6) Why must a Copyright Declaration (S52) form be filled to publish scanned readings in Canvas?

To make the materials accessible to multiple users in a secured environment while still complying with the Copyright Act, you need to declare your readings.

The legislative guidance is as follows:

1) Record keeping must be done immediately and maintained for 4 years.

2) Records must describe the work copied, extent of copying e.g. number of copies made, the number of people to whom communication was made.

3) Copyright owners or their agents can make written requests to inspect records there is a need to pay equitable remuneration to copyright owners upon their requests.


NUS uses this for their record keeping: https://aces.nus.edu.sg/scr/

*Information distilled from IPOS and for general information only. 

* You can also refer to NUS’s response: http://libfaq.nus.edu.sg/a.php?gid=71&qid=71367

*Latest legislation updates available here https://www.ipos.gov.sg/resources/ip-legislation