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Intralibrary Loan [available to Faculty & Staff]

Go Local with NUS Intralibrary Loan

A delivery service for Faculty and Staff to request for books from NUS libraries to Yale-NUS College Library. Access over 2.2 million titles available at NUS Libraries. Request for materials online and pick them up at Yale-NUS College Library.

ILLiad [available to Students, Faculty & Staff]

Go Global With ILLiad

An Interlibrary loan service for Yale-NUS College community that borrows items from other Universities around the world. As part of ILLiad, a document delivery service (a chapter/article) is also provided. [FAQ]


Login to ILLiad to place requests

Items that CAN be requested
Items NOT found in the Library Catalogue
Items that will be DIFFICULT to get
Items found in the Library Catalogue
Items found in the Library Catalogue but marked as unavailable
  • Incomplete citations
  • Audio/visual materials
  • Rare or valuable materials such as manuscripts/first edition books
  • Materials that are recently published
What is the difference between a Loan and Scan?
A Loan request is to ask for the physical item whilst a Scan request is for a document delivery of a book chapter or journal article where you generally receive the material as a .pdf file.
How long does it take?
Scan request (Document Delivery Service) can take up to 3 – 5 business day. More obscure article/chapter requests can take 1 month or longer.A Loan request can take between 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the availability of items at the lending library and shipping method used.
What are my Copyright Limits?

As a general rule, ILLiad’s Document Delivery Service can provide a copy of:

  • One article or 10% from a single journal issue
  • One chapter or 10% from a single monograph
We ask that you use this service responsibly- please collect your materials promptly and return them when due.
For more information, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Help and support
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