Kenneth J. Arrow ; foreword by Eric S. Maskin. HM271 Arr 2012  Yale-NUS Library
169 The moral brain : a multidisciplinary perspective / edited by Jean Decety and Thalia Wheatley. QP360.5 Mor 2015  Yale-NUS Library
170 The sociology of Georg Simmel ; translated, edited, and with an introd., by Kurt H. Wolff. HM57 Sim  Yale-NUS Library
171 Roman satire and the old comic tradition / Jennifer L. Ferriss-Hill, University of Miami. PA6095 Fer 2014  Yale-NUS Library
172 Wittgenstein’s mistress / David Markson. PS3563 M345W 2015  Yale-NUS Library
173 The age of miracles / Karen Thompson Walker. PS3623 W181A 2013  Yale-NUS Library
174 The twenty-seventh city / Jonathan Franzen. PS3556 F837T 2013  Yale-NUS Library
175 Salinger / David Shields, Shane Salerno. PS3569 S555S 2013  Yale-NUS Library
176 The flame alphabet / Ben Marcus. PS3563 M322F 2012  Yale-NUS Library
177 Isis : inside the army of terror / Michael Weiss, Hassan Hassan. HV6433 Irq.We 2015  Yale-NUS Library
178 The politics of the human / Anne Phillips. BD450 Phi 2015  Yale-NUS Library
179 The pale king : an unfinished novel / David Foster Wallace. PS3573 W1881P 2012  Yale-NUS Library
180 East and West in the world empire of Alexander : essays in honour of Brian Bosworth / edited by Pat Wheatley and Elizabeth Baynham. DF234 Eas 2015  Yale-NUS Library
181 P̄Аli Buddha’s language : a complete teach-yourself course for beginners in 10 simple lessions / by Kurt Schmidt. PK1023 Sch 2011  Yale-NUS Library
182 Education for socially engaged art : a materials and techniques handbook / Pablo Helguera. N72 Soc.He 2011  Yale-NUS Library
183 Threats / Amelia Gray. PS3607 G778T 2012  Yale-NUS Library
184 The Kraus project / essays by Karl Kraus ; translated and annotated by Jonathan Franzen ; with assistance and additional notes from Paul Reitter and Daniel Kehlmann. PT2621 K91K 2013  Yale-NUS Library
185 The age of wire and string : stories / by Ben Marcus. PS3563 M322A 2012  Yale-NUS Library
186 Journey to the end of the night / Louis-Ferdinand Céline ; translated from the French by Ralph Manheim ; afterword by William T. Vollmann. PQ2605 C392J 2006  Yale-NUS Library
187 The luxury of afterwards : the Christine Downing Lectures at San Diego State University 1995-2004 / Christine Downing. BL50 Dow 2004  Yale-NUS Library
188 The peregrine / J.A. Baker ; introduction by Robert Macfarlane. QL795 Bir.Ba 2005  Yale-NUS Library
189 Drawings of Albrecht Dürer. Selected, and with an introductory essay, by Heinrich Wölfflin. Translated by Stanley Appelbaum. With a new foreword by Alfred Werner. NC251 Dur.Wo 1970  Yale-NUS Library
190 Monet/Kelly / essays by Yve-Alain Bois and Sarah Lees. N6537 Kel.Mo 2014  Yale-NUS Library
191 The Virtues and Vices in the Arts : a Sourcebook / edited and with introductions by Shawn R. Tucker. PN49 Tuc 2015  Yale-NUS Library
192 Talking to ourselves / Andrés Neuman ; translated from the Spanish by Nick Caistor and Lorenza Garcia PQ6664 N489T 2015  Yale-NUS Library
193 Preludes : essays on the ludic imagination, 1961-1981 / Christine Downing. BF408 Dow 2005  Yale-NUS Library
194 The flamethrowers : a novel / Rachel Kushner. PS3611 K97F 2013  Yale-NUS Library
195 Interpreting the sacred : ways of viewing religion / William E. Paden. BL48 Pad 2003  Yale-NUS Library
196 God : a biography / Jack Miles. BS1192.6 Mil 1996  Yale-NUS Library
197 The art of fact : a historical anthology of literary journalism / edited by Kevin Kerrane and Ben Yagoda. PN6014 Art 1998  Yale-NUS Library
198 Homer / edited by Katherine Callen King. PA4037 Hom 1994 Yale-NUS Loan Desk
199 The Anchor book of new American short stories / edited by Ben Marcus. PS648 Sho.An 2004  Yale-NUS Library
200 Other selves : philosophers on friendship / edited by Michael Pakaluk. BJ1533 Fri.Ot 1991  Yale-NUS Library
201 Plato on love : Lysis, Symposium, Phaedrus, Alcibiades, with selections from Republic, Laws / edited by C.D.C. Reeve. B358 Pla 2006  Yale-NUS Library
202 Istanbul : memories and the city / Orhan Pamuk ; translated from the Turkish by Maureen Freely. DR723 Pam 2006  Yale-NUS Library
203 Tenth of December : stories / George Saunders. PS3569 S257T 2013  Yale-NUS Library
204 Monet, Gauguin, Van Gogh… : Japanese inspirations / exhibition director, Tobia Bezzola ; curator and project management, Sandra Gianfreda. N6847 Mon 2014  Yale-NUS Library
205 The structure of scientific revolutions / Thomas S. Kuhn ; with an introductory essay by Ian Hacking. Q175 Kuh 2012  Yale-NUS Library
206 Space and place : the perspective of experience / Yi-Fu Tuan. G71.5 Tua 1977  Yale-NUS Library
207 Pedagogical sketchbook / Paul Klee ; [introd. and translation by Sibyl Moholy-Nagy] NC703 Kle 1968  Yale-NUS Library
208 An attempt at exhausting a place in Paris / Georges Perec ; translated by Marc Lowenthal. PR9900 Par.Pe 2010  Yale-NUS Library
209 Hyperdrawing : beyond the lines of contemporary art / [edited by Phil Sawdon, Russell Marshall ; including Catherine Bertola …[et al.]]. NC96 Hyp 2012  Yale-NUS Library
210 Nature : course notes from the Collège de France / Maurice Merleau-Ponty ; compiled and with notes by Dominique Séglard ; translated from the French by Robert Vallier. BD581 Mer 2003  Yale-NUS Library
211 Contemporary drawing : from the 1960s to now / Katharine Stout. NC95 Sto 2014  Yale-NUS Library
212 Urban development in post-reform China : state, market, and space / Fulong Wu, Jiang Xu, Anthony Gar-On Yeh. HT384 Chi.Wu 2007  Yale-NUS Library
213 Image, music, text / Roland Barthes ; essays selected and translated by Stephen Heath. PN37 Bar 1977  Yale-NUS Library
214 The structure of scientific revolutions / Thomas S. Kuhn ; with an introductory essay by Ian Hacking. Q175 Kuh 2012  Yale-NUS Library
215 Exercises in style / by Raymond Queneau ; translated by Barbara Wright ; with new exercises translated by Chris Clarke ; and exercises in homage to Queneau by Jesse Ball [and nine others]. PQ2633 Que.Ex 2012  Yale-NUS Library
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