American Politics and the 2016 Presidential Election – Follow the Blog

“Many in the Yale-NUS community are watching American politics, and in particular the 2016 presidential election, with great interest. In a new seminar, ‘American Politics and the 2016 Presidential Election,’ Vice Rector and Lecturer Catherine Sanger joins forces with her talented and intrepid students to better understand the underlying ideologies, interests, and institutions that guide American political outcomes. More specifically the class is working to understand what is exceptional, what is predictable, and what is most consequential about the 2016 election and the candidacies of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders. In order to share our exploration and discoveries with the broader Yale-NUS community, the class has created this blog, which is a resource for pertinent articles, videos, and insights about the election. The community is invited to follow, pose questions, and comment on our posts.”