Exhibition: Factory (Super)Women

To kick off the Singapore Bicentennial celebrations, the Library presents an exhibition that features narratives of Singapore women who were a part of Singapore’s economic growth in the 1980s. Curated by our very own Yale-NUS Alumni, Pang Wei Han (’19), this exhibition was a product collaborative project that saw many Yale-NUS student contributions.

Don’t forget to catch The Factory (Super)Women 30-minute documentary in the exhibition space. This documentary was screened as part of The Future of Our Pasts Festival in February this year.

This exhibition runs from 8 August to 13 September.

About the exhibition:

“Factory (Super)Women is a documentary film and exhibition that portrays the narratives of factory women who paved the way towards Singapore’s economic success. Inspired by his mother and grandmother’s experiences as factory workers, Wei Han seeks to record the oral history of female factory workers.

By providing the women a platform to remember, reminisce and reflect about their own experiences, Factory (Super)Women is infused with their bittersweet memories of factory work – from the stress and struggles of the production line, to the sense of community and sisterhood with their fellow workers.”

Write up taken from the Factory (Super)Women page.