Exhibition Space Guidelines

Exhibition Space Guidelines 

As part of its mission to foster curiosity in its community of learning, the Library coordinates and curates exhibitions that are educational, cultural and intellectual in nature. Exhibitions and their content comprise a wide range of works generated by students, faculty, and departments of Yale-NUS College, NUS partners, and external organisations. The Library aims to balance the types of exhibitions it curates to reflect the wide range of interests in the College community.


The Library selects exhibitions that meet the following criteria:

  • Closely align with Yale-NUS College curricula and/or larger interests of the College
  • Relevant to the Library’s collection and/or collection goals
  • Have a broad appeal for diverse groups in our community
  • Provide access to unique content or material
  • Ease of installation and associated costs
  • The desired timing of exhibition and associated events

Proposing an exhibit

To propose an exhibit for the Library’s exhibition space, please submit an Exhibition Proposal and email library@yale-nus.edu.sg.

The Library will determine the suitability of the proposed exhibition based on the criteria above.