Subsidiary Collection Development Policy: Literature

Subject Librarian Contact Information

Priyanka Sharma
Telephone: 6601-3660


Collections support the Literature Major and Minor within the Division of Humanities.

The Literature major refines students’ capacities to interpret human experiences creatively represented in the written word.  Poetry, drama, novels, and stories present a universe of human imagination for Literature students to explore critically.  Drawing on the unique linguistic diversity of the students and faculty at Yale-NUS, the Literature major features courses in world Anglophone literature and beyond: students also pursue studies in Chinese languages, ancient Greek, and Latin in Singapore and abroad, often in conjunction with the Chinese Studies or Global Antiquity independent minors.  Graduates in Literature will exercise their versatile skills in attentive reading, persuasive writing, and cross-cultural criticism wherever sophisticated interpretative and rhetorical awareness is required, for instance, law, journalism, education, and marketing.  Training in Literature also enhances creative pursuits in writing, screenwriting, and game design[1].

The research carried out by faculty members is varied and wide ranging, and includes topics and themes in Classical, Chinese, Postcolonial, Arabic and African literature, creative nonfiction, the Novel,  an interest in authors such as Walter Benjamin and Virginia Woolf, among others, and studies focused on the intersection of literature with law, urban spaces, painting, and gender.

Description of Materials Collected

The materials collected are scholarly.

The majority of items in the collection are in English; primary source materials in languages other than English may be collected.

There are no limitations on geographic range.

The periods covered range from the ancient world to modern/recent literature.

The range of call numbers under consideration is:

PA 3000-3049 Classical literature
PA 6000-6971 Roman literature
PC 4001-4977 Spanish
PE 1-3729 English
PG 3211-3218 Translations (Russian)
PG 3300-3493.96 Individual Authors and Works
PJ 6701-6901 Modern Arabic Dialects
PJ 7051-7144 Modern (Arabic)
PJ 7501-8517 Arabic Literature
PK 401-976 Sanskrit
PK 3791-3799 Individual Authors and Works (Sanskrit)
PK 4471-4485 Translations
PK 6450.9-6562.35 Individual Authors and Works (New Persian)
PL 2250-3208 Chinese Literature
PL 3512 Malaysian Literature
PL 3515 Singapore Literature
PL 8000-8844 African Language and Literature
PN 1-6790 Literature (General)
PN 851-(884) Comparative Literature
PN 1010-1525 Poetry
PQ 6001-8929 Spanish Literature
PQ (6061)-6073 Modern
PR 1-9680 English Literature
PR 750-890 Prose
PR 821-890 Prose Fiction. The Novel
PR 1098-1369 Collections of English Literature
PR 2199-3195 English Renaissance (1500-1640)
PS 1-3626 American Literature
PS 8001-8599 Canadian Literature
PT 1100-1141 General (German Literature)
PT 1501 – 2688 Individual Authors or Works (German Literature)
PT 1891-2239 Goethe
PT 2026 – 2039 Translations
PT 5400-5409  General (Dutch Literature)
PT 5410-5414 Translations
PT 5555-5881.36 Individual Authors or Works (Dutch Literature)
PT 6400-6467.36 Individual Authors or Works (Flemish Literature)
PT 6590-6593.36 Individual Authors or Works (Afrikaans Literature)
PT 7001-7099 General (Scandinavian Literature)
PT 7268-7296 Individual Sagas and Historical Works
PT 7312-7318 Scientific and Learned Literature
PT 7326-7338 Individual Authors or Works before 1540
PT 7500-7511 Individual Authors or Works (Modern Icelandic Literature)
PT 8050-8177.36 Individual Authors or Works (Danish Literature)
PT 8750-8952.36 Individual Authors or Works (Norwegian Literature)
PT 9650-9877.36 Individual Authors or Works (Swedish Literature)


It is noted that Literature can encompass many other of the Library of Congress call numbers and it is expected that adequate attention will be given to areas outside of the P ranges.


The collections include monographs in both print and electronic formats. Audio-visual (AV) materials as well as digitized primary collections are also considered and acquired.

Formats that are not collected:

  • Textbooks
  • Theses and dissertations
  • Microfilmed items
  • Print serials
  • Study guides

Collecting Priorities

Areas of concentration are:

  • 19th century to contemporary Sinophone literature and culture
  • African literature
  • British literature
  • Classical reception in popular culture
  • Comparative literature
  • Film and animation
  • Indian Ocean studies
  • Law and literature
  • Literary realism
  • Literature and gender
  • Literature and urban space
  • Literature of the Global South
  • Modern novel in Arabic
  • Modernist writing in English
  • Moroccan textual production in Arabic
  • Neo-Latin poetry of 16th-century Spain
  • Poetry and painting in literature
  • Postcolonial writing in English
  • Pre-modern Arabic/Islamic narrative tradition
  • Realism and anti-realism in political literature
  • Roman poetry of the imperial period
  • South Asian literatures
  • The classical tradition in European Renaissance culture
  • The literary cultures of islands
  • The relationship between politics and literature
  • Theories of imperialism in literature
  • Theories of literary engagement
  • Traditional Islamic institutions and literary production
  • Transnational and diaspora studies
  • Transnational literature in the Indian Ocean world
  • Transnational modernisms
  • Travel writing (South Asia and South Africa)
  • Twentieth century English literature

Related Collections

  • Collections at NUS Libraries, including
    • Print monographs
    • Core electronic resources including databases
    • Print and electronic journal subscriptions.
    • Relevant materials include MA and Ph.D thesis collection of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Lee Kong Chian Reference Library Collection
    • Level 8: Arts and Social Sciences & Humanities Collection
    • Level 11: Singapore and Southeast Asia in English

[1] Yale NUS College ‘Programme Description’ accessed 22 April 2019