Personal Librarian

How can my Personal Librarian help me?

Personal Librarians will contact first-year students twice a semester to announce workshops and new resources. We will also share tips and tricks on how to get the most out of our fantastic Library. Send us an email or visit us at the library to see us to ask us questions about research and library resources (although please feel free to meet with any staff member!).

Ask me about:

  • Evaluating Information
  • Research Questions
  • Citation Management
  • Proxy Bookmark
  • Google Scholar
  • Library Databases
  • eBooks

Things I don’t do (but I’ll help you find out who can)

  • Print, change passwords NUSNET.
  • Renew your books
  • Get books from Central for delivery
  • Your assignment

First-year Students from each Residential College are matched with a Personal Librarian. 

We will help you to research with confidence.


James Wong
Science Librarian

Priyanka Sharma
Principal Librarian
Humanities Librarian

Chris Tang
Senior Librarian
Social Sciences Librarian