7) How do I know if I am complying with Copyright Law?

Each member of faculty is responsible for ensuring that their course materials comply with the Copyright Act. 


Step 1- Restricted access 

Electronic materials placed online must have access restricted to authorised users. Our learning management system, Canvas, is able to limit access specifically to students enrolled in particular modules. 


Step 2- Post copyright notice 

For all .pdf documents reproduced from print, a digital stamp will be placed on the title page. This stamp is an acknowledgement that the material complies with the Copyright Act. The Library will append the stamp when all copyright conditions are met. 

 *Information distilled from IPOS and for general information only.  


Step 3- Declare your readings 

Record keeping requirements are imposed on educational institutions and need to be adhered to. By filling in the required fields in E-Reserves, you are providing necessary information in compliance with the Copyright Act 

When accessing a scanned material, a copyright notice will appear to inform about the need to adhere to copyright regulations.