Specialized Research Materials

The College Library will carefully consider and attempt to accommodate all faculty requests for materials that support their research.  Such requests are actively sought and most will be fulfilled in a timely and reasonable manner. Exceptional requests for specialized research materials will be evaluated under the following policies and procedures.

Faculty requests for research materials that are costly, voluminous, scarce, or require special handling, will be evaluated and approved by the College Librarian.  In some cases, the Librarian may require some of the following:

Brief explanation of need and intended use, verbally or in writing

Scholarly assistance from requestor to completely describe and identify materials

Endorsement of Division Director or Dean of Faculty

External financial support or internal grant support (full or partial matching funds)


Requests will have priority when:

Supporting current or planned curriculum

Complementing broader or related research fields already under study

Matched with research themes and subjects emphasized in the College

Identified as an area of research growth

Relevant to capstone projects and undergraduate research initiatives


Requests may be declined if:

Duplicated at NUS Libraries

Accessible at another Singapore library

Items are easily obtained by Interlibrary loan (ILL)

Equivalent digital versions are available, complete, clear and useable

Format of the work requires special equipment

Storage and preservation requires facilities not available

They are effectively unobtainable due to rarity, cost or conditions of purchase