Subsidiary Collection Development Policy: Philosophy

Subject Librarian Contact Information

Priyanka Sharma
Telephone: 6601-3660


Collections support the Philosophy Major and Minor within the Division of Humanities.

Course offerings in the Philosophy Major span a wide range of topics, such as Analogical Reasoning, Philosophy of Religion, Nietzsche and Mathematical Logic, among others.  The Philosophy major guides students in their development as philosophers on three dimensions:

  1. An understanding of philosophy pursued in the past and in the present (Something Old/New)
  2. An appreciation for philosophy in multiple traditions
  3. Fundamental philosophical skills:
    (a) Textual Analysis (c) Formal Analysis (b) Problem Solving (d) Applications[1]

The research carried out by faculty members is varied and wide ranging, and includes topics on metaphysics, ethics, epistemology, the philosophy of religion, naturalism, philosophy of the mind, early modern philosophy, European philosophy, Chinese philosophy, Indian philosophy, history and philosophy of science, among others. [2]

Description of Materials Collected

The materials collected are scholarly.

The vast majority of items in the collection are in English; primary source materials in languages other than English may be collected.

There are no limitations on geographic range.

The periods covered range from the ancient to the modern/recent

The range of call numbers under consideration is:

B 1-5802 Philosophy (General)
BC 1-199 Logic
BD 95-131 Metaphysics
BD 143-237 Epistemology. Theory of Knowledge
BD 300-450 Ontology
BF 38-64 Philosophy, relation to other topics
BJ 1-1725 Ethics
BL 51-65 Philosophy of religion
BL 74-99 Religions of the World
BL 660 History and principles of religion – Indo European. Aryan
BL 1000-2370 Asian. Oriental
BL 1100-1295 Hinduism
BL 1111-1143.2 Sacred Books. Sources
BL 1112.2-1137.5 Vedic Texts
BL 1140.2-1140.4 Puranas
BL 1141.2-1142.6 Tantric Texts
BL 1145-1146 Hindu Literature
BL 1830-1883 Confucianism
BM 1-449 Judaism. General
BP 1-68 Islam. General
BQ 115-126 Buddhism. General Collections. Collected Works.
BQ 251-799 History
BQ 1001-1045 Buddhist literature
BQ 1100-3340 Tripitaka (Canonical literature)
BQ 4061-4570 Doctrinal and systematic Buddhism
BQ 4600-4610 Relations to other religious and philosophical systems
BQ 6001-6160 Monasticism and Monastic Life Samgha (Order)
BQ 7001-9800 Modifications, schools, etc.
BR 1-1725 Christianity



The collections include monographs in both print and electronic formats. Audio-visual (AV) materials as well as digitized primary collections are also considered and acquired.

Formats that are not collected:

  • Textbooks
  • Theses and dissertations
  • Microfilmed items
  • Print serials
  • Study guides

Collecting Priorities

Areas of concentration are:

  • 19th and 20th Century European Philosophy
  • Ancient Greek Philosophy
  • Applied Ethics
  • Aristotle
  • Buddhist Ethics
  • Chinese Philosophy
  • Classical Chinese Philosophy
  • Cross Cultural Virtue Ethic
  • Death and Meaning of Life
  • Democratic Theory
  • Descartes’ philosophy of mathematics and physics
  • Dual Awareness Theory
  • Early Modern Philosophy
  • Epistemic Normativity
  • Epistemology
  • Ethical Theory
  • Ethics
  • Feminist Philosophy
  • Greek Philosophy
  • History and Philosophy of Science
  • History of Mathematics
  • Hobbes
  • Indian Buddhist Philosophy
  • Indian Epistemology (Nyāya, Vaiśeịka, Mimamsa)
  • Indian Linguistics Theory
  • Indian Philosophy
  • Medical Ethics
  • Meta Philosophy
  • Metaphysics
  • Modern and Contemporary European Philosophy
  • Moral Philosophy
  • Moral Psychology
  • Moral Responsibility
  • Naturalism
  • Philosophical Psychology
  • Philosophy and Film
  • Philosophy of Language
  • Philosophy of Law
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Philosophy of Race
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Plato
  • Plato’s Metaphysical Ethics
  • Social Theory
  • Spinoza
  • Tibetan Buddhist philosophy

Related Collections

  • Collections at NUS Libraries, including
    • Print monographs
    • Core electronic resources including databases
    • Print and electronic journal subscriptions.
    • Relevant materials include MA and Ph.D thesis collection of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

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[2] Yale-NUS College, “Programme Description,” accessed March 7, 2019,