Staying Engaged: A COVID-19 Resource List

The Library has put together a list of resources to help you navigate the digital work space during this pandemic, including Library resources that you already have access to. We have also included tools you can incorporate into your daily lives so that you can continue to connect with others, practice self-care and engage in recreational activities!

Finish the Semester Strong: Academic Resources

Yale-NUS Library Resources

NUS Libraries Resources


Wellness & Well-being



  • Keep a plant growing on the Flora app. The less time you spend on your screen, the more it grows!
  • Smiling Mind app for meditation and concentration for all ages
  • Listen to a this playlist of non-vocal ASMR sounds for total relaxation


Get Inspired: Art & Entertainment


  • Don’t have a Netflix subscription? Access Kanopy, through our Library On Demand service!
  • Watch your favorite shows and movies with your friends during the circuit-breaker with Netflix Party. (Your friends must also have a Netflix subscription for this to work)
  • Get recommendations of films of and about Singapore via Telegram

Dance & Performance Art



Explore new worlds

  • Google AR Animals: If you have an AR-ready device, Google search an animal and see if Google has a virtual, 3D animal ready for you to play with! See what you can find.
  • Stargaze with SkyView

Staying Connected With Others

How to stay connected

Through fun & games

  • Play trivia games, pictionary and more on Houseparty!
  • Watch a Netflix show with your friends on Netflix Party (Your friends must have a Netflix subscription for this to work)
  • More game ideas