Subsidiary Collection Development Policy: Psychology

Subject Librarian Contact Information

Chris Tang
Telephone: 6601-3492



Collections support the Psychology Major and Minor within the Division of Social Sciences.

Course offerings include Behaviour and Cognition, Goals and Motivation, Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Health Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Psychology of Stress and Coping, Moral Development, Psychology of Mindfulness, Parenting and Child Development, Human Neuroscience, Research Methods and Statistics for Psychology, and Advanced Clinical Psychology. [1]

The research carried out by faculty in Psychology includes social neuroendocrinology, efficacy and mechanisms of change of mindfulness-based interventions, emotion regulation,  cross-cultural presentations of psychopathology, borderline personality disorder and depression, goal pursuance, motivation, implicit self-theories, interest/passion, self-regulation, parenting practices and their influence on children’s social development, academic stress in childhood, attentional control, vision, audition, somatosensation, resilience, self-compassion, cognitive reasoning used in making moral judgments, chronic disease, community health services, epidemiology, urban health, public policy. [2]


Description of Materials Collected

The materials collected are scholarly.

The materials collected are in English.

There are no limitations on geographic range.

The periods covered are mainly from the 21st century to support current research and teaching activities. Other periods are considered on a case-by-case basis.

The range of call numbers under consideration is:

BF 1-74 Psychology (General). Methodology. Relation to other fields.
BF 75-80 Practice of psychology. Vocational guidance. Research. Communications. Study and teaching. Certification.
BF 109-149 Biographies. Studies of individual psychologists. General works. Treatises.
BF 150-175 Mind and body. Psychoanalysis.
BF 176-200 Tests and testing. Experimental psychology. Behaviorism.
BF 201-230 Cognitive psychology. Discursive psychology. Feminist psychology. Functionalism. Gestalt psychology. Humanistic psychology. Existential psychology. Psychotropic drugs. Behavior control.
BF 231-308 Sensation. Vision. Hearing. Other senses. Movement.
BF 309-500 Cognition. Consciousness. Learning. Habit. Adjustment. Environmental psychology. Memory. Creativity. Imagination. Intelligence. Thinking. Problem solving. Information processing. Psycholinguistics.
BF 501-635 Motivation. Affection. Emotion. Bereavement. Love. Will. Choice. Control.
BF 636-637 Applied psychology. Counseling psychology. Group counseling. Communication. Interpersonal communication. Non-verbal communication. Persuasion.
BF 692-696 Psychology of sex. Sexual behavior. Gender.
BF 697-698 Differential psychology. Self. Personality.
BF 699-711 Genetic psychology.
BF 712-724 Developmental psychology. Child psychology.
BF 773-788 Psychology of belief, faith, influence, values.
BF 789-794 Miscellaneous topics.
BF 795-839 Temperament. Character.
BF 1031-1156 Parapsychology. Sleep. Dreams. Hypnotism.
HM 1001-1096 Social psychology. Self-perception. Self-esteem. Perception of others. Prejudice. Stereotype.
HM 1101 Risk assessment.
HM 1106-1171 Interpersonal relations. Social behavior. Conflict management.
HM 1172-1245 Social influence. Social pressure. Communication. Mass media. Public relations. Publicity. Propaganda. Public opinion.
HM 1246-1265 Authority. Power. Leadership.
HM 1266-1275 Liberty. Pluralism. Multiculturalism. Toleration.
HM 1276-1281 Individualism. Passive resistance. Non-violence.



The collections include monographs in both print and electronic formats.

Formats that are not collected:

  • Textbooks
  • Theses and dissertations
  • Microfilmed items
  • Print serials
  • Study guides


Collecting Priorities

Areas of concentration are:

  • Research Methods and Statistics for Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Clinical and Health Psychology
  • Neuroscience


Related Local Collections

  • Collections at National University of Singapore (NUS) Libraries
    • NUS Libraries collects Psychology materials at undergraduate and graduate levels. These materials are located in the Central Library:
      • Print monographs
      • Core electronic resources including databases, e.g. PsycINFO, Web of Science, PubMed, Scopus, etc.
      • Print and electronic journal subscriptions, e.g. Psychological Review, etc.
      • The Psychology Master and Ph.D. thesis collection of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.
    • Collections at National Library Board (NLB) Libraries
      • NLB collects Psychology and well-being materials for general readers.


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[2] Yale-NUS College, “Psychology:  Our Faculty,” accessed Jul 10, 2019,