[Extended] Nanyang Trilogy Film Screening


If you missed the screening of Moon Over Malaya last month, student organisation Midnight Cinema and the Library are proud to showcase screenings for the two other films in the Nanyang Trilogy.

10 April: China Wife
11 April: Blood Stains the Valley of Love

Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Saga Lecture Theatre

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Movie synopsis

China Wife [1957]

Alternative English Title: She Married an Overseas Chinese
Directed by Chan Man 陈文
Language: Cantonese with English & Mandarin subtitles
Starring: Keung Chung-ping 姜中平, Nam Hung 南红, Patsy Kar Ling 嘉玲, Patrick Tse Yin 谢贤

Ah-gau (Keung Chung-ping) leaves his wife Sou Jing, and son in Macau for Nanyang to join his cousin (Patrick Tse Yin) in search of employment. A series of events propel Ah-gau into high society and he falls in love with a tycoon’s daughter, Ming-zyu, (Patsy Kar Ling). Abandoned by Ah-gau, Sou Jing suffers in utter poverty and journeys to Singapore in search of her husband.

Blood Stains The Valley Of Love [1957]

Alternative English Title: Bloodshed In The Valley Of Love
Directed by Chun Kim 秦剑 & Chor Yuen 楚原
Language: Cantonese with English & Mandarin subtitles
Starring: Patrick Tse Yin 谢贤, Keung Chung-ping 姜中平, Patsy Kar Ling 嘉玲, Lai Ming 麗明, Kong Suet 江雪, Molly Wu Kar 胡茄

A Chinese man, Yip Ching (Patrick Tse Yin) and a Malay girl Solina (Molly Wu Kar) are two young people very much in love. However, Yip Ching’s mother disapproves of this inter-racial relationship. When Yip Ching plans to visit his aunt and cousins in Hong Kong, Solina’s insecurity causes her to threaten him with a curse. Yip Ching proceeds with his trip to Hong Kong, but Solina’s curse appears to come true in a series of unfolding tragedies.

Movie synopsis provided by the Asian Film Archive.