written by Shirin Chew  
Student exhibition by Keith Yap, Rachel Juay, Khwa Zhong Xuan, Shirin Chew and Tan XinYou

To love and be loved. What is love, and how do we love? The answers often evade us. Perhaps it is the conscious search for answers that begins to define our experience. All of us will go on to discover our own responses, as we continue to live lives punctuated by love.

Presenting Loved, an exhibition put together by a group of friends interested in exploring love and heartbreak through stories and objects donated by the public. In this installation, an object donated from former lovers and a short film based are on display. So join us in the Library to view and interact with these beautiful works. Visitors are invited to join the team in their reflections and share their experiences with love by penning it down on cards that will be curated in another exhibition to be held later in the semester.

 Loved runs from 11 September – 24 September 2017.