Subsidiary Collection Development Policy: Leisure Collection

Subject Librarian Contact Information

Priyanka Sharma
Telephone: 6601-3660


The primary objective of the Leisure collection is to allow for the acquisition of materials that go beyond meeting the scholarly information needs of the College community. This collection aims to provide books suitable for leisure and recreational reading.


Reading broadly and developing an interest in, and an understanding of, a wide variety of topics is considered to be a cornerstone of a liberal arts education. One of the key responsibilities of the College library is to build a collection of resources to enable and support the research and curricular needs of the College community. In addition, and especially since the College community is residential in nature, we also believe that we have the mandate to respond to the leisure needs of our community. The building of a small, targeted and continually refreshed Leisure collection is one way that such a need can be addressed.

Description of Materials Collected

In terms of scope, we collect high quality, award winning and bestselling fiction titles. We give due importance to titles with a local and regional flavour. In terms of non-fiction, our focus will be on a smattering of titles in sports, hobbies, and personal development – especially in topics that are of particular interest to the College community, including student clubs and administrative departments.

Given that the nature as well as the intended use of this collection is distinct from the main collection, these items are shelved separately. Additionally, there is an identifying label – a purple sticker – on the spine of the items.

We will grow the collection at the rate of around 100 new titles every year until we reach 500 titles total– which is the current limit that is imposed by the shelving that is used to house this collection.

The materials collected are not scholarly.

The items in this collection are in English.

There are no limitations on geographic range. There is a special interest in works situated in or focused on Singapore/Southeast Asia/Asia.


The collection includes monographs in print format. Audio-visual (AV) materials selected for leisure are a part of the AV collection.

Collecting Priorities

Areas of concentration are:

  • Bestselling fiction
  • Bestselling non-fiction
  • Fiction/Non-fiction based in/focused on Singapore
  • Fiction/Non-fiction based in/focused on Southeast Asia
  • Fiction/Non-fiction based in/focused on Asia
  • Titles in topics such as Sports/Fashion/Design


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