Migration to new worlds, 1789-1970 1835-1906

Is an excellent collection of primary sources for researchers and others interested in migration. This collection is particularly useful for those exploring the social, political, and humanitarian aspects of migration. This database concentrates on the period 1800 to 1924 and covers all aspects of the migration experience, from motives and departures to arrival and permanent settlement.

The collection presents a unique insight into the personal stories of migrants during this period. Letter collections, travel journals, diaries, and oral histories provide a wealth of first-hand accounts for research into emigration experiences and the hardship of settlement. These are supplemented by scrapbooks, government papers, hand-drawn maps, watercolours, objects, emigration pamphlets, shipping papers and rare printed material which provide significant context to government legislation, commercial interests and living conditions for migrants during this period.

Online Access: http://linc.nus.edu.sg/record=b3852584

Thematic Areas covered include:

  • Motives for Emigration
  • Colonisation Companies and Emigration Societies
  • Departures: Port Conditions and Organisation
  • Ships and Shipping Lines
  • Journey Conditions
  • Arrivals: Ports and Early Experiences
  • Displaced Persons and Refugees
  • Religion, Ethnic Identity and Community Relations
  • Responses to Immigration
  • Politics, Legislation and Governance
  • Onward Travel
  • Permanent Settlement and Successive Generations
  • Remigration