Yale-NUS College 2017 Capstones are now available in our repository

Check out the new repository that has last year’s Yale-NUS College Capstones archived.  If you are doing research for your Capstone you might want to take a look at the previous years for inspiration.

The top 3 capstones accessed this past week are:

  1. The Death of Muath al-Kasasbeh: the Politics of Mourning, Memory, Identity, & Power in Jordan
    By Chen, Ronald Y., Social Science, Click here to view
  2. Imagining Pokémon in the Real World
    By Koe, Loong Chen Marcus, Social Science, Click here to view
  3. “Di Sini, Semua Tergantung Kepada Kelapa Sawit” (Here, Everything Depends on Palm Oil): Society, Sustainability and The Political Ecology of Palm Oil Production in Jambi, Sumatra
    By Ami Firdaus Bin Mohamed Ali, Social Science, Click here to view

The link to the repository can be found below the search box on the Library homepage or through this link.  The capstones are only available to the Yale-NUS College community.